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UNbeleivable dogs

June 15th, 2009, 09:19 PM
Hi, I am at my wits end......
I have a rottie mix rescue and a pug rescue . Joe the rottie mix is 6 and frank the pug is 4 or 5. I have had a crate for Joe since he was little. Since we rescued the pug he sleeps in the crate with Joe. Problem is Frank lifts his leg and pees right through the crate rungs onto my carpet. Ok I clean it up start over carpet in my house destroyed....I put him out back. he sits and waits... he comes in and...ta dahhh pees and poops on my floor.I let him roam through the house and he poops in my room pees on my door ect.. Now joe...he wont go outside period. I have to literally pull him by the collar to get him out of the crate. He sits in there and looks at us and when he does run out of the crate.. he pees all ove my house jumps on the sofa pees runs upstairs all with us running after him and he pees throughout the house.If I do manage to get him out back he proceeds to smash through the side window in the house or smash through the basement window and jump into the basement to get in his crate or smash through the back door to get in his crate. Dont worry all the glass in the above said items has long since been gone and is now replaced by wood or whatever he hasnt broken yet...yet....I live in a twin property they have a lovely yard to go in that is connected to my neighbor who has a dog, female i beleive.Mine are both neutered and properly vetted .What the hell.. i cant take it anymore I hate all of this I get no pleasure from them at all its ALL work and I am loosing my patience. My dear husband loves animals so much they could pee on his head and he would proclaim how lovely it was. Me I am crazy my once beautiful house is now a giant toilet.Someone help. Crate doesnt work for me anymore they found the loophole.

June 16th, 2009, 10:37 AM
It sounds like Frank was never housetrained and I'd go back to the very basics with him. You said that they are both properly vetted but have you had Frank tested for a possible urinary tract infection?

I would ask how long they are in the crate and what happens when you find they have pottied in the house (as in, do you yell, rub the dogs nose in it, etc)??

Also, are you using an enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle to get rid of the scent? If you don't, then the smell will entice the dogs to continue to use those spots.

June 16th, 2009, 10:43 AM
By your description it sounds like the dogs are terrified of leaving the crate. Why? I don't know...But that's the feeling I get.

Could they be AFRAID to go out? did they have any bad experiences outside?

Do you scold them when they pee and poop in the house? You sound pretty frustrated to me and I would think a dog would also pick up on how you feel, maybe thats why they don't want to leave the crate? But a dog has got to go...

Are they exercised regularly? Do you walk them? How are they on leash? How is their routine as far as feeding and water access?

How much of their history do you know? were they abused?

Just to mention, the dog will smell it's urine (or other dog's urine) and will go at the same spot. Same with poop. The more they pee around the house, the more they will think its okay. They don't have the concept of going outside, as they have pretty much covered everything inside with their urine. Can you limit their access to the rest of the house?

I think the issue needs to be addressed immediately, by both of you (you AND your husband) and I think that right now you have to go back to teaching them as if they were just puppies. Back to square one, with patience and consistency. You need to form a united front with your husband and follow through. research the potty-traning, theres tons of advice on this site, also "umbilical" could help...But first and most important - you both have to be on board and serious about this.

June 16th, 2009, 01:40 PM
Good advice has been given.

Do you go for walks with your dogs? It is very important to leash walk your dogs for exercise and also adventure. Boredom can cause alot of upset in animals. You must keep them stimulated.

I advise you to start with basic training. They need structure...actually they are begging for it.

June 17th, 2009, 07:11 PM
Well I understand alot of the replies. Yes my husband walks them every night. I work 9-6 and he comes in and walks them in the evening. They dont want to leave the safety of the crate. I am not the reason there isnt any anxiety here except when i walk in pee or i had them outside and they wait to come in and poop and pee in my kitchen. I have a crate and all other animals i have had in my lifetime were sucessfully crate trained I dont know any other method of training. but as I said they pee through the crate to my carpeted floor. I have had ever known chemical in christendom in this house to remove urine smells they do not work .. vinegar enzyme ect.. dogs still smell it and they pee through the rungs keeping the crate quite clean and the carpet around it soaked. I gated him in the kitchen and it was a diaster i let them loose and it was a diaster i am so lost. they go out in the morning and are walked in the evening and they eat around 9.I have them in the yard for whatever amount of time they will stay there.when i am home. But why is joe all of a sudden so afraid of the yard and i have and my husband to sit out there and talk to him calm him lovingly and the minute hes alone in he comes and into the crate do you think theres something wrong with him?? I even thought frankie was litter box traind and i tried that figuring since he was little maybe he would prefer to be in the house and no dice he peed next to the box and slept inside it.. I dont know.

June 17th, 2009, 07:43 PM
So, you said you have had Joe in the crate since he was little. Then you have added Frankie, and he now sleeps WITH joe in the crate. Maybe you need to put Frankie in his own crate, possibly one with full sides to that if he pees, it rolls to the bottom, the dogs I have crate trained never make where they lie. Also when you open the crate door, immediately leash them and lead them outside, not allowing them to run away peeing. Good luck, it sounds frustrating, but hopefully you and your husband will have success together.