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Jelly Fights With Other Alpha Females

March 2nd, 2009, 09:25 PM
As she is beginning to get a little older now, Jelly is showing more and more alpha tendancies. She gets along GREAT with Petey and Belle and with all the dogs in our training class (they are all bigger than her) and with all male dogs so far. If the dog is bigger than her, she submits right away, and there are no problems. But I've had a few instances where she has met another small dog female who also has an alpha personality, and she will NOT back down. She will growl and posture and fight until/unless the other dog backs down. By fight, I don't mean anything too serious, but serious enough that I do not want her to continue this behavior. I'm going to talk to my trainer about this on Sat when I see her, but I was curious if anyone had any training advice for me as well. Jelly is extremely sweet and submissive with all people, including kids. She is very laid back and happy-go-lucky in general as well. She does amazingly well with people, cats, and kids. And 99% of the time, with dogs as well. I haven't had any problems with her at training classes or the few times we've been at on off-leash event and no problems at all introducing her into our household, so this is new behavior for her and I want to nip it in the bud now. But not quite sure what to do! The two times it's happened, we broke them apart, let them sniff each other, walked them side-by-side and let them get used to each other. After a few scuffles, the other dog submitted to Jelly and then they were the best of friends with no more problems. What should I do the next time this happens? What can I do to train against it or prevent it? She is rarely off leash, I don't take her to dog parks as she's only 14 pounds. I'm mostly concerned for the Boston Terrier meet-ups I go to as that is the only time she is potentially off leash with other dogs and could be a bad situation if something happened. If we have our meet-up at a park, I keep mine dogs on leash anyway, but we often have meet-ups in each other's homes as well and we let the dogs run and play. She's met about half the dogs in our group so far and has done great with all of them, except for one of the other BT girls that she initially fought with, but does good with now after the other dog submitted to her. For such a little thing, she can be fierce when she wants to be! And as it's not directed at people or male dogs and is only with other alpha females, I'm not sure how to train to it. Thanks!

March 2nd, 2009, 09:31 PM
Oh, forgot to add, she is in the middle of beginner obedience, so is just learning basic commands for the first time. She obviously didn't get anything like that during her time in the puppy mill. She just learned Leave it and Watch Me and is learning the "Settle" command. I'm hoping as she learns more training, it will help me to control this kind of behavior as well. Once she knows a command, she responds to the verbal correction VERY well, so I'm hoping I can somehow train a command to this situation.