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New Dog Owner Needing Adivce!

February 11th, 2009, 11:24 PM
Hello, I am a brand new dog owner and just adopted a 2 yr old mini daschund a couple days ago. She is wire haired, spayed and has all of her shots. The family I adopted her from kept her mainly in a crate all day when they were away, they haven't trained her at all (didn't even own a leash!) and never really gave her much affection... She is very well behaved most of the time, and is very quiet, however there are a few things that have me worried:

1) She isn't trained at all! I have been giving her daily walks and have her on a harness, but she tugs at the leash constantly and wants to go where ever she likes. I'm trying to do corrections with her but it hasn't seemed to make a difference. Any Suggestions?

2) She seems to nip at other dogs that come up to greet her. When this happens, I usually give her a tug on the leash and say NO in a stern voice. I know this is a breed specific trait but is there any way to deter this? I've read you're not supped to introduce dogs when on leash but now I'm afraid of what she would do. She also barks/growls when someone comes to the door, but is generally friendly to people and children (the family I adopted her from had 3 small children)

3) I bought her "Royal Canin" Mini Daschund specific dog food, although she seems to love it... I'm wondering if there is a better food out there. I do want to keep her on dry food because I've heard it's best for their teeth.

4) Even though I've only had her for a few days she is VERY attached to me. My roommates told be that when I leave for work she whines and barks at the door for up to an hour. Is this separation anxiety? Also a few times when I've been cuddling her she tries to hump my arm. I usually say NO! and put her on the floor. Is this the right thing to do in this case?

5) Lastly she seems to be potty trained for the most part but has had a couple accidents since the move. I am thinking it just might be to the change in houses ect. but Im also a wondering if its due to all of the snow where I live... I currently work at a ski resort in Canada where it is quite cold! She seems to go pee outside fine but will wait until we are inside to poo. Could this be because of the cold or am I just not giving her enough time outside?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

February 12th, 2009, 09:31 AM
I have to leave in a few minutes, but will post later. I have had 5 rescued Dachshunds and I have to tell you that rescued Dachshunds - particularly those of the more Alpha personality will attach themselves to their new Moms and Dads - and not necessarily to others unless there is food involved. I am pondering the Royal Canin - food for mini Dachshunds??!! This is a new one for me - but my last guy died April 15, 2004 - now we have an Eskimo that wants to be a Dachshund. I will address your other concerns but I have to be a wet blanket and worn you about the Dachshund disc disease so you can take every precaution - will only help prevent a problem - won't stop it if inevitable. If you do a search of my posts you will see the horrible tales. But Dachshunds are/were the dogs of my life. But now I have the fluffy Eskie with all that darn white fur - and VERY long legs. If you can't find your dog he is burrowing under the cushions.

February 12th, 2009, 09:55 AM
Hi there, please be patient. I'm sure it will get better. I don't know about your specific breed however I am a believer in the dog trainer "Cesar Millan." Watch his series and you'll get a lot of tips.

February 12th, 2009, 10:53 AM
For the leash pulling, I would suggest a halti or gentle leader harness. A normal harness can actually make it easier for a dog to pull.

I would also suggest obedience classes - not only will she be learning, it will help with her socialization skills. A good trainer can help you with the other issues.

February 12th, 2009, 11:20 AM
Hi, a new puppy owner myself of a mini-daxie, Mooshie, male, mini, shorthair Blk & tan. You'll probably get many recommendations to switch your dog food to a food with less cereal, the one recommended by many is Orijen which contains meat, vegetable, fruit; much less cereal than the Royal Canin. My puppy was on RC and I've gradually switched to Orijen, our Vet supported the switch.

I've been encountering the same problem with the pee and dash back indoors without pooing. After doing #1, I try to wait out a few minutes to see if he does the sniff & circle routine for a poop, usually works but, it is hard with the colder weather, I live in Ottawa so I can relate to the cold.

Mooshie still being a puppy sort of resists walks but we are working on it. I'm always aware of the temperature & icy conditions, so limit the outdoor time. I can see by next winter when the weather turns having to invest in a coat and boots for Mooshie's walks, by then he'll be used to taking walks and outer gear will help make it bearable.

I personally don't like harnesses on dogs, so we do the collar. I hope to register Mooshie in obedience/socialization classes, hopefully he'll learn to walk on leash without pulling. Obedience/socialization classes are the way to go. One thing I've been warned is always to keep a daxie on leash, they are escape artists and if they take after a squirrel or something all training/dicipline goes out the window.

From one dog noivice to another I hope this is helpful.

February 12th, 2009, 12:50 PM
Please be aware that dogs that pull can damage their trachea when on a normal collar. The halti & gentle leader harnesses are special harnesses that keep the dog from being able to pull.

For the outside thing, I'd invest in a coat - the dog may likely be getting too chilled to be able to stay outdoors long enough to do their thing. And make sure that the area where you want the pup to potty has been cleared of snow. To help the pup associate the spot you've chosen with actually pooping, I'd transfer the next 'accident' from the house to the yard. It may prompt the pup to use that spot when she smells her own poop there.

February 12th, 2009, 03:30 PM
I am back for a minute again - have to go pick up my dog. I would suggest you go with a harness - actually many Dachshund owners ask me where I bought the harness that I used with my Eskimo (Dachshunds really like me and I do need my Dachshund fix, so none get by me without a hug and a kiss). Dachshunds as pointed out are escape artists and no matter how well trained you think your dog might eventually be, they are hard wired to chase squirrels and other "prey" - or to go after any perceived threat to their loved ones. Dachshunds come in all forms - mild mannered and super Alpha (my favourite) and also run the gamut from smart to super brilliant (my 2 Alphas were geniuses) - and able to get out of anything. I buy the Canine Friendly harness that looks like a bib and buckles at the back - can't get out of it. My Eskimo is a very smart dog - just lacking the military cunning of the Dachshunds - and he can't get out of it - no "openings" in the straps to get out of - and my 2 smart Dachshunds did just that with the strappy types of harnesses. Also for your Dachshund it is best not to have the pull on the neck, due to the very real Dachshund neck disc disease - presents as a limp in front paw - I know - I am a wet blanket. If you google you should find the harness - comes in a few colours and is made in Canada - in B.C. actually. Might not hurt to try one on - and I would do so in a real store rather than on-line to ensure proper fit. My Dachshunds also had the Canine Equipment coats/sweaters - somehow they fit their barrel chests but still allowed room for them to do their business. My Eskie has the raincoat - naturally I tried it on him because it was modelled by - a Dachshund. Actually it is great - only one armhole and it uses Velco to close. I will be back with more stories. By the way, you should google Dachshund groups and see if there is one in your area. Unfortunately, the Toronto group formed just after my last Dachshund died, otherwise we would have joined. They have outings etc. and the dogs can play together - just have to make sure the hierarchy is understood.