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Dog training - dog behavior

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  1. PPP - pepper's pee problems-
  2. nipping at heels of strangers
  3. Puppy runs away
  4. Puppy with Major Separation Anxiety:(
  5. Agility training
  6. How do I teach a Malamute to SPEAK?
  7. Crating -- Is it a must?
  8. In need of help/advice
  9. Westies are eating everything in sight!!!
  10. Choke chain, correction collar vs harness revisited (sorry)
  11. Agressive Posessivness
  12. What happened? Housetraining seems to have been forgotten.
  13. Hella
  14. My dog runs out of the apartment when we open the door to leave
  15. Electronic gate training/ntermittent access
  16. Puppy at door to come inside but won't enter when door openned
  17. Question about a lazy daschund?
  18. At wit's end, advice please
  19. Fed up with Puppy
  20. She pees here, she pees there, she pees everywhere
  21. 3 Yr old Dachsund pees when excited, scared, or moved...HELP.
  22. Collars -- oh my!!
  23. Need train. classes for dominant dogs
  24. Dachshund Picking One Family Member?
  25. My puppy screams like a coyote!
  26. Suggestions?
  27. dogs play fighting
  28. Rescue dog - wonderful with us, doesn't like anyone else (long)
  29. Separation - I'm being held hostage by my dog.
  30. Neutering
  31. treadmill running dog
  32. Hi! I'm new!
  33. Oy! Can't Paper Train!
  34. Dog barking at only certain people of his choice
  35. Puppy training help
  36. not house broken at 1yr.....
  37. german shepard training.
  38. Help me please!!!!!!
  39. 7 week old puppy biting and growling...ALL THE TIME!
  40. Calgary area training?
  41. Help! Escape artist puppy
  42. I need help with my Neapolitan!!!
  43. Shock Collars
  44. help! - Dog is having a relapse in training!!
  45. Irina Markova and Her Performing Dogs
  46. Help before my husband makes me get rid of our boxer
  47. ****My 13 month old Yorkie just peed in the house again****
  48. How to desensitize to outerwear?!
  49. Dog vs. wife
  50. Sammie Girl the Wanderer Bolted Out the Door this morning
  51. Saphron83
  52. little squirter
  53. Separation Anxiety
  54. wierd behavior
  55. My dog doesn't want to play!
  56. Peeing in Crate
  57. Dog has started freaking out when we leave
  58. Any fun ideas on how to train basic stuff?
  59. Screaming siberian husky
  60. Dog is afraid of vet
  61. Getting the dog out of my bed at night
  62. Aggressive dog belongs to beloved aunt
  63. need help
  64. 8 Month old Box/Pit mix becomes aggressive
  65. 8 month old Pug/Beagle mix nipping at 5-yr old son.
  66. CHRONIC Separation Anxiety- please help
  67. Yellow Lab. Retriever digging!
  68. Dog scared of puppy
  69. Pee Pads
  70. Ford Girl - you mentioned swimming
  71. I think I made a huge mistake..
  72. I'm wondering how to handle a situation..
  73. wireless fence ?
  74. 10 mon ESS-Is behaviour dominating or not??
  75. Dog pee in baby's room
  76. Recall: what to do if she doesn't come back?
  77. Great Pyrenees Aggression
  78. Peeing while asleep ?
  79. Stealing Food
  80. behaviour at the front door
  81. Sudden fear of steps.
  82. Yorkies VS Chihuahua's
  83. how to deal with new aggression
  84. Penny's Anti-Aggression Exercises
  85. Boxer problem
  86. I'm a new mommy
  87. How do I keep max out of my guinea pig cage?
  88. potty training a shih tzu
  89. Skipper bit someone
  90. Road of recovery, now another dog
  91. Oshawa / Whitby area dog training ??
  92. small dogs and bark collars
  93. Bozley Behavior help
  94. Today in the Dog Park
  95. Potty Training a Pyrenees Shepard cross
  96. Feeding when there's more than 1 dog
  97. Leash Training my puppy?
  98. To Crate or Not to Crate?
  99. cant get my dog to bark at the door, help please!
  100. Tango's dog aggression
  101. Adopted doggy with potty troubles.
  102. 9 week golden can't stop nipping!!!
  103. Need help training to heel!!!
  104. New and in dire need of advice!
  105. She hates her crate!
  106. Lot's of Questions!!!!!
  107. What a little training does and persitance
  108. Sudden Strange Behavior
  109. 12-Year Old Sheltie That Howls
  110. I think my dog is in depression
  111. crate training nightmare
  112. Crying/whining when I leave
  113. Flyball in the Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga or surrounding areas?
  114. Dog behavior causing relationship problems...
  115. Vindictive peeing?!
  116. Not sure if he's peeing on purpose or not!!!
  117. Food Aggression
  118. house broken no more!
