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Joey visited doggie retreat went well sort of..

November 9th, 2005, 05:41 PM
Joey went to the doggie retreat today for a visit. We will be leaving him there while we go on our trip to Mexico. I was mostly concerned about him getting along with the other dog. There was an initial growl while Joey was on the leash, she asked me to let him off the leash and Joey went to play with Charlie the 11 year old Portugese water spaniel. Besides falling into their empty swimming pool, it had a tarp on it Joey just jumped right in, but couldnt get out, so we had to pull him out :eek:

What shocked me is that Joey ran upstairs lifted is leg and peed on her sofa. :eek: He has never done this in our house. He pooped once in my parents house before we brought him home. He has also peed on two people before once was a lady with a dog at the dog park, Joey just lifted his leg and peed on her, and once when my husband had him he peed on a friend of ours. Luckily both people were really good about it. I ended up leaving Joey there for an hour and he peed a second time. As Joey will be staying with her for about 10 days whats the best way to deal with this, or to tell her to deal with this, she said other dogs have done this before and it wasnt a big deal. But I dont want Joey going to other peoples houses and peeing or marking. He doesnt do this at home