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  2. Husky proofing the yard
  3. New puppy trying to be alpha
  4. Resource Guarding - Humans
  5. My sweet coonhound ran away!!!
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  7. Need Help Please!!!!
  8. Help! We have a Thief!!
  9. Some great articles on the dominance myth in training.
  10. Sudden Aggression
  11. Moving- Need Tips!
  12. Types of training phylosophie.
  13. Puppy hates crate/car help!!!
  14. On-Leash Regression
  15. Crate training Roxy
  16. Scary things for Diamond
  17. Dog constantly wanting to go in-and-out
  18. Constantly whining
  19. Clicker Training
  20. Vicious Family Dog ...I've had almost enough. Help ??
  21. New puppy training tips?
  22. Strange Behaviour from Min Pin
  23. bad dog behaviour in car, please help me!
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  25. Help with Potty Training Regression
  26. Potty Training - HELP
  27. Maggie is afraid of new puppy
  28. Puppy vs. Cat
  29. Am I being to involved?
  30. Unconventional use of basket muzzle?
  31. nosing around in other dog's genitals
  32. looking for a behaviourist
  33. Leash
  34. New dog with potty training and other issues
  35. Dominant Aggression tips..
  36. Please help me with my new shelter dog
  37. She definitely doesn't like being brushed - Help?
  38. My mini dachshund is driving my husband crazy
  39. Ugodog
  40. Puppy not going through the night???
  41. Tad is Bad!!!
  42. 5 month old puppy accidental biting
  43. Nova won't come when called, what to do?
  44. Dog aggression while playing with other dogs
  45. 5 Month Old Puppy - Separation Anxiety Question
  46. should we pack up the crate?
  47. Old bad habbits comming back..
  48. How long should it take??
  49. Dogs, attention, jealousy and barking
  50. Potty training
  51. teaching eye contact
  52. Question about Crating/Kennel
  53. Fighting dogs - to step in or not to step in?
  54. Good day at the dog park
  55. Almost ready to throw in the towel.
  56. Neep help with house breaking my chihuahua
  57. dog randomly snaps/growls
  58. Dominance
  59. Are we going to confuse her?
  60. How should I train my dog
  61. help with barking!!!
  62. Puppy Napping
  63. OY-- at wits end.
  64. Puppy won't listen to my daughter
  65. What do we do next with housetraining?
  66. help im not sure
  67. Obedience training for an adult dog???
  68. adopted dog bit existing dog
  69. excessive water drinking
  70. Puppy won't walk on his lead at all...!
  71. Diamond vs Sid
  72. Teeth like needles! Help!
  73. I finally house trained my yorkie!
  74. Poop eating Shihtzu
  75. Training Collar or harness
  76. Help with dog
  77. Doorbell Command.
  78. What is considered excessive barking?
  79. The Ongoing - Second Dog Debate!
  80. Dog is Eating His Beds......
  81. sudden pee problem
  82. Pyreneese aggression
  83. Help me help my puppy
  84. Tethering outdoors
  85. I am at a loss... Dr. Jekyl/Ms. Hyde
  86. Potty training Q???
  87. My dog is ruining my love life.
  88. Dog peeing on tile floor
  89. Puppy - anxious? How can I help him?
  90. New Dog Owner Needing Adivce!
  91. weather causing repetative behavour....again
  92. Suggestions for my new baby....
  93. Peeing and Pooing-whatelse is there...
  94. Pulling *back* on leash (stopping on walk)
  95. My FIRST!
  96. Red lump on Nikki's head
  97. Help! My dog won't stop peeing in the house!
  98. Emergency help needed!
  99. Dog Pee....everywhere!
  100. Eating everything outside??
  101. Help me to stop my puppy from bitting!!
  102. jack R. eats from out table
  103. My dog is terrified
  104. Ideas on how to break some bad habits
  105. Help puppy does good all day until the Evening
  106. Puppy Digging at her water bowl
  107. is there hope
  108. The untrainable dog?? Help please
  109. Other dogs and people
  110. Please help me keep my puppy!
  111. Positive Learning Experience
  112. Top 10 Training Tips - Courtesy of Patricia McConnell
  113. Doesn't do well with "NO"
  114. Min Pin help please ( no idea what to do)
  115. Sasha has turned very NEEDY
  116. Troubles leaving puppy alone...
  117. Don Sullivan
  118. Terrible manners
  119. Behavior issues and raising two puppies at once
  120. Serious Food Aggression All of a Sudden
  121. Why does my dog sing?
  122. I'm bored of training...
  123. rescued dog problems - should I get a companion for him?
