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Breed bans - BSL - Pit Bull bans

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  1. Seems the Star doesn't just make up stuff about pitbulls
  2. Here is a Challenge BTPB or anyone else
  3. More New on the Ban.
  4. Oakville BSL
  5. Well Albertans protested BSL & they don't have it -Yet.
  6. Against Banning Of Pit Bulls? Sign This Petition Asap!
  7. Ban Pitbulls?
  8. Any body Up for a No Dogs demo. at Queen's Park
  9. Bryant to make BSL announcement tomorrow!
  10. Bryant's Announcement Today re BSL
  11. The BSL still has to pass legislation, its only now purposed
  12. Bryants newscast highlights!!
  13. I Wonder
  14. Listen and see Bryant's Announcement
  16. Pit Bull Ban Poll
  17. Vote No Please
  18. My Letter To The MPs
  19. It's Your baby now, Pittbulliest. (Demonstration.)
  20. Public Statement from the DLCC
  21. Keep Contacting the MPPs!
  22. Contact MPP's
  23. Reply from the MPs!!!
  24. Rally in Edmonton, Alberta
  25. Dog Parks and BSL
  26. Demo At Queens Park Taking Place!
  27. MPP Monte Kwinter
  28. New info re: demonstration
  29. Sent a letter to the Cdn. Civil Liberties Assn.
  30. Good Pits in the News/awards
  31. Pit Bull Rally This Weekend
  32. Lighten up for a moment
  33. Give the Star your opinion
  34. Canadians Unite To Fight Breed Specific Legislation
  35. Mr. Michael Bryants letter to the star
  36. One More signature needed for 6000!! (THS petition against BSL)
  37. Here is what we can do:
  38. More Breeds Added for Ont BSL!!!
  39. Dog attacks
  40. Thank you Toronto SUN
  41. Positive Article
  42. ideas for rally signs
  43. Councilor ford called me up. Yup, he's my homie..LOL
  44. Preparations for Tomorrow's Protest
  45. About the liberals
  46. Now they are compared with "WOLVES"
  47. Demonstration Went Well Today!
  48. The PBT dumping begins
  49. The PBT dumping begins
  50. Don Cherry
  51. Rally Photos
  52. Rally Photos
  53. Same old BS from the Toronto Sun
  54. More pics from anti-BSL protest.
  55. Town Of Huntsville by-law
  56. New sub forum - Breed bans - BSL - Pit Bull banning
  57. Debunking Michael Bryant
  58. VENTING...I am at a loss...
  59. Mr. Bryant gets MPP to write star for him....
  60. Question regarding THS petition
  61. "He Who Should Wear a Muzzle"
  62. Just when you think the NP stinks-Great Story Printed!
  63. If Anybody Has Forgotten to Sign the Petition
  64. Pulse24 reports hes gonna do it anyways
  65. Bryant to read BSL legislation TODAY! 3:30
  66. BSL legislation TODAY!! 3:30 p.m.
  67. Let ALL Fiberals know where they stand
  68. Call his assistant @ 416-606-9058 (cell phone)
  69. If ANYONE can make it to Q's Park today
  70. Article of Interest
  71. AMO deciding if they can afford ban?!?
  72. The Bill
  73. How can I help?!
  74. Think it doesn't concern you??
  75. State prohibits BSL
  76. I'd like to know
  77. Lets help
  78. Oct 26) New Poll. Please vote & pass addy on
  79. Petition for nothing!
  80. Alberta Provincial Election!
  81. Email Peter Kormos. We need his help
  82. Does anyone else see....
  83. Micheal Byrant needs to stay quiet
  84. Grrrrr....
  85. In the legislature, yesterday...
  86. SPCA Media Release re Ban
  87. Michael Coren
  88. to depute an upcoming Board of Health meeting (pitbull ban)
