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Chasing cat

July 21st, 2005, 04:39 PM
My Pom (WOlf) whom we have had for a couple months now is still chasing the cat! He has been swatted countless times and still goes after him. Its driving me insane becasue he is so freakin fast and he is not impoving.

We will be all be sitting in the living room, cat included, and Wolf will get up to get a drink of water, he will pass the cat who is laying on he floor then all of a sudden Wolf will lunge at him teh cat hisses and swats and if he runs Wolf is hot on his tail.

The cat has his own room blocked off by a baby gate but it not fair that he has to spend all his time in there!

Here is what we have tried:
-Giving him a correction while on leash
-following him and grabbing him with a stern NO (we use this most often and we dont hurt him ever) Grabbing him sounds bad, we usually grab the sides of his collar so he is forced to listen to us when we say NO

His history: His last home was alot of yelling, so a stern NO isn't bad at all, he also cowers when I get close if Im really mad. We have never nor will we ever lay a hand on him. He may have been smacked/spanked in his last home, we dont know for sure. He was also dropped a couple times as a pup which resulted in a few seizures. Could this have something to do with his lack of learning? He knows tons of tricks and loves to learn more but anything common sense is out the window for him!


July 22nd, 2005, 08:52 AM
I can sympathize, it's craziness in my house too - 2 cats and a 4mth old I'm sure you can imagine the chasing that goes on... my pup, Tucker, still chases, but it has gotten a little better recently - I use a water bottle, and spritz him with a stern & calm NO. the water spritz gets his attention and he stops the chase.

Granted this only works when you catch him in the act... we're also in the process of teaching him LEAVE IT. so when he gets the cat in sight and is ready to start the chase, I say LEAVE IT, and distract him with something else, then PRAISE! lots of praise!

btw, grabbing him doesn't sound bad... we do it too, but we make a game out of it, called "Gotcha!". we grab side of collar, say GOTCHA in a happy upbeat tone. We learned this is puppy school, incase we ever really NEED to grab hold, he won't be frightened.