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Took Joey to dog park today.

December 25th, 2005, 04:27 PM
I am feeling a bit down today. :sad: I have been working on Joeys training and walking by other dogs on the leash and I thought things were going well. We have also been working on the recall on leash outside and off leash in the house. I have also found an enclosed tennis court by my house that we also do the recall with Joeys leash wrapped around his neck.

Anyways I took Joey to a new dog park today. This one was totally fenced except for the entrance. I kept Joey on the leash for the first little while and he seemed fine, I made him do some basic obedience before I let him off. He played fine with two other small females, but he met a larger male dog who was friendly. The sniffed each other then Joey just turned and growled at him. I then corrected Joey and put him back and the leash, and then Joey peed on me. The dogs owner was oh thats no problem, and its good that your dog put my dog in its place. But I felt really bad about it because her dog didnt do anything and just wanted to play. I think Joey may have been put out because I petted the other dog. I am not sure. Also Joey so far only seems agressive towards larger dogs.

I would like Joey to be able to go to the dog park but I dont think I can take him if hes gonna be aggressive to certain dogs.

December 26th, 2005, 12:39 AM
I think you have to learn to be more comfortable first. If he senses you're apprehensive, his mood will be more insecure as well and things won't go as smoothly as they would if you were calmer and more confident. Part of that I believe is getting to know your dog's "signs". I'm not saying you don't know your doggy, but going to a dog park, you have to be even more intuitive. You have to be aware when he is even a little bit uncomfortable or crabby so you can be ready. You know? If he's getting annoyed, he's more likely going to growl or snap, and you have to recognize that before the snap so you can jump in before the escalation occurs.

Your doggy has to know that you won't put up with him bullying or being crabby, but you also will protect him from other dogs bugging him too. You have to make it so they don't have to defend themselves or retaliate because they know you consistently intervene beforehand and separate them from the problem doggy. Like Boo- if a dog is playing with him too rough and Boo wants to stop, he'll play his way over to me and I'll remove the dog. But he knows and I know now that if he plays into me, it's for me to stop the playing. He never has to snap because I do it for him. And if crabby Jemma is being bugged, she comes and sits in front of my legs so I can prevent the other dog from going behind her and I can keep him at arms' length. After 3 years of going to the park, they do this all on their own. They know I'm their doggy remover. :)

The leash is really long, right? I ask because sometimes in dog parks, if a dog knows they are on a leash, they'll actually be more aggressive than with it off.

People at my park believe that if you talk to the owner and are friendly with the owner of the other dog, the two dogs will usually get along better....

Also, I thought I would mention that when that lady said it was ok, I wouldn't listen really. I mean I understand what she was saying (maybe her doggy deserved a scolding from Joey because he was just overly excited and annoying and naive), but you don't have to listen. You keep doing what you are comfortable with and if Joey growling makes you uncomfortable, definitely do something about it. You know your dog best.;) People in dog parks tend to push their doggy beliefs on the new people...

December 26th, 2005, 08:54 AM
Prin= The leash is really long, right? I ask because sometimes in dog parks, if a dog knows they are on a leash, they'll actually be more aggressive than with it off.

he wasnt actually on a leash at the time the instant happened. I gave him a firm no, then Joey promptly peed on me, as if to say, so there now I am alpha. Joey seems fine with some dogs and not with others, so far its just larger male dogs. Maybe hes smaller so he feels he needs to protect himself.

I want to go back to the dog park but now I am dog park shy, but I dont want to give up.
Like Boo- if a dog is playing with him too rough and Boo wants to stop, he'll play his way over to me and I'll remove the dog.

how do you remove the other dog exactly, have you ever been bitten doing this. Wont the owner remove their own dog. Like I called Joey when he growled at that dog.

Also would this play a factor, the owner was saying how friendly her dogs were, so I petted the dog that Joey growled at, Could Joey have been jealous that I petted the other dog and snapped at him, is that possible. He growled at this dog just after I petted him. Maybe I shouldnt pet dogs at the dog park.

December 26th, 2005, 03:33 PM
I think rather than not petting dogs at the park, you should teach Joey that you are allowed to do whatever you want because you're in charge. Stopping because he is jealous is like telling him, "If you don't want me doing something, I'll listen." You know?

By removing dogs, I mean defending your dog from the others. In Boo's case, if he doesn't want to play anymore, I'll grab him and tell the other dog, "That's enough" or push him away. Most dogs will stop after a couple of pushes and a lower, harsher tone. If the dog is especially rambunctious, I'd make Boo stay behind me so I could tend to the doggy with both hands. With Jemma, I hold my hand flat out as if to say stop, just in front of Jemma and I block the dog's advances. It takes practice, and I never get bitten because if they come to me, it usually is before anything escalates. I wouldn't stick my hands in there if growling has already started. The idea is to catch it before any aggression is visible, so you have less chance of being bitten, if there is any at all.

Don't ever count on the other owner to act. That is the main problem with dog parks. People expect all owners to be responsible when the responsible ones are by far in the minority.:rolleyes: