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Help with dog

February 2nd, 2009, 05:45 AM
First off sorry for my bad englsih will do my best to explain.
I have a 4 years old staffordshire bull terrier and he is driving me insane to the point that i can not deal with this anymore.
He is constantly peeing in the house , if i live him alone for 3 hours i will go back downstairs and find 6 different spots where he has peed.
The house smells bad and i have to clean the floors 3 times a day sometimes more every day and i am tired of this.
He pees on my TV , under table , on the dvd player under the TV set , he has peed on my computer , kitchen table ,dish washer , fridge, the sofa , chairs , etc...... and worst of it all he pees on him self :sad: If i put him in his cage for 1 hour he will pee in it. It is really bad i have spots int he house in wich i can not get the pee out , in between teh tiles its starting to turn dark and it is disgusting.
I have to clean with ammonia but now that i saw that ammonia might trigger this behaviour more i will try water and vinnegar but i doubt this will fix the problem.
I am tired guys=( I had several dogs before him, since i was a kid, and never had a problem this big with them.
The dog i had if he ever peed in the house he would go down to the basement and do it there , not to dirty the top floors , you can say he had common sense. But my terrier doesn`t give a crap he will just pee anywhere.
I will have checked by a vet but i dobut it is a medical problem and i do not even think he is marking the territory.
He does huge amounts of pee , i find paddles around the house in wich sometiems i step into them by mistake.
Im terrified to walk downstairs and i have to turn all the lights on , especially at night, to make sure i don`t step in piss.
I think this dog just thinks the house has become his own private washroom and he just doesn`t care and no matter what i do he will keep doing it.
The funny thing is he knows that what he is doing is wrong , because when ever i find piss he will run back into his cradle and avoid eye contact with me because he know he did something wrong.
So maybe he is trying to get attention from me? But even this is unacceptable , like i sayd i had many dogs and never had this problem < at least not this bad before.
Even when i live the back door open , so he can go outside when he likes , he still manages to pee int he house.
I am tired of smelling pee in my house to the point that i can not even invite friends over.
I hate to say it because i have a lot of animals ( birds , cat , guinea pig) and i NEVER wont to give up on any of my pets but with this dog there are times in wich i would prefer to give him away, that`s how bad this problem is.
When i go to bed i have to put him in his cage since i can not trust him and at least he will just pee in the cage.I feel bad to keep him locked at night but i have no choice , i can not wake up in the morning and have to clean piss all around my house i just don`t have the stomach for it anymore.
I walk him 2 times a week , but in the winter time much less. When its like -20 and snow and ice all over i can not walk him he has to learn to use the garden. I saw a trainer long time ago that told me needs to walk him every day but i just find this stupid. For people that live in an apartment then yes you have to walk the dog every day but i live in a big house with 1 acre of fenzed in land and he has more then enough room to go out and play with his ball and release all his energy.
I see the dog wisperer sometimes and i like the show but never seen any dog that came close to min problems wise , plus i just don`t agree with this pack leader mentality and walk every day , i just don`t see how that will stop my dog from peeing lol. I don`t want a robot dog that i turn it off when i like , i like my dogs to have theyr freedom and be able to be wild if they want to a certain extent , of course. Some of this dogs you see in TV they look like robots to me with no emotions and personality. Like i sayd my dog has a lot of land and he can be has wild has he likes. Allk around he is good with people , he just likes to jump on my friends a lot but i wish that was the main problem.
I don`t know what to do anymore any help will be gratly appreciated thx.

February 2nd, 2009, 09:00 AM
Have you tried cleaning every area that the dog may have peed on with something like Nature's Miracle ( or another enzyme cleaner? I think you can use a black light to go around your house and find any spots you may have missed as well.

Also, is the dog neutered?

If it were me, I'd start back at square one, as though I had a puppy. When not in a crate, I'd have the dog attached to me with a leash so he can't sneak off an pee anywhere. I'd take him out frequently and praise/treat like crazy when he goes pee outside. If he does try to pee inside, again just like with a puppy, I'd immediately take him out and praise like crazy when he went outside, rather than try to punish him for the behavior.

February 2nd, 2009, 09:26 AM
If he is only getting walked 2 times a week and less in the winter time, that could also be contributing to his peeing issue.
We had a Staffordshire that did the same thing, mind you he didn't start until our youngest was born and we were at the hospital for the first three months of his life.
He began to pee all over the house, even once peeing on our bed. It was resolved when our schedule returned to normal and he was getting proper excercise again.
Your dog may be doing this out of spite and frustration.
Do you go outside with your dog to play with him? Make the time to go outside and wait with him until he does his business, then praise the heck out of him and even offer a treat as reward for the first little while.
I would suggest that after he goes pee outside, and after his praise, put him in his crate for awhile, 1/2 hour or so, then take him straight outside and spend time with him again until he pees, praise and treat. Then give him some free time in the house watching him closely to make sure he doesn't have an accident.
Also I would have a vet check him out for urinary infection or anything else that could contribute to his peeing in the house.
Seriously tho, Staffies need lots of excercise, you should be walking him twice a day, min 40 minutes each time, or at the very least once a day for an hour and making play time in the backyard.
It wouldn't surprise me one bit that he is doing this out of frustration.
Good luck and please don't give up on him.

February 2nd, 2009, 10:02 AM
It sounds like your dog is not just peeing in the house but peeing excessively. Is he drinking a lot, as well? I think that a vet visit is a very good idea--there are a lot of conditions that can cause increased drinking and urination and you need to eliminate those causes before you can decide this is a behavioral issue.

The enzymatic cleaner is also a good idea. It's not that expensive and it eliminates any trace of the odor. If your dog can smell urine, he's more likely to go at that spot again.

Good luck with your dog, Blitz :goodvibes:

February 2nd, 2009, 10:16 AM
hi i'm new here but our 13 year old husky/wolf developed a problem going in the house [for 11 years she was never like that]At the same time we noticed she was going through huge amounts of water.We took her to our vet and through testing found out she had a bladder infection and diabetis on top of that which did explain the problem Like some one else summed it up here have her checked before decideing it may be a behavior problem