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How long should it take??

January 17th, 2009, 11:42 AM
Oh my, I cant help but laugh. But I slept until 1 pm today. And when I got up and brought keely downstairs her tail was wiggling like crazy and her eyes were back because my bro was here like every other morninng but she likes to greet everybody when she gets up. But she went from super happy to angry very very fast.

(when somebody knoks on the door, she barks until they come inside and she sees that somebody is there, then shes a little wiggle butt and licks them all over. )

When she entered the living room, she was still happy go-lucky and then she changed. My brothers new GF was sitting on the couch(lol, Keelys side of the couch too, that makes it And keely's ears shot up and she went into "Protect mode" . She was barking and growling like a mad dog (She looooves people ussually and have never barked at one like that) .. When my brother picked her up, She would let out a little growl while looking at his gf in the corner of her eye. Ive never seen her like that..When she would walk around, she would make a WIDE turn to avoid hid GF. She seemed to HATE her. And his GF wanted to pet her sooo bad.

Did she behave like that because his GF caught her off guard?? Or does she just simply not like her? This girl is going to be around us ALOT. So how long should it take for her to warm up to her, or even just tolerate her?

I have to say, I almost laughed when I seen her change. She was obviously surprised by her and when she noticed her sitting there she almost flipped back over (Literally) .

Keely is a good dog, and loves people. I dont want my doggy to be known as a bad doggy:sad:

January 17th, 2009, 12:39 PM
Both my dogs are like that if they encounter someone who just suddenly "appears" inside the house. They are OK however if they see me or DH let them into the house. Next time she comes over have her wait and you go outside and walk her in with you so that Keely knows she is OK to be there because you "brought" her. She isn't a bad doggie, she was just confused for a minute. She's too darn cute to be bad!:D

January 17th, 2009, 11:47 PM
I have to agree that Dracko wouldn't like it if someone just appeared in the house like that either. I'm sure the problem was that AND the gf sitting in your dog's place. I'd just make sure the next time they meet it is under different circumstances.