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Dog training - dog behavior

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  1. Dogs reaction to others on walks
  2. I caught him in the act!!!!
  3. Fear of stairs
  4. Off-Leash Training
  5. Cold Shoulder
  6. Teaching "roll over" to a young puppy.
  7. aussie tries to be dominant
  8. Sparky Can't Sleep Alone
  9. My puppy won't quit doing her business inside!!!
  10. Trainer Help
  11. jealousy/revenge
  12. New puppy growling and trying to bite. Advise needed.
  13. Need Help with an older dog!!
  14. 2.5 Yr Old Pom-Chi WILL NOT stop peeing on the carpet! HELP!
  15. Adopting a Second Dog
  16. How do I get an old dog and new puppy to get along?
  17. noah
  18. Dog obsessed with neighbor dog
  19. Please Help with Great Pyr territorial aggression
  20. New puppy - Help!?
  21. Help Me Out
  22. need a dog psychologist
  23. do i have to worry about a female dog killing a male dog?
  24. My new pit bull puppy help!!@!
  25. Kitty and dog behavior
  26. help new puppy training
  27. Anyone's dog do nosework?
  28. More TTouch
  29. Please help! New member has question about trainers methods
  30. BIG DOG Troubles - Crate or Not to Crate
  31. The Case of the Skiddish Doberman.
  32. My puppy hates strangers (and probably my sister)
  33. Do dogs crave the Alpha role?
  34. 6 month old puppy barking & biting constantly!! HELP!!
  35. 1.5 year old rescue adoptee is nipping at 3 y/o unprovoked - what to do?
  36. Playful dog won't play with new rescue dog... :( :(
  37. Doggy Nightmares
  38. My dog keeps my up all night! What do I do?
  39. Little Miss 'Hold It' -- please help with difficult housetraining challenge!
  40. Rug burn on nose?
  41. My dog won't stop peeing on her bed!
  42. dog pees in kitchen
  43. Any suggestions? Controlling barking
  44. recommendations for Montreal area dog trainer
  45. Help my dog can't be a lone
  46. Lady's Bad Potty Habbits
  47. Dog hates it when people sneeze!
  48. New puppy AND kitten...and a little stressed
  49. thunder shirts /vest
  50. Dog anxiety over flies
  51. poor boy
  52. Urinating in the house
  53. Yet another elimination challenge - Weiner Dog!
  54. Little dog vs Big dog at mealtime
  55. 14 Week old pup Growls and Nips at Children
  56. CARO Rally-O Anybody Doing this?
  57. What is wrong with the dogs in my city...?
  58. Anxiety or more
  59. My dogs strange behavior scares me... :(
  60. honey is terified of strangers
  61. Lhasa Apso attacks puppies at dog run
  62. training
  63. Sally my American Spanial
  64. Beagle won't use side yard
  65. How to train a timid dog
  66. dankatt
  67. My dog keeps peeing in the middle of the night
  68. Change in dog's behaviour,,,
  69. German shephard strange behaviour
  70. How to train a forgetful dog
  71. Selective Separation Anxiety?
  72. Dog trainers in the Montreal Area
  73. Farm training a 2 year old female, border collie cross
  74. My dog is out of control
  75. Uncontrollable Schnauzer
  76. Recall Training with an Electronic Collar
  77. Walking the Dog
  78. Female GermanShepherd: problem with people coming to the house...
  79. Adding a new dog to the mix - how to integrate?
  80. Will My Adult Dog Attack My Puppy?
  81. People Scared and Separation
  82. Depressed/Stressed dog due to new puppy
  83. Two dogs we've had for years, fighting, big-time
  84. Unsocialized Dog
  85. puppy
  86. training a puppy to walk on a lead
  87. Peeing the bed & handling the laundry
  88. Happy
  89. Biting puppy
  90. New dog barks at husband
  91. At my wits end....
  92. New Foster Dog Poops in House
  93. Excitement Urination
  94. Dog Trainer Recommendations
  95. Disobedient?
  96. Crate issues at night, 5 month old French Bulldog
  97. Cuckoo
  98. Place or a Down/Stay!!
  99. Choke chains for puppies - Re-Sheesh
  100. Dog eating poop - Stinky
  101. Dog eats poop with cayenne pepper - O.m.g
  102. New dog and fighting
  103. Rescue dog - still not entirely trusting
  104. Advice on getting a good trainer
  105. animal hoarder rescue
  106. housebreaking/crate training conundrum
  107. anxiety agression
  108. Bayley and Socks!!
  109. Frustrated by dog's behaviour.
  110. How not to teach a dog to climb!!
  111. We're Back
  112. Puppy won't sleep around humans..? Help!
  113. Trainers using inappropriate things for training
  114. Training a dog to ring bell to use the washroom?
  115. Big dog lunging [excited not aggressive]
  116. Puppy having problems with housetraining
  117. New dog hates being crated
  118. two male dogs
  119. Dog issues, very confused
  120. Trying to keep my neutered males from killing each other
  121. Blue Heeler biting
  122. Barking wont stop around kids!! NEED ADVICE
  123. Question...Crate training
  124. what size of crate is best?
