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Other dogs and people

February 20th, 2009, 07:51 AM
So far training has been the usual, still has accidents and so on. Now I need help when we are in company of other dogs and people. It has been winter and we got Angel in Dec so when we walk her we have not walked into many other dogs or people. Now the weather is getting a bit more tolerable and we are seeing more people and dogs. I am trying to teach her when a person is walking by to give them a look and just keep walking or if the person wants to stop and talk and say hi for her to sit so she does not do the whole jumping thing. She gets very excited and does not want to listen, the best way I get her to sit is to hold her harness and say sit, she does but still wants to jump from excitment. How can I train her to be good on the streets with other dogs and greeting people?
2. My mom has two dogs that we have been visiting so she can get socialized, one is just grumpy and wants no part in the visit (growls all the time), the other loves to play for he is only 2. Of course big size difference one is a beagle/sheppard and then tiny Angel, they have no problem playing. Now when we get there her ears turn off, she does not come when I call her, or sit or do any of the other things she knows how to do. How can I train her to still listen to me even though she playing because she totally ignores me, and I need her to listen because when summer comes she will be a busy doggy with lots of people and dogs around (soccer mom..) and she can come with us.