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Almost ready to throw in the towel.

January 19th, 2009, 10:47 PM
Ok, I'll explain the situation and maybe someone can give some pointers.

As some of you may remember we had to move not too long ago (about a month now) in order to adopt our newborn baby. He is due and still waiting. Anyway it has been over three weeks since 1 of the tenants moved in with her untrained 6 month old puppy. A Bichon X Shih tzu. At first he was peeing and pooping everywhere and Pippin started doing it after not messing for more than a month straight. He was 9 months before I got him trained and now is 11 months and peeing in the house again. He actually peed on 1 of our living room chairs tonight and I almost lost it with frustration. He nearly ended up on Kijiji. Trying really hard not to be hasty. He know's full well what he is doing because as soon as he does it he runs and hides, that's how we know it's him and not the puppy. If he hides then it's him, if not than it's the pup. The puppy had a few good days and Pip didn't go at all during that time. If the puppy is in his kennel then Pipping diesn't go in the house at all, I can even leave him out of his crate when I leave the house because the put is crated and not worry about it. I've got a new baby on the way this is not something I want to deal with right now. I'm mostly blind as well and if I'm the 1 watching the pups then if they go half the time I can't find it. I take them out a lot and I mean a lot. Usually every 30 to 45 minutes especially for the puppy's sake. If I'm not the 1 watching them then diligence is not as high. Pippin has been showing signs of being territorial lately. Like being aggressive at times with the pup and barking at me thinking he will get my attention which after all this time you'd think he get the point that that never works. He also has growled at a couple small kids for no reason lately but, the next day can act like they are his favorite people. He is confusing and frustrating to say the least. I love the little guy but am wondering if all the changes have been way too much for him. Sometimes I wonder if he would do better in a home with less constant change and less people. Our house is always full and attention needs to be shared almost all the time. I don't want to give him up that's for sure, he has such a sweet and happy personality and doesn't even show signs of stubbornness. He diesn't even do this all the time but, when he does it seems to be phases. It's almost like the puppies are playing off each other fighting for status or something but, they are both fixed. Zena rules the doggy roost anyway so I don't know what the 2 boys have to fight about. Good grief. Man just when I finally get pip settled and not messing then we bring a pup into the mix and everything goes out the window. GRRR!. Anyway any advice. I don't want to rehome. :wall:

January 20th, 2009, 10:27 PM
First off - Is this a home you are renting and the others have just moved in with you or are you all paying an equal portion of the rent? You need to set some boundaries in that house!!! Plain and simple!

Secondly - If she can not control her pup then I would be having a talk with her. Explain what is happening with Pippin. She needs to look after her pup! No ifs, and and buts! Pippin is not to be blamed for this entirely. Why is he at fault when there is another one doing the same and probably not getting into trouble?

Third - Pippin sounds like he needs some serious training. There are classes going on all the time. It would be a great idea to find one close to you and get him, and you, enrolled. If you are the major caregiver then you need to go with him. This needs to be brought under control before he bites someone. Possible the baby.

I think you need to have a house meeting and come to some agreement with everybody and make sure they all stick to it!!!

January 21st, 2009, 09:45 AM
We all pay rent but, it's a big house. There are 7 adults 3 dogs and soon a baby living here so it can get pretty nuts around here. Classes are not an option at this point. They both get in trouble for it, it's just that Pip is easier to catch. Her pup is way smaller than him. Maybe 8lbs to pips 20. Yesterday the same kid was over and Pip just adored him. Weird. It's like he's got PMS or something like that. As for her controlling her pup we have had that discussion many times and as long as I am on top of her about discipline and diligence then she does fine but, Oh man she is so absent minded it's not even funny. Pip has never growled at an infant its when they hit the toddler stage that he gets wary. Probably afraid they'll take his fur off. LOL. We have discussed that if she can't raise her pup right then she'd have to rehome. However the turn of events with Pippin would force me to do the same if we push it with her. I'm not willing to do that at this point nor do I think it's necessary. I'm the type of person that when I see something questionable I want advice before it becomes a serious issue. The peeing thing is my biggest concern not the growling as I know that can be curbed.

January 21st, 2009, 09:53 AM
In my experience, the growling/incipient aggression is a tougher problem to correct than the inappropriate urination. Have you considered talking to a behaviorist or a trainer just to get Pip evaluated? Might save you a world of hurt later. If he should ever bite a child, you may have no legal choice but to euthanize him.