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House training rescue dog...

December 23rd, 2005, 08:07 PM
We just adopted a miniture poodle and are working on housetraining. We were told that she was housetrained by her prior family. The history we got was that it was a mom, dad, and two toddlers in the family and that the dog was a bit too needy. She is indeed needy, but just wants to be loved. She does not appear to have been abused in any way.

We are having difficulty with the housetraining here! She's been pretty good when I take her out and I've really tried to take her out often. A couple of times though I'll take her out and we will stand there for some 10 minutes or so. She just looks at me. I ignore her and walk around the grass and she finally goes back to the door. I've figured that she doesn't really need to go, then within 5 minutes she sneaks off and goes on the living room carpet! Now I could understand this if I wasn't taking her out regularly.... what can I do? I was hoping not to have to tether her to me as she is already sticking to me pretty much like a magnet and won't go to my kids...

Any ideas??

Thanks so much!

Kim & Clingy Poodle

December 23rd, 2005, 08:49 PM
Crate train her go back to basics with your house training. If you take her outside and she doesn't go within a few minutes, bring her back in and place her in her crate(not for discipline) for 20 minutes then try her again. This will help to eliminate those accidents. If she goes she gets to stay out for awhile, if not another 20 minutes in the crate. Block off areas so that she is never able to leave your sight. If you are unable to supervise she should be in her crate or safe room. Pick a word for potty and praise/treat when she goes.

December 23rd, 2005, 09:55 PM
I also have an adult dog who does this, re: looks at you when outside, then goes pee inside.
Possibly the dog was trained to use a potty pad, as was the case with mine, I buy these potty pads for the dog and found her a safe place to use it, one where I wouldn't get upset, ie: on my bathroom tiles. She will use the pad as long as it is dry, everyday I moved the pad closer and closer to the door, until she was using the pad outside. Takes time, but now my doggy's got the idea. If you see that she understands the pads, then just take the pad outside, place it on the ground where you want her to "go", and let nature take it's course.
This is just a suggestion, maybe she wasn't trained on the pads, but it's worth it to check out. The reason I suggest it is because she is peeing on the carpet. A lot of dogs who are trained using the pads get confused, they are used to the square they were trained to use, and the carpet feels similar to the fibres of an absorbent pad.
BTW "the look," that's exactly what my dog would do, she looked like she was asking me, "so what do you want me to do now?" whenever I would try to get her to go outside. We would walk for forever and she would hold it until we got back in the house. It is totally curable though, oh and disinfect the area she's peed already, and use one of those animal scent removers or she will go back to the spot.

December 24th, 2005, 07:35 AM
To avoid the sneaking off, you can use the umbilical cord method. Put her on a 20 ft leash and when she tries to sneak off, head back outside with her.