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  1. Swimming Training Question
  2. teaching the down command
  3. Help!! 2 yr old Pom is peeing in my bed & on Couch!!!
  4. how to train a puppy to come
  5. Why does he do this?
  6. collar breaking
  7. Gomez the Scavenger... How do I stop him??
  8. Trouble Grooming
  9. Is this a Good Idea to Increase Confidence?
  10. Crating a second dog
  11. Sense-ation harness
  12. Is this just a phase? Grumpy puppy
  13. Help!!!!
  14. Dog snapping -- Am I doing the right thing?
  15. Dog with multitude of problems
  16. Impossible to train a cat not to scratch furniture?
  17. Joeys not nice to other dogs
  18. Training your dog to be loyal to you?
  19. Need a Recommendation
  20. Pup keeps nipping at my pants..
  21. Matty jumping on people
  22. Dog Training
  23. my housetrained dog now having accidents
  24. Few questions about new puppy
  25. Montana is aggressive with other dogs' possessions
  26. Crate question
  27. Sensitive/fearful puppy?
  28. How do i teach my dog its ok for me to cuddle?
  29. Barking when we come home...
  30. How long til unfamiliar cats accept each other?
  31. My dog is scared of Bugs what can I do
  32. Help with housebreaking older dog
  33. Material dogs don't like to touch?
  34. Joey decided he doesnt like his crate
  35. Joey decided he doesnt like his crate
  36. My dog attacks me at night for no reason. HELP!
  37. New puppy doing #2 in crate
  38. Chewing newspaper and puppy pads
  39. Dog takes command in the backyard
  40. my 9 wk old puppy bites and draws blood HELP
  41. Biting his cage
  42. Pitbull Obdience friendly classes in the London, Ontario area
  43. Dog is too friendly with adult human males if you know what I mean
  44. Karina is biting and growling
  45. I need help
  46. help me to stop my dog from peeing in the house
  47. Fixed yet humping?
  48. letting me know when she needs to go outside
  49. Bed Time Doggie Separation Anxiety: Special Case
  50. OMG holy terror tonight!
  51. Joey likes to sit on lap
  52. clicker training
  53. Aggressive HELP
  54. Abby update
  55. Ideas to make crate smaller
  56. Joey starts doggie school tonight
  57. Ottawa/area dog training
  58. Driving in cars
  59. Matty sure likes to bark :(
  60. Climbing stairs
  61. Joeys first trip to off leash doggie park
  62. i have satans dog
  63. Very Frustrated!!!
  64. Leash question
  65. What's happening?
  66. Boarding a Puppy
  67. Herding or aggressive/dominate behaviour?
  68. Where can I order an Easy Walk harness?
  69. Female Dog Humping BF
  70. Anti-Pull Harness
  71. Obedience School
  72. crate training help please
  73. Earning Back Privileges
  74. Worsening Separation Anxiety
  75. advice wanted re: dog walkers, training, and where to go?
  76. Dog going after cats
  77. barkbusters
  78. Magic of Growling at dog
  79. Puppy Pee rampage
  80. Hi and how can I stop my dog from whining in the car?
  81. Vinegar water squirts?
  82. Advice Please - Do I Have to Worry?
  83. Here Command
  84. New growling issue between Boo and Jemma..
  85. taking simba to puppy socilaising
  86. Exercise for a puppy
  87. Chloe and thyroid
  88. Strange pawing/scratching behavior (cat)
  89. Car Harness
  90. car rides
  91. What age can a puppy go all night?
  92. Not listening
  93. Obedience Puppy School
  94. Forever barking
  95. Training my dog on a leash
  96. Mozart bites now! what's this about?
  97. Barking at a bone
  98. Any trainers on here????
  99. nervousness around other dogs
  100. how to catch a frisbee
  101. Having Issues with Dog
  102. seperation anxiety or mental-puppy?