  124. Sudden Fear of certain men - fear period or something more serious?
  125. Tried everything - Still peeing in her crate
  126. Smoke Detector scared our puppy?
  127. POOP
  128. Jelly Fights With Other Alpha Females
  129. Poop Eating !?
  130. Crate Training sorta not working :( help please!
  131. dog aggression
  132. Please Help
  133. Have we joined a pack or a gang?
  134. Dog peeing through crate bars
  135. Miniature Schnauzer--Crazy/ Hyper
  136. Border Collie Aggression - Need Suggestions!
  137. Walk help- anything else I can try?
  138. Crate & Xpen training ???
  139. Crooked Sit.
  140. My pug pees on my stuff!!
  141. Bsf
  142. Aggressive toward other dogs
  143. Weird problem with feeding my puppy
  144. Dog Trainer recommendations - north toronto and area?
  145. Help- my German Shepherd/husky mix gets really anxious/scared on walks
  146. Dog training schools
  147. Leia had an AMAZING Class today!
  148. Help! New Puppy in condo, big separation anxiety!!
  149. Member questions - Podcast #48 with Tenderfoot Training is live
  150. Chewing and allergies!
  151. Submissive to aggressive behaivior
  152. dog barking
  153. Charles Eisenmann
  154. 4 month old puppy screams ALL NIGHT LONG. Help!
  155. Buzz collar brings results
  156. 9 month old pup suddenly afraid of other dogs
  157. Need Help with Passive/Agressive Dog
  158. Oy, fearful Agression.. I really really Need help :'(
  159. Suggestions please - Helping me plan for my new GSD pup
  160. Chewing advice
  161. Barking Problems
  162. My dog can't jump
  163. My new puppy whines when in his crate...
  164. Chasing Amy... Er, Cats.
  165. Barkbusters to the rescue!
  166. A good dog bullying a puppy
  167. More Aggressive Behavior, Suggestions/Thoughts Welcome!
  168. Constant crying in the car
  169. Two Dogs Same Litter - HELP!!!
  170. Teaching the heel
  171. For All You Guys With Leash Issues!!!!
  172. Treat Training Seminar
  173. Help, my lil buddy is acting up
  174. Aggression toward other dogs
  175. Anxious!
  176. My dog doesn't quite like his new friend, a rabbit T_T
  177. Grieving
  178. My puppy hates her kennel. Any advice?
  179. help please - GSD puppy - 13 weeks
  180. Question about martingale collar
  181. Aggressive toward smaller dogs since her third Birthday
  182. Chewing... EVERYTHING! (approx 9 months old)
  183. Aggression towards men
  184. How do I train 1-yr old dog to poop in certain spot outside?
  185. Two dogs fighting over female
  186. My Border Collie tries to chase cars
  187. Dog Jealousy makes him snap and bite
  188. Seeking obedience and handler training in Windsor, Ont
  189. how do I make my chihuahua get the toy and give it back to me?
  190. Snappy dog stops walking.
  191. seperation anxiety.. disc dog training too.
  192. Help Introducing Two Dogs (with histories)
  193. Dog still goes to the washroom inside
  194. Need help with housetraining
  195. 1/2 Husky 1/2 Spaniel
  196. King puts everything in his mouth
  197. Odd issue while walking on the leash....
  198. At my wits' end with fearful puppy
  199. French bulldog eating her own poo
  200. How do we keep our dog from peeing in the house?
  201. Lhasa Apso random barking and biting???
  202. Puppy growled when I put my hand in his mouth
  203. The leash is not a toy!
  204. Neighbours aggressive dog triggers aggression in our German Sheppard
  205. How To React If Your Dog Bites Someone?
  206. PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control
  207. Social etiquette...
  208. PLESE HELP ME!!! help me help me!!
  209. The Yappy boy
  210. extreme aggression
  211. Training suggestions for my 9.5 week old german shepherd girl
  212. How do i socialize and agressive dog ?
  213. Exercise Pen Worries
  214. Fearfull to the MAX
  215. Mini Schnauzer, STRANGE behavior
  216. Pee problems
  217. dog/child incident
  218. Toy help??
  219. Fearful agression update!
  220. Only dog aggressive on leash.
  221. My dog in fights...
  222. Training problems - Give paw/stay
  223. Help dog to dog interaction
  224. 5 dogs, 1 cat and a big mess
  225. UNbeleivable dogs
  226. separation anxiety
  227. My dog will NOT stop stealing food
  228. Dog doesn't like new yard
  229. Dog poos whenever I am not in the house
  230. A little, annoying problem :D
  231. hypersensitivity of my tortured dog.
  232. Another curious poop/pee issue...
  233. 8 week old Rottweiler food and toy possessiveness
  234. desirable time for staying at crate?
  235. how to make a dog to turn around before poop/pee
  236. My 2 dogs and one's possessiveness
  237. Boxer sits on Labrador
  238. Randomly Aggressive Beagle
  239. Just adopted dog, she's scared of me
  240. There Is A NEW flu Virus Going Around For Dogs
  241. Basement "bathroom"
  242. Tracking Traits?
  243. Dealing with child scared of dogs?
  244. How's this for a training technique!!
  245. Looking for Canada's naughtiest dog
  246. Puppy Day Care in Ajax, Ont
  247. Puppy gets too rough when chewing bone
  248. hmm, Odd..Sup wit dis?
  249. Transitioning from the crate- need advice!
  250. Canadian Kennel Club obedience & rally trials