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Only dog aggressive on leash.

June 10th, 2009, 11:29 AM
Hello folks!

You all are so knowledgeable...I figure today is the day to ask my questions. :)

I adopted Lady in March from the local SPCA. She is seven. She was siezed from a man who owned 17 dogs.

She was well trained, listens to me on the first "no", "sit" "down" or "leave it". She really is a great dog and sooo obedient. I only have to shoot her a look and say her name to get her to get off the couch! LOL

She gets along well with my Shih Tzu, she would like to play with him but he becomes frightened of her when she is bouncing around at him with her butt in the air. LOL

I take her to the dog park we have here, because I feel that she must miss being around other dogs having lived with so many. She loves the dog park and wanders around sniffing and playing with NO issues EVER. She leaves when I tell her it is time to go. I have not had one incident of her being aggressive towards another dog, except on time she defended Oscar our Shih Tzu from a dog that was playing with him roughly.

On a leash for a walk? Different story. Lady will see another dog and so long as we allow her slack in the leash and take her directly to them to say "Hi", she is ok. The moment we try to walk away or put any tension on the leash, she goes BANANAS!! She is really scary when she does this, and very strong.

I need good tips on how to manage/change/eliminate this behaviour in an older dog. I know that I need to get a gentle leader, because now that she is comfortable with us she will pull us along on walks. I am concerned that the gentle leader will not give us good control over her when she has these fits and is up on hind legs barking and pulling to get to the dogs.

Any advice?