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Cold Shoulder

January 25th, 2012, 01:38 PM
Our sweet little pup - Otis has started to give what I can only describe as 'the cold shoulder' to his dad the last few days. Otis is 3-4 years old, dachshund/ beagle cross who we adopted almost 2 years ago from a rescue. I have very little history on him but to say he has 'issues' would be a fair assumption. He is quite sensitive and has overcome a lot of fear in his time with us. We have done plenty of work to build his confidence which has helped in many ways.
Needless to say, Otis was resting on our bed and was asked to move over to make room. He was relunctant and low growled - which is not tolerated in our house at all. As a result he was scolded and removed from the bed. He sulked but went to his own bed on the floor and climbed under his blanket which is a normal reaction for him. Since then however, he has been acting very out of character towards his Dad - not making eye contact, nervous licking and although he will come when he is called - it is with his tail down and head turned.
He is still completely fine with me. Otis goes to work every single day with his dad - its a private office in a house. They walk together daily and have kept this routine since the day we got him. It has been two days so far. I'm not sure what approach to take now. We have always tried to be positive for Otis - to reassure him but also maintain consistant boundaries. I have never scolded him harshly as his dad did - just a quick - brr! in a low tone of voice is all I have needed to let him know he is in the wrong and to correct. My instincts say to not nurture his current behavior. Thoughts?

Dog Dancer
January 25th, 2012, 02:40 PM
So Otis didn't like getting scooted and scolded by dad huh. Typical! Not sure what others will say, but I would suggest that next bed time if Otis is on the bed, dad could come with good treats (really good treats) and offer one to Otis. Then dad could request that Otis leave the bed and go to his bed and encourage and reward this behaviour with another treat. In my head I'm thinking dad needs to let Otis know that being told to leave the bed is an okay thing and he's not mad at him. A reward from dad for obedient behaviour may help him to forget he got in trouble for not moving when asked. Good luck with this, it may also just pass on it's own with time. Dad just needs to really focus on good interactions for a while.