  125. pecking order
  126. Dog aggressive
  127. Dog lifting his leg in the house PLEASE HELP
  128. Need a little help....
  129. My dog has killed my neighbour's
  130. dog crossing behind u while walking
  131. Crate Training Questions
  132. Potty Training
  133. Growling puppy (last question I promise)
  134. Young dog incontinence?
  135. Puppy unable to hold!
  136. Mastiff acts terrified of people...
  137. GSD - Aggression Issues
  138. Leash Excited/Aggresive
  139. spay female dogs fighting more
  140. 2 yr old dog won't stop jumping and biting
  141. Older Corgi started peeing in house...
  142. Housebreaking adult toy breed
  143. Driving miss Porscha
  144. Dealing with Sibling Rivalry
  145. New puppy crying in his crate at night.
  146. Dog's Behaviour- New Baby
  147. Aggressive Mastiff-Looking for Trainers
  148. Female Boxers fighting--never fought b4
  149. Puppy aggression on stairs and in yard
  150. Dog trainers Montreal area
  151. Puppy Problems
  152. Puppy training
  153. Calgary Behaviorists?
  154. Increase in Aggression
  155. Top Dog
  156. Puppy training
  157. Sleeping on my kids bed
  158. Low Stress Traveling PLEASE HELP!
  159. Best Dog Muzzle?
  160. Natural Dog Training
  161. Funy thing happened on the way to the park...
  162. Crate Training Questions
  163. Puppy Help
  164. Troulbe finding Socialization oppertunites! PLEASE HELP!
  165. Duke and his 'sexy' behavior
  166. Crate Training Problems (First time owner)
  167. Training to "go" on a sailboat
  168. Puppy destroys shoes,how to train not to?
  169. New Kitten help!!
  170. Ex-energetic
  171. Best carpet sanitization service???
  172. Evening Relief :-)
  173. Should my dog Duke nap on my bed?
  174. Advice on Growing Pains after adopting a Puppy
  175. Bored smart dog? Frustrated not-so-bright dog?
  176. Thinking of introducing a kitten in a three dog inhabited house?
  177. Dog aggression
  178. Dog will not eat his food!
  179. Dog is neurotic
  180. How do I stop my dog from being so badly behaved?!
  181. 9yo boston terrier pees in house help
  182. Would this be considered a fear stage in my puppy?
  183. Sudden onset of Anxiety in Maltipoo!!
  184. "I have a bone to pick"
  185. Graduation Day
  186. alaskan husky is showing some agression issues
  187. Piper makes our walks embarrassing.
  188. Dog destroys house only when we are not home
  189. Beagle misbehaving
  190. The heat and sleep
  191. Rolling behaviour
  192. Howls at night
  193. House Training - wits end
  194. Fetch toy
  195. Dog aggressive towards cats
  196. Introducing a new dog
  197. Dog poops only in other homes.
  198. New fearful dog only poops in crate at night
  199. My new 7 week puppy is craaaazy biting!!
  200. Dog won't drop her poop properly
  201. Dog improving outside but indoors...
  202. Disheartened by training
  204. How to deal with marking
  205. Suggested Toys/Exercises To Help Train My Dogs?
  206. Behaviour Issue After Traumatic Event
  207. Training my Samoyed
  208. Confused over Husky x Lab's behaviour:
  209. Dogs fighting and i am unable to get them to stop
  210. Squirt bottle with "no" command.... is it ok?
  211. Aggression From Neutered Male Dogs
  212. Dog biting
  213. My dog tries to rescue me.
  214. Recommendations for North Toronto/Richmond Hill area dog trainer
  215. Help! Boyfriend with jealous dog and he doesn't believe in it... She is now biting.
  216. Help! Puppy is driving me nuts!
  217. Positive reinforcement for reactive dog doesn't work
  218. Dog bath trick
  219. 'new to us' 6 mo old puppy - questions/issues
  220. Noise Anxiety-Laughing Guests
  221. House Training Helllppp!!!
  222. Can't Adjust to New Move - Separation Anxiety - Please help!
  223. 7m. old lab/boxer mix aggressive, biting kids
  224. New Puppy and original dog--- HELP