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Leash question

September 2nd, 2005, 07:38 AM
Hi! Indy, my 10.5 week Golden Retriever is chewing on her leash ALL the time! The leash is a 6ft nylon. Should I change the leash to another type (leather for example?) or should I go the bitter apple route? Any suggestions? What's best for a dog this age? We start puppy kindergarten on Weds (thank God!!) so I also don't know what's best for that.

Also, I am getting discouraged with the biting and the jumping up. I've read the other threads on this topic and literally tried them all and nothing seems to be working. We go outside and either she's chewing the leash and pulling (so I try to step on it and then she drops it and as I am about to praise her she starts biting further up the leash!). Sigh. I try to distract her by throwing a ball but she'd rather dig up all the grass in my lawn. I feel like we aren't "connecting". Going outside is becoming a chore. I am trying to make it "fun" and I want it to be fun's just not right now! We've tried working on "leave it", "drop it", "sit", "down"...but I am wondering if we are trying too much and should just focus on something else? I love my dog but I don't feel like she loves me... :sad:

September 2nd, 2005, 07:44 AM
Hang in there from what I hear puppies are lots of work. I am still working on the training thing myself with an older dog (6years) it seems like the learning never stops.
One of the more experienced dog owners will be along to help you I am sure. Just remember it takes time but if your consistent whatever method you use will pay off.
Good Luck :)

September 2nd, 2005, 07:55 AM
I know...but not having had a dog before...I am unsure of what I am doing! That's why I am glad for the classes to start! I don't want to screw her up! I know Goldens usually have a nice temperment and I don't want to do something wrong in training her. I think I need to choose a method and stick to it but even things like praising her...I don't think she really feels how happy I am when she does something right!!

September 2nd, 2005, 09:41 AM
Biting the leash is disrespectful - it is considered an extention of your hand. Goldens are sweet dogs but a puppy is a puppy. Some Goldens like to carry things in their mouths so you could try a soft toy. If she gets in the habit of chewing on the leash and you ever had to tie her up in an emergenciy she would likely chew through it and be gone.
Your leash is just fine - you need to make it uncomfortable in her mouth when she does it. This is not a game. If she respects you and you say 'drop it' then she should spit it out. She will probably challenge you a few times but you need to meet each challenge clearly and firmly and she should give up because it's not fun anymore.
Your pup could know 40 words at this point - they are mental sponges. You are not asking too much. The key is to communicate clearly and have a relationship of trust and respect. If you say you have tried everything and it doesn't work then you aren't doing something correctly. I promise you if your pup was living with us he would not be having these problems. We wouldn't permit it. We would not have to be mean to teach our rules but we would have to be clear and consistent. I don't mean to sound harsh - please don't read it that way. I am just trying to say that your puppy can do this and so can you - you just need to command respect and he will sharpen right up. Yes it's good to have fun with your pup, but real life is not all fun and games. Watch dogs together, they have fun and when one wants to make a point they make it - short and sharp - very clear and then right back to the fun. When you say stop he needs to stop.

September 2nd, 2005, 11:27 AM
Speaking of chewing the leash ...

Matty doesn't normally chew the leash. He used to do that sometimes when my wife lets him out, amd very occassionally did that with me. We told him to let go of the leash everytime that happened, but otherwise never really 'corrected' it per say ... and as he got more respect for us he stopped doing that.

The only interesting thing is occassionally when I take him out to the park I'll do some running and I ask him to follow me. He loves running beside me and has no problem keeping up, but for whatever reason he bites his leash only when we're running. As soon as I stop (and he'll stop beside me) and catch him with the leash in his mouth, I ask him to "let go" and he'll drop it immediately.

But then the next time I do some running he'll bite the leash as he runs beside me again ... I wonder if anybody else has experienced the same thing with their dog?

My only explaination is he doesn't like the leash dangling around his neck when we're running and prefers to "hold it" when he's running so it doesn't keep hitting him on the neck / back / chest. ??

I don't see it as a much of a problem cos like I said, he doesn't bite the leash any other time ...

September 2nd, 2005, 11:39 AM
But then the next time I do some running he'll bite the leash as he runs beside me again ... I wonder if anybody else has experienced the same thing with their dog?

Yup, same thing with my pup, only when running. He just holds it, doesn't pull, and drops it when we stop running. Sorry, I have no suggestions, mine still does it.

September 2nd, 2005, 11:40 AM
Hi Tenderfoot...I have absolutely no doubt if Indy was living with you that this would not be a problem. I fully recognize that I am not doing something right and that's why I am so anxious for our puppy class to start. I guess I am more visual and need to see someone doing a proper correction or using their voice properly to know how to do it right. Please believe me that I am doing my best. I am really trying to raise a good dog who's not a "brat" and has manners. But, as I said, I am totally new to this. I am putting my heart and soul into this and it's hard to see that she doesn't respect me. I have no problems if she wants to carry something in her mouth as I know that goldens do that. But, sometimes she'll carry her toy...and then she notices the leash and starts to pull on it again. She's pretty good (most of the time) when we are inside but the great, big outdoors has too many distractions. Yet even when I am inside and have her on the leash (as many have suggested) and trying to work with's hard to get anything done as she is biting the leash! I am going to try the bitter apple thing I guess...but I'd rather she know that it's wrong then have to rely on that. So, Tenderfoot...any chance of you taking a trip to Montreal? It's a beautiful city! :)

September 2nd, 2005, 04:59 PM
Oh how I wish we could - any chance of someone setting up a weekend clinic for us and we could come visit? we would love it. Right now there is a group of people in LA who are trying to set up a group clinic for us to go there, but I bet Montreal is more our cup of tea!
Tracey - please don't think I was trying to pick on you I know you are working hard and have made great success' already. I was just trying to say that you need to find that part of you that can be clear to her.
I know it's much easier to watch someone work your dog than to try to decipher things in writing. That's why we did a DVD first before a book - it's sooo much easier to show people than to try to describe things.
Anyway, perhaps you could take your pup to visit an older, wiser dog and observe their interactions. It would actually give you a great idea as to what it takes to impress your pup. Watch how many times your pup challenges the older dog and what does that dog do to get your puppy to stop?
You need to play momma to this girl. You need to not care what she thinks of your rules and just make sure she obeys them. You would be amazed how her love for you will multiply when her respect for you increases.

September 4th, 2005, 08:56 PM
Just back from a weekend at the cottage! Indy learned to retrieve a frisbee...sort of! (very funny to watch her! She was determined to pick it up even though it was as big as she was!)
Tenderfoot...I know you weren't trying to criticize! I know that there's something that I am obviously not doing right as the biting thing is still not working. I am trying to be a "momma" but I guess I haven't found my "Momma voice" yet. I like the idea of watching her with an older dog to see what it takes to impress her! She's a very determined puppy which is great in many ways...but tough until you figure her out! Thanks for the help and if i could organize a clinic here in montreal..I would! In the meantime, I'll see how puppy class goes and if it's not helping...don't be surprised if you see my name ordering your dvd!