  103. Another "P'O'ed cat" question
  104. Obedience School Should or Should'nt I ?
  105. Problem's with HERE Command
  106. Anyone have a house trained dog who insists on peeing your bed!
  107. Why does my 6 month old puppy still pee on the floor?
  108. not sleeping in the kennel at night + not sleeping
  109. Training to go on dirt?
  110. Joey graduated from doggie school
  111. Best way to get rid of urine smell in crate?
  112. Is it wrong for our dog to be protective/aggressive?
  113. Recommendations of Obedience Training Montreal area
  114. get youer dog to come to you every time you call him
  115. My Brittany Spaniel
  116. My Puppy growls at me....
  117. Training both dogs to be off lead at same time
  118. Anyone know of a good Mtl trainer?
  119. training school for adopted dog
  120. Animal Behavorlist
  121. How to socialize your dog
  122. Bribing and Training
  123. Puppy issues - stealing, leash tug, begging
  124. HELP with Puppy Potty training
  125. Teaching Joey new tricks
  126. Training a "helper" dog
  127. Getting dogs used to a new kitten
  128. Clicker training
  129. pet pager for deaf dog
  130. 2 year old dog weeing in house
  131. New dog, 1 yr old Bernese, some issues...
  132. Blue Heeler Bites Strangers (longish)
  133. puppy suddenly has food aggression
  134. My dog thinks my daughter is lower on the scale then he is
  135. Calling the experts!
  136. Kittens, Part I: The dog (long!)
  137. My tenant is complaining!
  138. Stop eating grass?
  139. Dusty, the flying dog :)
  140. Good Montreal Trainer?
  141. Puppy ate a big piece of rawhide/Should i worry?
  142. Re: Casper the deaf dog
  143. please help, dog pulling
  144. Proper method to discipline a dog who is aggressive
  145. dog slowly driving me crazy..HELP!
  146. Large timid dog
  147. Joey finds treats in Garbage
  148. Calgary Trainer
  149. doesnt go to the bathroom outside!
  150. Seeking other Toronto area trainers or potential trainers
  151. HELP my dog jumps on everyone
  152. how to wake me up at night?
  153. Potties while on walks
  154. Toilet training kittens
  155. How do you house train a 9 week old puppy?!
  156. Any PetSmart trainers on here???
  157. 12 month Rottie play mouthing
  158. Puppy mouthing/chewing
  159. Need advice about biting please
  160. Normal for male cat to pee high?
  161. last resort...
  162. panty eating un house-breakable min pin
  163. Joey growling still
  164. Good Obedience trainers in Vancouver Area
  165. Looking for good Obedience trainers in Van, BC
  166. new puppy, please help
  167. Another question: about teaching puppies to jump.
  168. Escaping pup
  169. House Breaking Puppy
  170. a few puppy questions
  171. 5 yrs old cocker, adopted, seperation anxiety
  172. PETsMART training
  173. Choke Chain or not?
  174. Marking Territory or a Problem???
  175. Pound Puppy Training q's
  176. Joey is going to check out a doggie retreat
  177. help, charlies being overly aggressive
  178. Looking for book recommendation for training
  179. Pup growls when Playing
  180. what extra commands have you taught?
  181. Gentle leader vs Halti
  182. Joey visited doggie retreat went well sort of..
  183. teecee the biter
  184. Calgary Dog Training??
  185. Important training tip
  186. Humping?
  187. Scared puppy
  188. nail cutting/grinding.
  189. Finding a Flyball Class/Group/Trainer
  190. Is there any way to explain to my Golden
  191. Puppy biting
  192. Barking
  193. Pay Attention to ME!!!!
  194. Help Needed! How to stop the pulling?
  195. Acts like a wookie when sitting to get leashed
  196. Threadjacking
  197. suggestions needed for housebreaking
  198. Snappy Dog - RE: Bones, etc.
  199. Could Really use some help.
  200. Leash/off leash aggression
  201. Mild Separation Anxiety & Location of Night Time Crate
  202. Bengal kitten on a leash
  203. Another housebreaking question
  204. Is there a really good training book or video?
  205. Aggressive in public, so embarrssed!
  206. Puppy going outside alone and jumping
  207. Dog whistles
  208. I'm totally lost :/
  209. Teaching puppy that grooming isn't a game!! Please help!
  210. Need old pm from Tenderfoot
  211. Dogs and Horses-a question
  212. muzzle or no muzzle
  213. How do you teach 'gentle'
  214. Almost a training issue...
  215. Getting pup used to wearing boots... Almost a training issue...
  216. Two more training questions-how long between outdoor visits and puppy nipping problem
  217. Help, neihbours poodle gone insane!
  218. Treats for reinforcement? Any ok for puppies?
  219. submissive peeing
  220. He barked to go out !!!!
  221. One of my kittens pooped in the sink?!
  222. Help abandonment SO bad!
  223. teaching creative thinking
  224. Joey shook a paw
  225. Tearing up dog's bed
  226. Matty's latest update, and a few Q's
  227. Punctured Eye
  228. Joey stopped growling
  229. Help - Stop the Leash Tug O' War
  230. My cat pees and poops on our nice carpets!! HELP!
  231. Too late to socialize??
  232. Poop eating deterrent ?
  233. anti barking stuff
  234. I need help re barking
  235. territorial behaviour?
  236. Toy aggression?
  237. Female dog is humping like male
  238. Two puppies hate each other to death
  239. Crate/Pen Guarding
  240. Eating plastic
  241. Puppy suddenly doesn't like crate
  242. ?'s for those with rescued/adopted dogs
  243. Need advice about Joey peeing when away from home
  244. Dog problem: growling and peeing
  245. House training rescue dog...
  246. Took Joey to dog park today.
  247. Please help with housebreaking my new cocker spaniel!!
  248. New dog doesn't like my husband...
  249. New Adoptee Dog Multiple Problems
  250. Need help with understanding older dog with new puppy