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Help me help my puppy

February 5th, 2009, 08:26 PM
First I think my dog is a shihtzu jack russell mix, I originally was told chihauhua and I know shihtzu for sure(saw the mother) so maybe this tells you something. My puppy was doing good for the last 2 months except the occasional miss of the pee pad and likes to still poo on the floor when we are away at work. We tried the crate thing and then just gave her room of the house. Its not very big just the main floor and then the hallway upstairs. I think she is getting anxiety now that we are leaving in the morning, she has the routine down packed even when I go upstairs to wake my daughter she knows where to go...funny. Now she is ripping her pee pad to shreds and chewing all of the corners of my baseboards which I can not fix. She seems to knaw it a bit and then goes right to the next corner. This started yesterday and she is doing it worse. Can I put something on it or an other ideas of what she can do while we are at work. We have been sociallizing her but I guess when we leave she gets mad. Suggestions please before she ruins all my baseboards and yes it is better than my

February 5th, 2009, 08:35 PM
Why did you stop using the crate?

Allowing her free access to the house knowing that she will chew inappropriate objects is putting her in danger. She could swallow a chunk of baseboard or a large piece of pee pad and suffer an obstruction, or worse. She should be in a kennel or at the very least an x-pen.

Also, is she getting walked in the morning? She should be tired when you leave, and you need to be leaving things to keep her occupied. You wouldn't expect a two year old to occupy itself for eight hours. Stuffed kongs, nylabones, etc.