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Have we joined a pack or a gang?

March 7th, 2009, 08:13 PM
Quick background, Scruffy is a fixed male, about 15 mo old adoptee, wheaten terrier cross. He's always been shy around dogs, and submissive. When dogs go at it,he usually stands by my side and watches.
We walk daily with our little pack - his best friend Ferus (an alpha dog who occasionally snaps at young males just to let them know he's boss, then is fine); Rosco (almost a year, the one who's started all of this); and Rosco's step-brother, Kimba
FIrst Rosco started going after male pups who were younger than him. It got so bad that he's now in a muzzle at the park. Then, when he couldn't attack the pups, Kimba started filling in for him. Kimba was the sweetest, calmest dog in the park before.
Now this past week, Scruffy has started going after any dog who dares play with HIS Ferus, and all boxers. In fairness, all of them go for boxers, no idea why.
Yesterday one of the boxer owners told me my dog was viscious and they were going to report me if he didn't leave their dog alone. All Scruffy did was bare his teeth and chase the dog, didn't touch him. I'm not interested in waiting to see if Scruffy DOES decide to bite some dog. Any sign of aggression and he's on his leash for at least 10 mins til his brain settles.
My biggest concern is this sudden change - all of the dogs are becoming more aggressive. Fido and Ferus are about the same age, 2.5 yrs or so. Scruffy is a bit older than Rosco, and they all get all brilliantly.
At this point I"m ready to leave the pack; I don't want this aggression to leave an imprint on Scruff's tiny brain. I don't want him thinking this is ok behavior. But does anyone have any idea what would trigger the dogs to suddenly become aggressive? Or any suggestions on what I should do if Scruff decides to go after another dog? I don't want to make this worse.

Sorry for the length of the post but there's more than just him involved and it's really becoming a problem.

Thanks in advance

March 7th, 2009, 08:20 PM
I think I would take a step back and avoid that situation. Sounds like lots of hormones flying around and lots of different doggies. Maybe take a break for a bit and then go back and see what the reaction is then. I am thinking most dogs that go to the park or somewhere to play dont forget it and when they realise they are going to do it again they get all excited...things can escalate quickly. :thumbs up

March 7th, 2009, 09:29 PM
I think you are right Winston. From what I've seen it only takes one doggie to decide to do something stupid, and his 11 closest friends are in there doing it with him.