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  1. Training Articles
  2. Potty training question
  3. Digging in the yard and eating sticks
  4. A question about leash and off-leash training
  5. At what age should my pup have formal obedience training?
  6. Boarding Kennel nervious momma
  7. For the love of God please help with the pyshco cat!!!
  8. RCMP: Do's and Don'ts of Training a Dog
  9. Need Help with very strange Toy Aggression.
  10. Teaching bite inhibition in older dog
  11. chewing items and the "big trade"
  12. Biting
  13. Ok, who paper trained their puppy?
  14. Eating away from the bowl
  15. So Distracted
  16. Another aggression thread...
  17. Stubbon - Won't drop the ball
  18. housetraining Q's
  19. still eating his poo!!!
  20. Dog chews up husbands things ONLY
  21. Dog behaviour questions
  22. Is this possible?
  23. Dog won't stay in his kennel
  24. another housetraining question
  25. Train dog with rolled newspaper
  26. old post on aggression traing
  27. Kitchen Training w/ Baby Gates
  28. Remedial cat training
  29. Puppy pee pads
  30. HB taught Mya how to sit
  31. Introducing new baby
  32. We need sorting out!
  33. Walking a monster
  34. eating other dogs' feces....
  35. nearly housebroken
  36. Aggressive With Cats
  37. Attack Cat
  38. What worked for me
  39. New member with a few ?'s
  40. Obedience training in Winnipeg?
  41. crazy puppy...what to do?
  42. Pup's wet feet are stinking up the house.
  43. Greetings...and a humble request for advice regards my dog's new found aggression
  44. teaching "stay"
  45. Siberian Woes - Not Food Driven
  46. Is my dog being trained the correct way?
  47. Simba is driving me Insane
  48. Question about walking dog on a leash
  49. Introducing new cats
  50. Lab puppy's favourite thing to bite
  51. Any ideas??
  52. distractions
  53. teaching a dog not to bark
  54. When do you consider a puppy reliably housetrained?
  55. Socializing an anti-dog-social dog
  56. "Leave it" command
  57. potty accidents
  58. Any advice for TOO loving?
  59. New baby
  60. technique for stopping dog from barking, can it be used to stop pup nipping&cheewing
  61. Need some help with leash training
  62. Obedience classes for showing in the ring?
  63. Really need help--house training (long)
  64. Walking Your Dog
  65. wants to run home!
  66. Tenderfoot has returned.
  67. sometimes uncontrollable
  68. Teaching the command heel.
  69. Excessive barking
  70. I need some help
  71. Afraid of Grass... Need ideas!
  72. The Claw
  73. Puts the breaks on at the elevator.
  74. The devil you know and the devil you dont!!!
  75. Help Luke Is Yelping All Night Long In Crate
  76. things your dog didn't get?
  77. Anthropomorphizing Our Pets
  78. Leash training is regressing...
  79. eating neighbour's dogfood
  80. Scared of so many things
  81. Help Please -14 week puppy -totally unruly
  82. agression or protective?
  83. How to stop urinating on swingset posts
  84. not coming/runs to dogs when off leash
  85. Training Nightmares
  86. ? about new Lab puppy
  87. I don't know what to do....
  88. Heel
  89. Building trust
  90. Adopted Shih Tzu Nips and Growls
  91. very discouraged...back to square one...
  92. breeding help
  93. Our first lesson!!!!
  94. need help understanding odd behaviour
  95. He goes on the paper, now what?
  96. Prey Drive or Herding Instinct?
  97. Is it possible for a dog to be too friendly with other dogs?
  98. Older Dog and New Puppy..Rough Play??
  99. New Puppy Doesn't Like Going for Walks
  100. housebreaking setback
  101. dog attacked owner
  102. Frustrated help please
  103. Not really training...more of a trick - rollover
  104. Dogs and children
  105. Puppy who Loves to Bark
  106. Puppy has strange way of pooping
  107. At my wits end!!
  108. Doggy Eating Dirt
  109. HELP Show Alaskan Malamute
  110. Tried a choker last night
  111. Puppy Afraid of Dogs..Is overload Helping?
  112. Help! Siberian Husky needs manners!
  113. housetraining question
  114. New habit (destructive behaviour)
  115. Dog Show Training help
  116. need help with socializing a pit with 2 cats
  117. the dog whisperer
  118. scratchy dog help needed!!!
  119. Annoying behavior
  120. Any good trainers in Dallas, TX?
  121. why dog has accidents.
  122. Need Help Supervising Playtime
  123. Treat Training OK for Mastiff-Type Puppy?
  124. Too much excitement
  125. Help Walking Belle past other dogs
  126. Conformation Training Free Sites
  127. One dog has turned against the other after 1 was attacked by 'another' dog
  128. Moving into a house where one dog already lives
  129. Need help with Golden on walks
  130. Professional Dog Training in Calgary?
  131. Ear cleaning nightmare
  132. puppy carrying leash?
