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Looking for Canada's naughtiest dog

July 3rd, 2009, 11:38 AM
Found this in our local paper if anyone is interested.

Looking for Canada's naughtiest dog

LONDON — Somewhere in London lives one naughty dog.

A dog who thinks it’s the leader of the pack.

A dog who goes beyond chewing the furniture or doing his business on the carpet.

A dog so bad it intimidates its owner.

Grady O’Flynn would like to get his hands on that dog, and his owner.

“ We want that dog to get trained,” O’Flynn said.

O’Flynn is the London area operator of a international dog training franchise, Bark Busters, which is holding a unique contest to find Canada’s top, or rather, bottom, dog.

Canada’s Naughtiest Dog search started last week and runs until Aug. 1.

“ It’s meant to be fun. We’re trying to find the dog in Canada that really needs training,” O’ Flynn said.

In fact, the contest could be called Canada’s Naughtiest Owner, because it’s up to the owner to make the difference in the dog’s life, he said.

But there’s a serious side too, O’Flynn added.

No owner should have to live with an aggressive dog that makes life miserable.

“ Dogs are pack animals. The happiest dog is one that recognizes its place in the pack.”

That place should be below the human owner, he said.

“ Most dogs don’t have what it takes to be the leader but they have to be the leader if the human won’t.”

O’Flynn is not sure yet if any London or area dogs have been nominated by their owners, but he said he’s seen some pretty good candidates in the few years he’s owned the local franchise.

“ There are some really tough situations. It goes beyond naughty. The dogs are nasty.”

Winners of the contest will get free training from Bark Busters and donations made to animal shelters on their behalf. People can nominate their dog by sending a video clip or short letter and photo to www. Canada’

A panel of judges and online voting will select the regional and grand prize winners.

July 3rd, 2009, 11:54 AM
Don't know of any really naughty dogs, but if it was cats, I could think of one orange and white kitty that would surely win :whistle:, name starts with B and ends with K. :D

July 3rd, 2009, 12:30 PM
Oh yes - I have a very naughty dog. She almost ruined my reputation with a few behaviouralist that I assess dogs for. I warned them ...yes I did. But when they came to my house they looked at me if I was off my rocker!:D:laughing:

So being the big shots that they are - I challenged them to do their magic.....well they gave up! Told me to deal with it and they were not interested in even helping out.:laughing: (ahhh poohy!)

July 3rd, 2009, 05:32 PM
Don't know of any really naughty dogs, but if it was cats, I could think of one orange and white kitty that would surely win :whistle:, name starts with B and ends with K. :D

Funny, as soon as I saw the title of this thread I was thinking the same thing. :thumbs up

July 3rd, 2009, 08:30 PM
You want a naughty dog? I've got one that could win hands down! As yet we still don't know how she's figured it out but she waits until I've gone shopping, she actually pulls a cart specially designed for her and she does all my carrying for me, then when we got home I fill up the cupboards and the fridge. (plus treats for both dogs of course). However, once done and I leave her for a short period of time (maybe an hour), she watches to make sure I've gone, then opens the fridge, and COMPLETELY CLEANS ME OUT!! Bacon, cheese, bread, anything that smells good. Last time she left me a half dozen eggs, everything else was GONE. Then she has the nerve to look at me sideways with a tummy 3 sizes too big for her. How she does it I haven't figured out yet.