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Help with Potty Training Regression

December 29th, 2008, 12:11 PM
I've tried to search other threads, but being a newbie, I couldn't find anything specific.

We have a 5 month English Springer Spaniel and just last night and this morning she started going #2 on the dining room carpet.

I took her out this morning and she went #1, but quickly came back to me to come back inside.

I've heard some dogs do this from time to time, even after puppy stages.

My only guess is that she is mixed up with her schedule during Christmas break.

I work out of the home and have been able to crate train her pretty well. She is awake for a few hours in the morning and when I start work, she goes into the crate. After three or so, I take her out of the crate , go potty duties and take her for a walk. She is usually around for an hour before I put her back in the crate.

For Christmas Eve, she came with us for a snowy car ride to my folks house. The car ride took longer than expected because of the roads. Anyway, Puzzle didn't go #2 for close to 24 hrs until she went for a walk with my wife.

Since being home, my wife has had off work and we would take Puzzle out of the crate in the morning and she would stay with my wife for long periods of time. My wife felt Puzzle was resting with her and it was fine. This has happened over the last few days.

So, going back to the beginning, is the reason why she went #2 because of her schedule and timing being off? She just went #2 outside and I rewarded her with a small treat.

I should also say lately that she seems to be a bit more assertive the last three nights. She's been barking a bit more and wanting to bite for no reason more lately. I'm hoping it's her teething.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.:thumbs up

December 29th, 2008, 04:41 PM
Welcome to roadman :).

If your pup is only getting one walk per day, it may explain why she's getting more vocal and nippy in the evenings. At 5 months old, she needs way more exercise than just a walk. Do you play with her frequently for extended periods of time in the yard? Have you started any basic training (now would be a good time to start).

Accidents in the house do happen at that age. I would recommend that you only let her have free reign of the house while she is under constant supervision. That way, you can interrupt her and take her outside when you see signs that she is about to go.

Btw, not sure if you know the rules here, but newbies have to include at least one photo of their pets with their first post (ok, you won't find it written any where but I'm just warning you, you'll be pestered for some) :D.

December 29th, 2008, 07:42 PM
Thank you for the welcome LP.

I'll try to post a pic of her asap, I understand.

I walked her twice today, so, that should be ok. It's just that, we live in wonderful Wisconsin, where the winters can be interesting to say the least. We talked to Puzzle's original owners and I asked if they walk Puzzles mom and brother often in the winter. He said, are you asking if it's too cold for us or the dogs? He said they typically don't walk their dog unless it's 20 degrees or warmer outside. There is a lot of ice and snow on the ground as well. Once the weather becomes milder, I'll probably take her on longer walks.

She loves to have someone play fetch with her as well inside the house.

Yes, I took her to a puppy class for 8 weeks and she starts an advanced class next Tuesday for 8 weeks.

We will have her spayed sometime in February or March as well.

As I hit the send button, all of a sudden I heard Puzzle barking and she was barking at the kids. So, I came out with my water bottle to try to settle her down, and she was running around the dining room table.

Finally, after slowing her down a bit, I asked if she had to go potty and she started hovering around the door. She went #1 quickly and finally a few minutes later went #2.

We now have a happy dog.:thumbs up