  133. sneaky pup
  134. When we are not home
  135. Oprah
  136. Wolf is Barking all day long
  137. eating dandelions
  138. Little dog jumping
  139. Mickey pee's on my wife
  140. My dog gets into dogfights
  141. How to Wean A Kitten
  142. Dogs on leash.
  143. Little dogs-afraid of?
  144. Update on Cali and Mya
  145. PetsMart Training
  146. What is Clicker Training?
  147. Teach to squat or lift a leg when peeing??
  148. spray bottle for dog
  149. Loose leash walking-Getting really frustrated :(
  150. Dominant Issues??????
  151. dog guards toys, blanket, food
  152. First Intermediate Obedience Class Tonight!
  153. Dog pees in crate
  154. Is it possible to housebreak a five year old dog
  155. Excitement Aggression!?!?
  156. Dog Rivalry Confusion
  157. Why Does My Mastiff Pee Every Time I Walk Into The Room
  158. litter training
  159. training a dog not to poo and pee in the house
  160. House-training problem - warning pee??
  161. possesive behaviour
  162. pushing past me to the door
  163. Stanley Coren seminar
  164. Need help!! Cats peeing
  165. Tag team dominating.
  166. How Do I Correct Fear of Some People?? (long)
  167. Pup hurts my feelings unintentionally
  168. Destructive when Dog is left alone!!
  169. My new dog seems to hate other dogs
  170. Peeing 2yr old Jack Russell
  171. Training-Command Order
  172. Teaching my new baby
  173. Teaching dog to come.
  174. Barking Shih Tzu
  175. Puppy or Adult dog
  176. How to introduce a dog to a new house and dog
  177. Potty Training
  178. Puppy chews on EVERYTHING
  179. How do I teach her to "give a paw?"
  180. Pit Bull Behavioral Question
  181. Pulling!
  182. Question to tenderfoot about pulling
  183. Dog Used to be, but Now isn't Friendly w/ Visitors
  184. Walking - is a muzzle the only answer?
  185. Having a baby.
  186. Barking at strangers
  187. bunnies and scratching
  188. How can I stop my dog from "going crazy" in the car for Bikes, Trucks, Buses
  189. 'heeling' and jumping up
  190. Training a Thank you
  191. Outdoor Dog Kennel
  192. pee's/poo's in house
  193. Need Advice on Puppy Being Afraid of Dogs
  194. Exercise and jobs?
  195. bark collers??
  196. CKC: PEN's??
  197. AAAAAArrg please help.
  198. Alpha Female and new stray female
  199. Biting issue, please help
  200. Help me train my abandoned toy poodle!
  201. Training Scent Discrimination
  202. My dogs & flower beds
  203. housetraining (leash -- on and off)
  204. Husky/Lab bad sometimes
  205. Sit-Stay and Down-Stay
  206. How do you know when a dog is house trained?
  207. 60 LB Puppy Jumping Up to Kids!
  208. dominant pup question
  209. Do dogs learn from other dogs?
  210. Do Not Know What To Do!!!
  211. Training multiple dogs
  212. bad behaviour, need help fast!
  213. Is publizing Obedience trials allowed?
  214. Kitten's biting/scratching/agressive behaviour
  215. dog obedience school options
  216. Help needed before I lose my mind
  217. Good training in Calgary?
  218. Refusing Food from Strangers
  219. A few training questions
  220. How to stop Dusty from licking us all the time!
  221. Two Brothers
  222. Worms (and worm pills) a factor in obedience?
  223. Dog walks and poops at the same time
  224. Think I'm going nuts- Awfully long winded
  225. dog biting need help
  226. Dinner time terror
  227. Little Discouraged with Progress...(long)
  228. Training an older JRT w/ beh problems - possible?
  229. Dog thinks basement is outside
  230. prong/ pinch collars
  231. Anyone have CGN/CGC??
  232. Bark control collar - do they work?
  233. how to be a dog trainer?
  234. Chasing cat
  235. Getting a pup to get along with an older dog
  236. My toy poodle is biting me-help!
  237. Going to work, dogs home alone
  238. Bite inhibition
  239. need help !!!!!!!!!!!
  240. new dog - seperation anxiety!?
  241. Antisocial, Dominance issue or Confusion
  242. Dog pulls big time when we all walk him
  243. Joey growled at son
  244. Having problem with food aggression/gaurding
  245. how to train Husky dog?
  246. Doggie School
  247. Belly Band for a senior dog?
  248. Tenderfoot modem is down
  249. Sitting Problems
  250. dog peeing