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Fixed yet humping?

August 26th, 2005, 10:37 AM
Mozart got fixed (operated) this last spring. He's been doing good as far as dominance peeing and humping goes but recently he started humping again. Every dog he sees he's gotta hump and this morning I started petting him and he all of a sudden became very excited and started humping my arm. I pushed him off and give him a firm "NO!" but then he tried again when I was just about to leave. Again I gave him a firm "STOP IT".

What can I do to make him stop. Its embarrassing really :eek:. I have a hard time taking him for a walk at "peek dog walking" hours in my neighbourhood cause he wants to be with every other dog that walks by, male or female... Could it be because there's a cat in season roaming around the apartment building?... could this be because he misses Bailey?

PS. Bailey's at a new home now - family w/ 3 kids and another dog.. on a 1/5 acre land w/ someone always there during the day to take care of her. Tought it was better for her since I can't give her what she needs because of work.

August 26th, 2005, 02:21 PM
What breed of dog is he? How old is he and how old was he when he was neutered?

I believe that this is most likely a dominance issue. He is going to have to learn that this behaviour is just not accepted. A lot of dogs will not put up with this and will let him know it. He may even get hurt in a dog fight.

Keep stopping him and letting him know that you are not happy when he does this. Use a firm NO and then command him to lie down, this is a submissive position. You are going to have to reinforce your position in the "pack". If you haven't already, I would strongly suggest obedience classes. A trainer can help you in a controlled environment to have him stop this behaviour towards other dogs. It will also reinforce your alpha position and help with having him stop the behaviour towards you.