  119. New concern
  120. Back to beginning
  121. Min Pin excitable whining!
  122. New Member Intro
  123. Pomeranian pup help
  124. Golden Retriever DOMINANT! HELP
  125. submissive peeing
  126. Mister Is Being Weird
  127. Training yard boundaries
  128. testing?
  129. swimming question
  130. Training my Miniate Daschund
  131. Is it too late for the PLACE command?
  132. Puppy eats food too fast and causes congestion in snout
  133. What do you think of vinegar and water?
  134. I think he's lost it.
  135. Food in bed
  136. maggie changing behavior (long)
  137. The 10 Do's and Don'ts of Housebreaking.
  138. Stalling.
  139. Caius
  140. Why is it a Don't
  141. potty training
  142. Crate Training.
  143. "Pee Boy"
  144. Skittish Roxy
  145. dog bark
  146. Sporadically Aggressive Dog
  147. nipping while licking
  148. drinking water obsessivly
  149. GTA Agility Training?
  150. Working Moms of New Puppies - Crate Training
  151. The little brat.
  152. Chessies not needing Frontline
  153. He won't... GO.
  154. Drop it and Leave it.....
  155. training journel
  156. My dog keeps biting my hands and arms
  157. The worst question that I have to ask
  158. puppy humping
  159. Potty Training - Tethering Puppy To Me Recommended?
  160. Puppy freaking on daughter
  161. Help! Niuniu's first puppy school class is a disaster...
  162. older dog starting to deficate in house just in the last 24 hours
  163. Hide & Seek
  164. help dog with aneixty
  165. Puppy Play Pen
  166. Fear, agression, or play?
  167. Dog pooping and peeing randomly
  168. Dog games
  169. Won't come at dog run
  170. dog aggression
  171. Growing to be the boss?
  172. Cooper needs some does mommy!!
  173. "Puppy" behaviours in adult dog...
  174. Training Class Finally Started
  175. Training with a bell
  176. Catch 22
  177. Help needed
  178. Pugsley had his first doggie class
  179. My puppy keeps getting attacked
  180. Yet another housetraining question
  181. Two New Puppies - YIKES!
  182. obsessed dog
  183. Can a 7-month-old golden retriever go jogging with me?
  184. How do you prevent dog from eating their poo????
  185. Small puppy Big Crate
  186. I'm getting a little scared.
  187. Fetching question
  188. So Excited!!!!
  189. Puppy aggression when taken outside.
  190. Another housebreaking question?
  191. Need help with older Shetlie's reaction to new environment
  192. What is she trying to tell me?
  193. Digging to China!
  194. Trainer for Dog With Leash Frustration
  195. Bark Busters
  196. skittish sheltie
  197. What is a reasonable price for OB training?
  198. Bark Control Collars - sorry, kinda long.
  199. How do I make her letting me know when she has to go???
  200. How do I teach a Bullmastiff x that the children are above her in the family tree?
  201. Leave it, drop it, give?
  202. My Pup ALWAYS pulls on walks - HELP!
  203. New Pup
  204. Need Help With Crate Training!!
  205. Ideas on Potty Training a very small dog
  206. Male Dog Humping Male Cat
  207. fear?
  208. Puppy Stages
  209. First time owner of TWO shih zhus
  210. New Puppy
  211. Am I a chew toy?
  212. Training problems
  213. Resource Guarding issues
  214. New Home = Barking
  215. jumping at the door
  216. Potty training
  217. Skipper bite my son
  218. I think my dog has depression
  219. meeting the cat
  220. Jealous dogs - I need two of me
  221. need help with Montreal dog training school
  222. Alpha male problem?
  223. Desperate need of help from creative minds!
  224. Help--treats
  225. Clicker Training
  226. Sudden Behavior Change
  227. Leash Training
  228. Collar training problems
  229. New Puppy
  230. Bath brings on bad behaviour?
  231. Need HELP ASAP! Agressive JRT
  232. Advice Wanted and Welcomed!
  233. Adult dog snapping at Puppy
  234. When you coddle, you are reinforcing bad behaviour
  235. Is it a new fettish?
  236. New Puppy Help! Crate Fit!
  237. Dog using child's room as bathroom
  238. Old dog, new problem - crying for food
  239. barking/whining with unknown visitors
  240. 2.5 yr old Male weeing in house
  241. What do I do with my dog?!
  242. Various strange behaviors and potty phobia?
  243. Insecure Golden Pup?
  244. firework problem and D.A.P question
  245. Is there a child-safe animal repellent ?
  246. Dog Training Website
  247. Dominant dog aggression -regression, need help!
  248. PLEASE help my dog is eating his poop!
  249. training again!!! ooops
  250. How old before they understand dominance?