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  1. Lots and lots of Pee.
  2. Help Stop a Runaway Dog
  3. leash biting
  4. Asking a question in advance re; Joey and new babysitter
  5. How important is getting the puppy used to a crate?
  6. Dog trainer recommendations in Toronto
  7. How much water when housetraining a puppy?
  8. The History and Misconceptions of Dominance Theory
  9. Waking up at night to go out?
  10. Dog growled at someone for the first time tonight.....
  11. puppy eating other dogs poo
  12. Training Courses
  13. I need help with my 2mnth old PUP
  14. Crate/Pen/Potty Training Dilemma
  15. 6.5month old trying to bite
  16. 5:30 am is NOT playtime!
  17. How to teach heel?
  18. Deaf dog - How to teach focusing & leave it?
  19. Sonic Bark Collars?
  20. trainer/behaviourist in Toronto?
  21. Hyper Beagle
  22. Siberian Husky trouble!
  23. Dog slipped halti off going for small dog
  24. Controlling dog chewing
  25. Matty's latest update, and a few Q's
  26. Resource Guarding
  27. Training, not just the basics
  28. I'm looking for a good Puppy Obedience Class
  29. Separation anxiety getting worse-need some help
  30. Update to "Biting on leash/ankles and arms"
  31. Leaving dogs alone in the house...
  32. ANother seperation anxiety question for a6.5month pup
  33. Teaching dog not to chase on leash
  34. Any tricks for teaching 11 week old to wiz in just one area?
  35. Need help crate training new puppy
  36. Help, 5 yr old Corgi still goes potty inside
  37. How to get a dog to "drop" something that is just too tasty?!
  38. New Puppy & I Need Help!
  39. Puppy too submissive towards other dogs
  40. I think I'm in trouble
  41. Piddling when people come over?????
  42. Dog cannot be left alone- Help?
  43. Am I expecting to much.
  44. excitement urination
  45. Help! He's peeing and he won't stop!
  46. Puppy stopped using puppy pad and is using area rug
  47. HELP!! 16 month old dog still pees in his kennel
  48. How should I toilet train my lab pup
  49. Dogs and house plants
  50. Leash Training
  51. Cami's almost six months batch of questions
  52. Chewing
  53. Had a scare with Daisy and another dog
  54. training books
  55. When (and how) should I ease my dog out of the "puppy pad" phase
  56. Out of control pup
  57. At my wits end! Any suggestions would be great.
  58. Little sister needs advice on rescue: Aus.Cattle Dog
  59. suggestions dogs and vaccums
  60. My Dogs are afraid of my Cat
  61. Come command?
  62. Laci's Mommy
  63. Loud Barking
  64. Playing Tug. Good or bad?
  65. NOISY puppy!
  66. Focus Issues
  67. Doggy Tantrums/ peeing all over
  68. Older Doggie Socialization in Toronto
  69. Eating to fast and incontinence
  70. Jealousy in dogs
  71. Snappy Chihuahua Help!
  72. Rotti Troubles
  73. Releiving himself in the house. My fault?
  74. Help in dealing with dog's "skittishness"
  75. Oh Farley!
  76. Bratty phase?
  77. Chihuahua Temperment
  78. Year old puppy having potty accidents/help!
  79. Fun weekend ahead!!
  80. Obedience classes?
  81. An Expert opinion on my pup...comments?
  82. "Drop It" and other commands
  83. possessive of food
  84. getting that initial focus, and keeping it
  85. New puppy owner
  86. Need serious help with housebreaking an 8 week old Golden retriever/black lab mix
  87. Breaking the language barrier
  88. Will my dog stop crying?
  89. A few more questions
  90. Dog to dog aggression
  91. An update for Farley.
  92. When do i start command training my 8 week old Golden Retriever/ lab mix puppy???
  93. Odd sort of question
  94. My dog has severe nail biting habit!!!
  95. Help please- older rescue peeing in house
  96. Anyone know a good Montreal trainer?
  97. Lab hates to be left alone
  98. Info on Pet Trainers
  99. He starts today....
  100. Joey met a Great Dane today and a pitbull cross too
  101. Dog Nail Clipping
  102. How to get my beagle puppy to stop barking all day?
  103. How do i get her to take the treat "EASY"
  104. Puppy dont pee in house, but does in box (crate)
  105. Need objective opinion on incident last night
  106. Dog peeing on her bed and blankets
  107. Amazing Disco Dog!
  108. He's GLUED to my hip!!
  109. Royce loves going down the Slide!!
  110. Ankle biter!
  111. need help on fetching and socialization plz
  112. When a dog shakes
  113. walking issue
  114. Burlington Area Dog Trainer?
  115. Too Early to start training school?
  116. Joey sleeping in my bed
  117. New Kitten
  118. Release word
  119. Boarding and Training Question
  120. Dog have mistakes in crate, need advice
  121. Update on Valentine!!
  122. Un-reliable recall
  123. How to stop marking in the house
  124. dog stopped eating because of my roommates aggressive cat
  125. Update on Matty .... sigh.
  126. Help requested - muzzle order
  127. Training for Bonzo
  128. strict pee break schedule??
