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Dog chews up husbands things ONLY

March 17th, 2005, 07:20 AM
My dog is not a perfect angel, but recently I have noticed she has been chewing alot more things than she ever has done in the past. She's going to be a year old in May, and she's pefectly house trained. When we are at work, she has the run of the house. When we are at work, she never chews a thing, she's occupied with all her bones, toys, balls plus she LOVES to look out our back patio door at all the birds and squirels. When we get home, its the ususal routine, we put her outside in the backyard while we prepare supper, we eat/she eats, then we take her for a walk about an hour. We watch tv, we through the ball to her, shes running around squeaking her ball. The dog gets plenty of attention when we are home. The other night, while I was changing my clothes to take her for awalk, she jumped up on our bed and ripped apart the sheet and matress cover. On my husband side. On the weekend, while we were cleaning the house, she grabbed a book my husband was reading and ripped it apart. She has chewed up two pairs of his leather shoes. She NEVER chews or touches a thing of mine! It's my husband who takes her for awalk at night for an hour, its him who takes her to the field and throughs the ball to her. When he leaves, she sits at the door and cries for him, and lies down on his shoes and sleeps. I am the one who practices her dog obidence with general commands, sit stay down etc. I am the one who feeds her, before she eats she must sit and wait till I tell her to come.
My husband has been working late every night coming in at 9:00 P.M They haven't had much play time as they usually do. Do you think this why she's acting up? I also believe the dog doesn't look at him as the "alpha" but as a litter mate. I have tried to get him to practice obidence with me, but its not turning out very well!

March 17th, 2005, 08:12 AM
It sounds to me like she just wants to play and knows it's your husband who plays with her, so she chews on his stuff to get his attention. Does he give her any kind of attention when she does these things? Even "bad" attention? One thing to try would be to totally ignore her if she does anything like that for a few minutes. Also it sounds like she has a lot of energy, more exercise or more rigorous exercise may help a lot too.

March 17th, 2005, 01:29 PM
When my boyfriend works too much, my doggies show they miss him by making a hairy nest out of his pillow (he is allergic to them...) It's funny because they pull the covers back just on his side (we switch sides often)...