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Sparky Can't Sleep Alone

February 5th, 2012, 03:18 PM
I wrote this out a couple days ago, when the board went down, and I seem to have lost it. I hope I re-write it out well, as it was long and detailed the first time.

To asses this situation, you have to know a bit of back history on Sparky.

He had Puppy Acne before he even turned a year. When he got back from the vets' he was really, REALLY drugged up because of his pain, so they advised me to sleep near him in case anything were to go awry. So he slept cuddled up to me. I got attached to him sleeping in my bed so every night, even after he was healed, he slept in my bed, beside me. {He'd always be touching me somehow, either his head on my arm or 'spooning' with me}

Then, Last year around this time his mate, my bunny, passed away. He started acting weird so we brought him to the vet, and we were told he was going through a 'depression'. This is where he really clinged onto me. He had to be with me 24/7.

Now that we found out about his heart condition, I'm nervous to leave him alone {and we were told not to leave him alone for TOO long} thus, he still sleeps in my bed. I have no problem with him sleeping there, he's NOT territorial, he doesn't bug me, and he asks around 7am every morning {by constantly stepping on my feet to wake me} for me to put him down so he can go to his pad, then he returns and sleeps in his bed beside my bed.

I suppose this could also be connected with the fact he was taken too young from his Momma {we found this out when we brought him to the vet for the first time, and they told us he definitely wasn't the age we were told}


He can't sleep alone. He tries, but every single time he'll wake up yelping or screaming bloody murder, from a nightmare {I watch him, if I catch it, and he kicks and 'runs'} And because of his heart problem, he sleeps most of his days, so I feel guilty making him sleep in the washroom {his prefered place, beside the toilette} because I KNOW he'll wake up yelping.

I swear the neighbors must think somethings going on here, or something. :rolleyes:

My question is, is this normal, could this come to be a problem in the future and how do I help him.

I'm find with having him lay with/on me while i'm on my chair {which is a chaise, so he can sit on my legs} but I feel bad for all his nightmares and the fact he CAN NOT sleep alone, although he tries. Should I 'work with him' and make sure he's near me, or leave him be?