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training a dog not to poo and pee in the house

May 23rd, 2005, 11:59 AM
My boyfriend has a dog who is almost 2 years old. Whether he leaves him alone for a couple of hours or for 8 hours, his dog either poops and/or pees in the house (about 5 days a week). He does this in different spots in the house. My boyfriend scolds him when he gets home by taking him over to the soiled area says "bad" and then "outside". He then takes him the dog outside and tells him to pee. He then praises him for going outside. This technique is obviously not working! Please...Any suggestions??

May 23rd, 2005, 12:09 PM
First of all, taking the dog to the place that he peed/pooped and saying "bad" means absolutely nothing to the dog. He will not understand that peeing/pooping is bad from doing that, so I suggest he stops asap!

Sounds like the dog has separation anxiety. You can do a search of the forums and find lots of info.

First of all, the dog needs something to do while your BF is gone. Frozen kongs are great! Just buy a kong in the right size, fill it with peanut butter or cheese whiz or something else soft, maybe put a few cookies in the middle as well, and freeze over night. As soon as your BF leaves, give the dog the kong. As soon as your BF comes home, take the Kong away. The dog then associates your BF leaving with getting a great treat, and he actually looks forward to him leaving. And because it is frozen, it takes the dog a long time to eat the whole thing. You can also get "treat balls" where you put his kibble in it, and the dog has to roll the ball around and play with it to get fed. This one is great if you leave in the morning for work, just put his breakfast in the ball and go.

Second, make sure your BF is not making a big deal when leaving or coming home. When he is leaving, he should just petting the dog, no cuddling, etc. When he gets home, he should ignore the dog for 15 minutes. If the dog made messes, clean them up, but don't talk to the dog, don't cuddle him AND DON'T PUNISH HIM as that is the worst thing to do and will make the problem worse. Just go about his business when he gets home...check the mail, clean up, whatever. That way the dog doesn't see coming home or leaving as a big deal.

Try those first. They should work.

I must stress though, that what he is doing by showing the dog his pee/poop and saying bad is going to make the problem worse. That is an training myth that has been disprooven long ago. You should never punish a dog for peeing/pooping in the house. The only time you should ever make a big deal about it is if you catch him in the act. ONLY then. If you catch him in the act, make a loud noise, like a clap, to startle or distract the dog, then immediately take him outside. No hitting, no yelling, nothing, just take him outside and praise him a bunch when he goes.

I hope this helps.