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Toy aggression?

December 16th, 2005, 04:25 PM
My kitters love those kitty wands--a plastic wand with a long string attached and a bunch of feathers at the end. Since Booster is more coordinated than Remy, I have two wands and work them both at once, with one kitten on each. But when Remy catches his toy, he'll sometimes hold it tight in his mouth, look over at Booster, and growl. Booster is always busy with his own toy over at the other end of my reach and doesn't even notice. Remy will also sometimes growl to himself as he tries to drag his toy away to a far corner or another room, I guess to eat or bury his "dead prey".

Is this similar to toy aggression in dogs? Booster is a notorious toy stealer when it comes to "loose" toys like ping pong balls and furry mice and Remy never growls when he takes those. But with the wand-toys, Booster never shows any interest in Remy's toy (because he's too busy with his own) and yet Remy growls. So . . . confused!