  129. Harness Question
  130. Need help walking a dog...
  131. Feeling very hopeless - dog lunging.
  132. Old dog meets puppies.. should i be worried?
  133. Help with reversing a bad habit
  134. 2 female lab mixes in house - HELP!
  135. House Training
  136. Yorkie Won't Stop Nipping - HELP!!
  137. Puppy Feeding/Potty Schedule for Busy Owner
  138. Is it bad to wake the puppy up?
  139. dog wants to play at all hours of the night!
  140. My pup does not sleep sound through the night...
  141. walking 3 dogs
  142. food aggression
  143. Any book recommandations on training?
  144. Accidents in the house
  145. Very Aggressive
  146. Walking Moose and not the other way around
  147. Another Question for my Sam
  148. brain exercises
  149. distressing change towards agression - sometimes!
  150. Barky McBarkerson
  151. A bad night at Puppy Class
  152. Puppy training classes
  153. What's the best punishment for a rude groaner?
  154. Slip ups in the house -- 7 months old
  155. Just aquired 7 yr old english springer spaniel, need advice on behavioural problems
  156. $109 for 8 classes. GOOD?
  157. 12-Week old Beagle pees in crate
  158. HELP - Puppy Needs to Learn Manners
  159. Desperate to get him on dogfood
  160. Pittie group, so far so good.
  161. Advice re: dominant dogs
  162. Training dogs with Matt Lauer
  163. Catflap and intruders
  164. Preventing Doggy Boredom
  165. Easyway Collar/Headhalter
  166. Struggling with housebreaking in cold, rainy weather
  167. Good dog gone bad. Why???
  168. Submissive peeing?
  169. Grass-eating
  170. a little update
  171. aggressive deaf pit butt
  172. digging dog
  173. Need help! Dog peeing in house.
  174. Energy Spirts or Butt-tucking
  175. Aggressive with Strangers
  176. good behaviourist in montreal?
  177. Advice on New Puppy Housetraining System
  178. Undoing bad habits
  179. How can I stop the excessive barking?
  180. Dog in crate all day.... with family home
  181. Agressive or Possessive?
  182. Help with walking my dog
  183. Kitty Potty Training - HELP!
  184. Snapping Turtle Syndrome
  185. Water spray as punishment
  186. Guarding
  187. Ten month old Schnau Tzu - leave in crate all day?
  188. belly bands
  189. dog-walking tips for the dim-witted
  190. Discipline regressing at ~ 9-10 months?
  191. Back Talking
  192. Fear of walking at night
  193. Need Help With Getting Dogs On Treadmill
  194. housebreaking
  195. photos
  196. Help!! Constant Pawing At Me! Making me a miserable mommy!
  197. Dog Hates Me
  198. Having trouble tRaining my chihuahua!!!HELP
  199. Help with Leash Training
  200. Socializing needed!!!
  201. Question regarding fetch
  202. Is It Possible? (to work and have a puppy)
  203. Can you make a dog more affectionate?
  204. Does everyone crate train?
  205. choke & prong collars
  206. Another Crate Question
  207. Need help with scared dog!!
  208. Leadership Question
  209. how do i socialize an adult dog?
  210. Help my new dog tries to bolt out the front door!
  211. Preping for a move?
  212. Dog won't give outside (long)
  213. I am a proud owner
  214. My weekly Matty vent
  215. House training
  216. humping between young males
  217. What is she doing??
  218. Still peeing in dog box. HELP!!!
  219. Just started having accidents in house.
  220. Advice on growling puppy on walks?
  221. Help With Nicky..again
  222. Mind tiring game/toy for dogs?
  223. I don't want to play ball outside!!
  224. Teaching a dog to roll over
  225. Teaching kitten to clean behind ears?
  226. housetraining older adopted dog
  227. Techniques for correcting humping
  228. advice for puppy eating problems
  229. It's pure FEAR!
  230. PLANTS!!! Argh
  231. Lunging?!PLEASE HELP!!
  232. Walking on a loose lead
  233. What is the best odor eater our there?
  234. How to 'undo' training?
  235. Still Nipping.
  236. HELP!! Cats Gone Wild!
  237. Playing - Mouthing
  238. Puppy going indoors
  239. Puppy going indoors
  240. 9 month old pup going indoors!!!!!
  241. Need desperate help with Commands!!
  242. kitten potty training....
  243. Puppy classes Montreal
  244. On Leash Behavior versus Off Leash
  245. How to teach her the couch is no longer hers?
  246. Good places to get puppies trained in the GTA,Mississauga area
  247. Teaching Dogs to Recognize Objects
  248. dogs suddenly biting
  249. 7 month old puppy destroying our house - HELP!!!
  250. My dog is neurotic!