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Help! Siberian Husky needs manners!

May 1st, 2005, 05:53 PM
I've posted about this girl before, her name is Meak she is approximately 16 months old, same age as my Justice.
Just to give a bit of background, Meka was adopted by Jess, because Meka's owner was going to put her to sleep, simply because he didn't want her anymore. Jess couldn't handle the thought of that, having pt down her dog Jr recently, and adopted Meka. At her previous owners, she was tied up in the backyard at all times, and was not given attention. There was a second dog in the home, who got all the attention.

Jess has had Meka for about 3-4 months now. she is a beautiful dog, very friendly. With humans, she sits for you and allows you to pet her.

However, she has some BAD habits, that I would like to assist Jess in breaking.

First, when giving her a command (I always use hand signals) she attempts to hit me with her paw. I have no idea why. Today, i told her tos it, without food, as i didn't know i was going to see her today, and she went to hit me with her paw. sorta like the 'shake hands" command when they offer thier paw, not a hard hit, but, I'm thinking its an acting out thing.

I took her for a walk in the park today, with my mom walking Justice with us. Meka will NOT sit when commanded. Regardless if food is there or not. Regardless of tone of voice. I told her to sit, put my hand on her bum and lightly pushed to let her know what I was trying to tell her to do, and she would not sit for the life of me.
She will NOT walk nicely on a leash. I swear she was going to pull my arm outta the socket today. Why does she run to the end of the lead, an then jump? She looks like she is going to break her d*mn neck! Is she trying to get out of her collar? Thats what it looks like to me. how do you stop her from that behaviour?
I tried chocking up on the leash, holding only enough for her to be walking properly beside me, but she pulls like mad.
Would a prong collar be best for her, at this time?

I went through obediance with Justice, used a choke collar on her, and I NEVER use the choke collar on Justice now. She learned the commands, and does them without hesitation now. (I am working on Off lead, outside, with distractions training with Justice now.)

I'm just at a loss for how to treat Meka, how best to approach training her.
Jess thinks agression is the best way, but that is just fear, and she is going to keep using aggreession until I can show her a better way.
Part of me thinks she'd be better off in another home, because Jess is soo fed up with Meka, but this dog has already been given up once. If Jess gives her to the OSPCA, which is the only shelter in town, I'm afraid that they will have difficulty finding her a better home.

So I'm basically venting.. and looking for advice on how to train this lil one. Shes beautiful, and Siberians have a special place in my heart.

May 1st, 2005, 07:07 PM
1) She might have been taught to 'shake' at some point and is just trying it out to see if that's what you wanted. More likely she is trying to gain control of the interaction. Pawing can be an invitation to play or a way to demand food or attention. I would ignore the pawing and continue to ask her to do as you ask, or if she is really intense about it correct it and then go on to other things.
2) This girl needs your devoted training more than ever. She needs to learn how to have a relationship with someone. She was essentially emotionally abandoned when her people left her in the backyard all day. She learned that no one cared about her safety and that she had to look out for herself. Huskies are very independent anyway so this treatment just made it a hundred times worse. I would put her on the leash in the house as much as I could stand it. Everywhere I go she follows. until I don't even realize there is a dog on the leash because she is easily following me everywhere. When I sit to read for 30 mins. she learns patience. When I go to the kitchen she is there, when I go to the door she goes too - but perhaps I am just checking the weather so she doesn't go out the door she just waits inside. If she pulls on the leash I immediately go in the opposite direction she wants to go. Maybe I do this 20 times before she looks up at me and says "where are you going?" Then I stand still and softly praise her. Looking in my eyes always gets praise. Ahhh, we are starting to make contact.
The more you ask of her the better. Right now she is clueless and it's not her fault. You have signed up for a challenge, but I am sure you are up for it.
Now I was speaking to you - but Jess needs to get this message, and you might need to show by example. Aggression will only prove to Meka that people aren't to be trusted and will put her on the defensive - a dangerous outcome. This dog needs love, boundaries, rules and patience - 24/7, no less.

May 1st, 2005, 08:19 PM
I have never thought to have her on the leash in the house, thats something that I will definately pass on to Jess. Jess is srota old fashioned and french (stubborn, in other words) and seems to think that aggression will get the dog trained the best. I want to show her the better way.
I try to work with Meka as much as possible, just got a new job so I myself wasn't able to go over. now i have specific days off, so I can go over and try to work with her.
Thank you for the advice, I'll try to keep posted on this girl. I'll try to post a pic of her sometime too

May 2nd, 2005, 09:16 AM
Huskies and Malamutes initiate play by pawing.

My pup does it all the time. When I give him a command he gets excited because he thinks there is a possibility he might be getting a treat and paws me.

He paws other dog's snouts when he wants to play.