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Bengal kitten on a leash

November 20th, 2005, 02:07 PM
Hi everyone,
Just got my bengal (16wks) kitten a few days ago. We went to the petstore and were fitted with a harness and leash. Now we are ready to explore!!
The owner said he did really well with the harness, usually they roll around on the floor. But now he has discovered the leash seems fun to play with.:crazy:
The breeder said that he really likes boiled chicken breast. I figure if we practice walking in the house with the leash shortened, I can divert his attention from the leash to the chicken! ???
Even though he is so young I would really like to start training him in ANY way so he is responsive when he is older.
Any thoughts or suggestions??

Thanks BG Bengals are the best kept secret. He is such an:angel:

November 20th, 2005, 04:03 PM
The kitten that my boyfriend has(ok so she's a little over a year old now and itsn't really a kitten but she only weights 6 lbs and is so small we still think of her that way) really likes liver treats. There are usually a few types to chose from at the pet store and she'll do anything for any of the different kinds. She's been wearing a harness since day one and doesn't mind it a bit. She took to the leash really well also but we didn't let her play with it or put it on her unless we were going outside or in the car or something.

November 20th, 2005, 04:59 PM
My 3 year old Siamese goes for daily walks on-leash with my dog:) !

She thinks everything is a toy but once we get outside she forgets all about playing. I'm sure your kitten just needs time to get used to everything and once he gets outside I'm sure playing with the leash won't be a priority anymore.

You can try to distract him with chicken but it doesn't sound like its a big issue - I think he'll get used to it!

I'm glad your starting early with your kitten - its the best way to go, even with the more dog-like breeds! ;)