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Fearful agression update!

June 9th, 2009, 05:31 PM
Keely is getting better with people..

Last friday i took her to the relay for life, where she was surrounded by hundreds of people.. Including a marching band playing, and people singing.. She was exposed to a bunch of different things..

She didnt bark, not once. She let everybody pet her if they wanted and I was even away from her for 2 hours (I volunteered to help out because they were falling behind on the luminaries(sp?) and what not..) And she was being carried around by my 11 year old cousin and his friends.. she was fine..

I have noticed since friday that she doesnt bark at anybody on walks anymore either.. Except for one man.. Hes 40 odd years old and is mentally disabled.. he tends to make loud noises to himself, so i can see where she still might be more afraid of him, even though he is very gentle and i always greet him like normal

I think that is what she needs.. To be surrounded by harmless and friendly people.. Yes, she was being carried in her doggy bag and in my arms or somebody elses arms most times, but she was still very good.. And shes improved at home too.. She was allowed to walk around on her lead for a few minutes and she still didnt bark at anybody!

Although, She did bark at 1 person today.. I forgot about it until this very moment.. She barked at three people on a parking lot while me and her were in car waiting for my mom to come out of the store.. At leats its not EVERY time she see's a person now..

Still working on it.

June 12th, 2009, 12:16 PM
Took her to buck or two yesterday and she was fine! And on her walk last night she was perfection.. Didnt make a peep! Wooo, we're getting there!

Jim Hall
June 12th, 2009, 02:26 PM
yup nothing like time and love

June 15th, 2009, 12:59 PM
yup nothing like time and love

Lots and lots and lots of time! And lots more looove! lol

Went to My aunts MILs house the weekend for dinner.. That was... interesting (Shes the one with the GSD and the Yorkie).. I have figured out that yorkie boy is definatly NOT purebred yorkie.. there is no way in hell he is..He is a cutie but theres no way.. they paid 1000 dollars for a frickin mixed breed puuppy mill dog..

Played alot with sheeba (GSD) And aunts MIL came out when i was talking to her husband anbout sheeba,And started talking about gettinng her put down because she has a bad paw and she doesnt want him speanding any money on her! :frustrated: (Seriously, her paw isnt even bad, she runs around like normal, she has a bit of arthritis and shes only 6) I told her i would take her if it came to that and we would get her vetted..

Keely met both dogs.. She loved biscuit (yorkie) but she HATED sheeba.. with a passion.. I dont get it, she loves all dogs... but she was growling and snapping at sheeba.. And sheeba liked her and everytime i would put keely down sheeba would come over and keely would freak! I mean, she actually FREAKED.. So if i do get sheeeba, i will have to work on that (there was a few minutes where keely was on the ground with sheeba and she was fine, but when the crowd of people left me and her and sheeba alone she freaked again) ..

Anyways.. here is the good part... People come and go from that house all the time.. She has two apartments built on and a nursing staff to take care of 4-5 elderly people or disabled people.. And keely was fine.. People would come into the house un anounced and she would be perfecct.. like a little angel.. I lost her for a second, She had wandered out into one ofthe apartments and was lying on the floor next to the two nurses that were cooking dinner.. I thought it was awesome..

And i went for a walk with her last night and a person on a bike came towards us and She didnt make a sound.. but then she barked and growled at a woman and her young daughter who walked toward us to see my aunts puppy (6 wk old lab:lovestruck:) .. then on the way back there was a man standing by the back of his truck right next to the road, and when we walked past him, keely was less then a foot away from him and she just looked up at him and walked on by.. i was so proud at that point!

June 15th, 2009, 01:04 PM
AND OMG.. My aunts MIL Called keely UGLY!! ARGH... She just stood there and said, OMY, I hope mine dont turn out like her.. She looks terrible.. Then my aunt said "OMG MIRA! Dont be so ignorant, Thats like calling somebodys youngster ugly" ..She appologized and later started talking about how she thought her yorkie was nicer looking.. She liked his floppy ears better, his color better (he is still black, but i hope he will turn the color of keely)... So out of dirt i showed her how bad of an underbite he is going to have..And told her it might cause problems.. (I am 99.9 percent convinced he is half chi)....I feel bad for him.. hes so scraggly looking:sad: His body is much more like a chi and his hair is super straight.. At this age it should still be curly..