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Need help with housetraining

May 9th, 2009, 06:27 PM
We have a 14 month old shih-tzu cross that is "mostly" housetrained. Our problem is that she doesnt ask to go out. She is kept in her crate during the day, but then we take her out at regular intervals when we are home. How do we get her to tell us when she needs to go the bathroom? This is a problem because sometimes she just goes to the bathroom in the house and she isn't reliable.

Any pointers that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. We have thought about the bell but want something that can be used anywhere that we may travel with her. Thank-you!

May 16th, 2009, 07:52 AM
Hi Ill start by saying I am no expert is animal behaviour but i strongly believe house training is all about repitition and consistency. I have had at one time 3 keeschonds and have been able to succesfully trained them. Now I have my 5 year old kees and a 9 week old husky/lab mix. the 5 year old is so amazing that he alerts me not only for himself but also her the puppy! I have had a few accidents but it is expected since puppies dont have bladder control till around 12 to 15 weeks. I am positive I will have her trained by then. I assure you it gets easier and it also helps to have a dog guide the way for a puppy. Good luck dont loose hope. In ending no dog wants to mess where he lives its not a natural thing for them so if you watch for the signs and repeat the acceptable behaviour you will have your girl not only trained but on a routine to almost be able to predict when she will have to go and what pee or poo. ( monitor food and water intake) This is also a good guide. An hour before you put her to bed at night take away food and water and take her for a bathroom run. This wont mean she wont have an accident at night remember their bladders are too small to hold for 8 hours. Gooduck!

May 16th, 2009, 08:16 AM
I have read in other posts that if you hang a bell and teach them to ring it might work. I'm thinking that everytime you take her out ring the bell show her and maybe within time she will do that on her own. I really don't know, that is all I can come with.

May 16th, 2009, 08:26 AM
Yep, bells hanging off the patio door do work for some dogs. We have one that rings the bells not only for herself but, when one of the others need to go outside too :D.

A 4 month old pup needs a lot of practice, praise, and consistency. You have to accompany puppies outdoors at least every hour, before meals, after meals, immediately after naps, and upon waking and before going to sleep for the night. At that age, some may even need one trip outdoors in the wee hours of the morning. Look for signs such as sniffing the floor and turning in circles. Of course you have to be actively supervising while the pup has free run.

Here's a pretty detailed article on housetraining pups. Just click on Housetraining Puppy.

May 27th, 2009, 01:31 PM
Hi there!
Im no expert, but we had huge issues of same area with our female presa canario (now 7mo).

First of all, is your dog 4mo or 14mo?
=>> We have a 14 month old shih-tzu
=>> A 4 month old pup needs a lot of practice, praise, and consistency


Housetraining problem like that, I think you have to monitor ALL factors. Everythign starts with what they eat and drink, and when they do it.

Feed regularly, and control excessive water intake (especially right before bed). Dont keep her thirsty, never, but control.

Any mistakes she does inside are just a sign to her that it is okay to do it inside (unless you correct it!). Tell her off, a big sound at first to make her snap out of it (clap your hands rather than use your voice), firmly tell her no, I make my dog sit by the door. (Dont totally freak your dog out, you just want attention, not trauma. Otherwise she will hide your accidents.) Leave the mistake on the floor (just so you can take her down immediately so she doesnt forget what it is you are trying to correct) and make it simple, take the dog outside right away. Dont talk to her, look at her, touch her, as soon as if she does something outside; have a party for her. OTherwise, wait 2-3min, come back in. Clean mess


She should not have the whole house accessable for her if she cant hold it in. I mean if she is not telling you when she wants to go out she is just not housebroken! Thats it I guess :D And they should not have the privilage of walking around anywhere they want, and accidentally making something somewhere where no-one can see. Dont isolate either, keep close to yourself at all times.

I suggest you put up her leash somewhere where she can see it and reach it. Show it to her. Thats what we did. We put it around the door knob. No need to attach bells. Just teach her not to eat the leash when its hanging there! She knows going out means a leash, and leash means going out.

Simple! After you are being consistent, she will give you hints. All dogs will, its just up to you if you notice them, and its up to you to tell your dog that "That is exactly what I want you to do!". Small hints will be like A) A look at the collar. Thats it. B) Walking towards the collar. C) She makes a sound at the collar. D) She scratches the floor around it, close to it, looking at it.

Now, when she makes a hint, PRAISE HER!!!! Big time.
And keep doing this, she will learn!

And remember, for example, if she is crated for a long time, as soon as she is let out, you should take her down. That is just purely logical. I dont have to wait for a sign from my puppy in the mornings after she has slept 11 hours in her crate, Ill bet ya there is something in her bladder!

Hope you get your dog fixed!! Big hug to you, I know its hard....