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5 Month Old Puppy - Separation Anxiety Question

January 14th, 2009, 05:31 AM
Hello All,

This is my first post so if i make a mistake take it easy on me :)

I have a 5 month Old English Bulldog with separation anxiety but only in certain cases. When its time to go to bed i said " Go to Bed " and he goes right in to his crate which is located in the living room and he is out all night with no problems and not one bark. The problem lies when its during day time and he knows i am around and i cant supervise him i put him back into his crate and as soon as i walk away he starts to bark and ill go upstairs and go on with my chores and he will bark constantly without letting off and when there is a small break in his bark ill go down to see him when he stops barking. Also when i leave the house or am getting ready to leave he is fine and in he goes into his crate and i put my jacket and shoes and leave and he is fine with no barking and when i return home not a peep. So there must be something i can do to help this. I have bought a ultrasound bark control which is placed close to his crate and because his barks are too high pitched still it doesnt really trigger the unit all the time only sometimes.

Also when my wife is home with me one of us will hide behind the wall with a spray bottle and ill walk away and she will spray him as soon as he barks and that seems to work during that time but its hard to do this with 1 person :)

Any suggestions would help please as this is driving me nuts

Thank you