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Worms (and worm pills) a factor in obedience?

July 13th, 2005, 11:09 AM
Hi all,

I've gone through my frustrations in another thread with behavour problems with Matty, my 10 wks out yellow lab puppy, from biting to barking to peeing inside the house.

I think I have actually observed a change in personality to some extend though ... Matty was actually more obedient and more responsive to my commands the previous week compared to this week. And the change seems to coincide with his last vet visit which diagnosed him with worms and we've been giving him worm pills from that point on.

His temper has changed, where he seems to have shorter temper, gets frustrated easier. He seems to be a less secured and gets distressed easier (which is a big reason for the barking problem)

I wonder if worms and worm pills that he take usually would change his temper / personality? It's been very frustrating this week that my wife and I are losing our nerves soon. It's become impossible to enjoy time with Matty, when leaving him in the crate just creates endless barking problems, and when we get him out and try to play with him we've had to correct on his chewing problem every 5 seconds.

He has definitely taken a step back from last week (when "off", "no bite" commands seemed to work but not this week, not to mention he would go to the patio door when he needed to go pee, and now he just pees whenever and whereever he needs to relieve himself, even though we're in the same room). It almost seems like we have a different dog this week :(

Are worms / worm pills known to change his temper? I sure hope so and that things would be back to normal as soon as the medication's over.

(a very frustrated owner)

July 13th, 2005, 05:30 PM
Wormers are intense toxins to kill the parasite - so yes that could effect him.
He is also 10 weeks old and not the same innocent infant he was - he is coming into his toddler stage and more of his true temperament is showing through.
At 8-10 weeks there is also a fear period which can make you feel as though your puppy has changed personalities - but it is usually more noticable in his reaction to new events or events that unsettle him. Where he was once brave he is now frightened or insecure.