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Dog training - dog behavior

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  2. Change in behaviour whilst on heat?
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  6. Bathroom trouble
  7. New Dog
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  10. Old dog not getting along with young one
  11. CBC Ideas series: Dogs Themselves
  12. House training regression
  13. How many?
  14. Aggression in a dog after being neutered
  15. Found a fenced in off leash dog park!!!
  16. volunteering
  17. New Here, a few questions about my new dog!
  18. DESPERATE for help!!! w/my new 4 mo. old maltipoo
  19. Fight!!
  20. Fluvoxamine for my 4.5 year od Wheaton Terrier
  21. Abandonment issues with 2/3 yr old dog
  22. fostering
  23. Urinating on everything
  24. So Bayley is a When Pigs Fly Dog!!!
  25. Housetraining in January
  26. In Heat
  27. Help!? My Dog Will Not Stop Peeing + Other Unusual Behaviour
  28. I only walk on carpet
  29. Peeing inside on things
  30. Integrating Big Dog into House with Small Dog
  31. Another Pee Thread - To Peepad or Not?
  32. Training my dog to come when called...
  33. Dog changed behavior
  34. My dog insists on walking only one route
  35. Training my husky - looking for a third opinion
  36. Strangest Training Methods You've Come Across
  37. housebreaking going backwards
  38. On behave of my friend and her doberman
  39. nippy Aussie ShepardX..
  40. Brain Games
  41. Aggression with Food - Help!
  42. Has Anyone Heard about Pet Zoom Sonic Pet Trainer
  43. My puppy shakes before i leave
  44. Help, how do you slow down a fast eater
  45. Always Hungry
  46. shaping vs. luring
  47. Ideas to get Diesel to like his crate?
  48. Min Pin - Chihuahua mix - small dog - big barking issue
  49. New boston puppy (really little) + older BT - ROUGH PLAY??
  50. puppy barks when i put him down from couch
  51. puppy nips!!!
  52. My dog barking in the middle of the night
  53. Housebroken dog peeing inside... help, please!
  54. Small Dog vs Large Dog?
  55. 3 and 4 yr old shih tzu won't house train
  56. Potty Training? Should I start leaving her out?
  57. Finding A Good Trainer
  58. Husky off-lead?
  59. I have a 4 months jack russell and he still does pipi and popo inside home
  60. Help! My dog is aggressive with other animals!
  61. Do puppies put off sleeping?
  62. Table begging. Need help
  63. Pulling
  64. Free Shaping!!
  65. Aggression and Bitting - HELP!!
  66. Catapult dog - what is this?
  67. Re-training an older dog / scheduling
  68. crating and separation anxiety
  69. petsmart training class, intermediate or advanced?
  70. Dog eating poo
  71. Citronella Collars
  72. Dog bites when we try to move him
  73. Overly Needy Behavior
  74. New Dog - 2 1/2 month later
  75. Behavior issue with one of my rescue dogs
  76. Obedience School ( Gatineau/Ottawa)
  77. Dominance Based Trainers!
  78. Stay?!
  79. Help! Seperation Anxiety!
  80. How do you deal with high energy terrier barking, getting excited about neighbours?
  81. Chosing a dog for obidience and agility...
  82. Mouthy GSD ......
  83. My dog with only pee and poo in the backyard if there is snow.
  84. aggressive to other dogs
  85. Dog nipped at 2 family memebers!!!
  86. First Obedience Class with my dog.
  87. Jessie and Simon - advice needed
  88. Quick Question about Barking...
  89. Brad Pattinson, training methods
  90. What is "positive" training anyway?
  91. puppy goes crazy when alone
  92. My Great Burr-- I mean PYR!
  93. Thor(puppy) is driving me BONKERS!
  94. Jealousy and acceptance question
  95. Potty training is a game to him
  96. The Toenail Battle is Over!!
  97. Puppy Peeing Problem
  98. Opinions?
  99. the power of playing
  100. What are the best dogs races for obidience competition?
  101. Potty Training Problems
  102. The problem with my pup
  103. It's down to two choices...pen or muzzle.
  104. Ha! First post for me in this section!
  105. Doggie School Update
  106. Help With My Dogs Number 1 & 2 In The House!
  107. My dog keeps weeing in the house
  108. how to make a dog and a cat to stop fighting?
  109. Domination
  110. HELP!! female shih tzu with very odd behavior
  111. Clicker Training in Montreal
  112. Puppy growling..
  113. always been curious about treat training and clicker training.
