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crate training help please

Lily Taylor
September 8th, 2005, 07:13 PM
I had a dog for 12 years, a versatile champion, I started to crate train him at 7 weeks, he destroyed 2 metal crates and 1 vari kennel. He also destroyed his teeth, for the entire 12 years whenever (other than the car) I put him in the crate He would lick and bite the cage. In the beginning I tried all of the suggestions (I think) feeding him in there, little bits of time, etc. I would put him in and within 20 mins he would destroy any bedding, start bending the bars and there would be puddles (yes literally) around the kennel. I tried putting it in different areas, covering, etc. Anyway, I love him, and for 12 years put up with all kinds of neurotic-hyper behavior, he passed in June.

I decided this time (with my husband's advice) just to get a pet quality pet, I actually adopted the same breed (not sure why) from our local shelter, he is 4 yrs old and has never been trained. I tried him in the crate and he goes balastic, licking the kennel til puddles are outside, chewing the bars, bedding, etc.

HELP please (I did try him in three rooms of my home only to come home -after 2.5 hours to chewed up everything and pee), even though I bought 20 rawhide bones and put everywhere.


September 8th, 2005, 10:38 PM
Not to freak you out, but please toss out the rawhides - they are responsible for too many surgeries when they get stuck inside a dogs stomach. I would feel terrible if I hadn't sad anything and he had troubles with one.
Next - it's not about the distractions when he is that afraid. You have to go back to square one and teach him like you would a puppy. Go to our web site and we have an article on crate training that might help.
The biggest thing is to help him understand that you are not abandoning him. He literally feels trapped in the house or crate, and when you are gone he is fighting for his life.
The best thing to do is to start getting him used to you leaving and coming back. We like to pretend that we have a project outside but all of our tools are inside. So we go out (with keys and purse), and then opps, forgot something inside. Do not say hello, or greet him in any manner - don't even look at him. Get your pretend tool and leave again. Each time make the time you are gone a little longer and intersperse it with short times again - mix it up. At first he will be all over you when you enter, over time he will become desensitized to it and barely gets up when you come in. You want to keep at it until he doesn't get up to greet you at all. This could take all day or an hour. Be sure not to say good-bye or hello as you come and go.
You need to do it for several days so that he understands that you always come back.