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Tag team dominating.

June 1st, 2005, 11:26 AM
What happened to my sweet little Belle? Seems like more and more often she is dominating a dog in the park, jumps on them trying to push them over and barking. This only happens in one of the 4 parks we frequent.

Last night we took all the dogs off leash. Belle is totally off leash, Wolf is on a long nylon type rope that drags on the ground and Shadow is on a 50' lead attached to the leg of my bf. We ran into a couple of small dogs. Everything is fine until one of the dogs tries to nip Belle in the face (happens to her all the time) so she barrels into/onto him barking like a crazy girl. Well here comes Shadow to help out! She does the same thing! We yard her off and make her sit, I grabbed Belle because she wouldn't stop (the owners of the other dogs were elderly and worried), Wolf just watches and hangs out with the people. He's just so happy to be anywhere!

Of course no one was hurt, but Id rather not have to deal with this nonsense. How do I get Belle to relax and not try to dominate all these dogs, and get Shadow to stop jumping in and mind her own buisness? is this even possible?

Sometimes Belle does this just out of the blue, usually to leashed dogs and puppies but once in a while I cant see any reason at all.

All dogs are s/n Belle is 7, Shadow 8, and Wolf 3


June 1st, 2005, 03:21 PM
I started a thread called "excitement aggression" because I was having similar problems with Dodger.

Anyway, it was suggested to work really hard on his recall so that he would STOP picking on a dog as soon as I called him off. Prin also suggested to teach him the command "leave him alone" so he doesn't even get the chance to initiate anything.

Another person also suggested I use a squirt gun (maybe add lemon if he ignores it) to stop him from getting too obnoxious. And when I squirt to say "quit" so he learns that if he doesn't quit it that he'll get a squirt. Aim first at the neck and if it doesn't do anything then try aiming for the mouth.

When my previous dog got into her senior years she got kinda grumpy with dogs, mostly the little yappy one's because they annoyed her. She became pretty anti-social as she aged.


June 1st, 2005, 04:28 PM
thanks, I will read through that thread!