  114. Managing Anxiety
  115. I need suggestions to stop dog from peeing in cage
  116. Dogs Go Crazy When See Others
  117. looking for dog therapists in London Ontario
  118. Need Trainer Recommendation Please!
  119. Need Help!!!!
  120. Dog won't sleep in!
  121. Is my dog getting enough exercise?
  122. Natural Dog Training
  123. I'm at a loss, and desperately need help
  124. Ideal amount of dogs
  125. My 6 month old border collie/labrador is a troublemaker!
  126. Anxiety and Destructive Behavior?
  127. Biting problem!
  128. Big puppy too rough with cat.. cat doesn't react?
  129. Clicker training
  130. Major shifts in behaviour (LP - would especially love your insight here!)
  131. My Chi is showing aggression
  132. 8 month old still peeing
  133. Why do dogs kick up dirt after urinating?
  134. Teething Teenager
  135. Crating - To Ignore or Not to Ignore?
  136. New puppy
  137. House Training - Help!
  138. Dog Nervous when training
  139. Pee Pads or Not?
  140. My dog is making me crazy
  141. Need serious help with a scared dog
  142. my little chihuahua
  143. How do I Get Puppy to Stop Biting
  144. My dog is hard to control when greeted/approached
  145. Poor Jack got attacked tonight!
  146. Raising two puppies question
  147. Bad behaviour when I'm gone
  148. Female dog peeing in house
  149. One more problem...
  150. Shy dog
  151. Positive or Aversive - What to do?!!!!!
  152. Dog Jumping?
  153. Need Advice Re My Beagle
  154. New problem
  155. Pee Pad Issues
  156. Crate Help needed - Doodle in Training!
  157. house training question- Please help.
  158. Dog Behavior Help? *I'm new here*
  159. How do I stop urine marking? Everything in my house is getting ruined
  160. Training for a second dog
  161. jack russell help
  162. Dog changes from passive to aggressive
  163. Urinating and poo everywhere silky terrier male, help.
  164. Dog training - Pickering, Ontario
  165. My dog uses our house for a toilet... I need advice!
  166. Can Dogs Really Not Generalize?!!
  167. Puppy Always Jumping and Biting Me
  168. Terriers In Training
  169. EXTREMELY Timid Puppy-Help?
  170. PUP at 8 weeks... NEED HELP
  171. Need help with puppu
  172. Same Sex Agression
  173. Canine Good Citizen
  174. Chihuahua screams when she is told no... HELP!!
  175. Walking Multiple dogs
  176. Useful and Necessary Commands
  177. Doberman puppies - training problems
  178. Older dog behavior changed with the new dog
  179. Serious puppy biting inhibition problem! Need expert advice!
  180. 10 week Ridgeback - crate training - help
  181. Bad dog
  182. Has anyone tried a dog whistle for barking?
  183. Where can I buy belly bands for dogs in Calgary, Alberta
  184. Unexpected aggresive behaviour
  185. Rescue Beagle & separation anxiety
  186. The Dominance Myth
  187. good dog training in Richmond Hill Ontario
  188. How do I deal with a dog attack?
  189. Training 2 dogs to be "calm" when getting ready for walk..
  190. 12 week pup - won't stop howling when alone
  191. "Sessions with Cesar" reviews please
  192. Another House Training Question
  193. Strange behavior when on leash!
  194. Car ride gone wrong
  195. 8 year old dog now going in the house!!!
  196. Dog pees while walking
  197. Lazy pug; or something wrong?
  198. Sitting up (how to stop it)
  199. Puppy aggression - help :-/!
  200. New 4 Year old, questions!
  201. Help with "Down" command.
  202. Too Smart for her own good!!
  203. Peeing Issues
  204. Dog acting tough then afraid of dogs
  205. Digging
  206. Dog treat and cat aggression
  207. Dog is suddenly sleeping by my feet
  208. Bad Dash!
  209. Problems with new/old dog...
  210. Mounting (sorry) behavior in dogs
  211. Potty Re-Training, Training older dog
  212. Obsessive Behavior
  213. Need help with insecure dog
  214. Big dog in apartment?
  215. Dog Won't Walk with Anyone Else
  216. New Dog owner with questions
  217. Introducing an old anti-social dog to a pup
  218. Dogs Just Being Dogs??
  219. Unexplained Fear
  220. "Now and then" aggression
  221. Potty training stubborn 16 month old dog
  222. Recent aggression issue?
  223. My dog isn't interested in balls or frisbees!
  224. Just can't master the RECALL. Help!
  225. barking howling and driving me and my neighbur nuts!
  226. Need Help!
  227. Bad Manners
  228. keeping my dog off the couch!?
  229. Dog won't stop barking, driving me nuts, help!
  230. 11month old puppy having "panic attacks"?
  231. Is this abused behavior or muscle spasms?
  232. Help! My dog wakes my up in the middle of the night
  233. Umbilical Training
  234. Dogs Policing the Cat Kingdom
  235. moving to a new house dog going crazy
  236. HELP - Training a new puppy
  237. Ball possessive with other dogs?
  238. Dog Shredding Paper or other things
  239. How to stop whining
  240. 6 Year Old Havanese Biting Problems
  241. Large Dog Jumping and Nipping
  242. At night - crate or bed?
  243. peeiing in house loosing my mind
  244. Control Unleashed Classes Experiences?
  245. Playing or Fighting?
  246. Puppy teething
  247. Aggresion In my Great Pyrenese! Please HELP!
  248. Puppy grabs and pulls leash. Not chewing.
  249. Free Shaping
  250. Excessive barking