  89. Pit Bulls and genetics
  90. MPP Poll
  91. Circulate petition
  92. Letter in Hamilton Spec
  93. Pole Manned By MP
  94. Boxer
  95. Must watch
  96. Liability insurance DOESENT EXIST for pit bulls
  97. Scientific Proof that Pitbulls are Inherently Dangerous
  98. The On-Line Petition now has over 10,000
  99. Just bought a pit puppy
  100. My pitbull story
  102. We need to educate people
  103. Even the near-North media 'gets it'.
  104. I think this is a pitbull cross in this article
  105. MPP Churley
  106. Councillor Fletcher
  107. Anyone have any advice...
  108. Its Bothering Me...
  109. Donna Cansfield MPP
  110. Just read on other board, 1 of M.B.'s relatives was bitten
  111. Hurt, recently had pups pit bull loose
  112. More letters of support coming in!!
  113. What Crap Is This??
  114. Now what? Advice anyone?
  115. Second reading of Bill 132
  116. Toronto Humane Society phone call
  117. MPP Kormos - URGENT!
  118. NBA player- dogfighter
  119. Bullmastiffs,Pits, Rottie's "weapons" not pets.. news
  120. "Muzzling the biters" TO Sun
  121. Everyone, Please e-mail Peter Kormos today!
  122. Bill C-132 - Permission to xpost
  123. this witchhunt
  124. Court Certified Canine Expert Joins Fight Against Ontario Pit Bull Ban
  125. This is a little morbid, but.....
  126. Upcoming Demonstration Ottawa area!
  127. Reply from Toronto Humane Society
  128. "he's a great dog"
  129. Hugabull Holding Event...
  130. Vote against pit bulll ban. Please take a min to do this
  131. new Anti-BSL site Check it out
  132. If this is any indication of how animal services and ....
  133. Important MPP Poll.. PLEASE VOTE!
  134. In the legislature yesterday...
  135. Mountain woman vows to defy pitbull ban, plans protest
  136. Trying to organize National A-BSL campaign
  137. Dog Owner Harassment! - Globe and Mail
  138. Make FOX tell the truth about pits!
  139. interesting article from another forum
  140. Someone wanted info re: landlord -"No Pit Bulls"
  141. Now I've really heard it all! Blame the Dogs!
  142. City TV tonight
  143. MPP Toby Barrett OPPOSING!
  144. Pit Bull announcement City TV 6 p.m. news
  145. Darlene Jackson's Demo today was Great!
  146. More MPP responses
  147. City Tv - WOW!!
  148. Demo on Parliament Hill and more
  149. Punch drunk ex boxer turned polititian looked..
  150. City Tv New clip-Bryant can be viewed,Realplayer.
  151. BSL-Bill 132 update
  152. London multi breed ban
  153. Article about Julie Munro, MPP and dog breeder
  154. Excellent article in National Post
  155. Legal suit against Ontario?? - City Pulse at it again!!!
  156. Freedom of Information Act
  157. City of Toronto Shelters
  158. it is on now
  159. the real dog bite story
  160. dog legislative council of canada
  161. animal cruelty law/dangerous dog law = connection?
  162. Guidelines for dogs in lieu of bans
  163. Game dogs, Pit bull
  164. Took my pit bull to the vet today...
  165. *Crosspost* City/ CP24
  166. Another positive MPP
  167. McLean's pit bull article
  168. WMD or ID??
  169. CityTV hears from viewers
  170. PETA supports BSL
  171. please sign petition
  172. City TV is holding a town meeting kind of
  173. Report harrassment of you or your dog @
  174. Canadian Voice for Animals
  175. Chicago is trying to get a bsl
  176. Board of health hearings cancelled?
  177. breedban speech to London council
  178. Commuinity Debate on Pit Bull ban, Tuesday at 9 on City Pulse
  179. Fed up to HERE & I'm Not taking it anymore!
  180. Timmins chooses to NOT BAN DOGS!!
  181. Pit bull Talk TV CP24
  182. From the NCCPD - emails to MPs
  183. Update...
  184. Everyone crossed the street
  185. It seems Bryant was the Victim!
  186. Article in Metro today re:Bryant
  187. Sudbury Pit Bull Rally
  188. Pit bull owner backs ban after mauling: Calgary Sun
  189. Awesome CityTV coverage!!
  190. Bryant refuses to go on talk tv with Alex P. fear of "more tricks"
  191. Reply from Barrett
  192. Brockville Recorder & Times Article
  193. So I told them I would not vote Liberal....
  194. today's london editorial page crap
  195. LIVE on Pulse24 Right now!!
  196. ON AGAIN!!! 1:37pm
  197. Phone to Vote NOOOOO (City TV poll)
  198. Pulse24 Poll is not in our favour anymore
  199. Protest Walk
  200. Heehee . . .
  201. LONDON Ont. wants NO BAN!
  202. MPP doesn't know about the ban?
  203. Final results, Pulse 24 poll.
  204. Any Air Farce fans here?
  205. Full Debate from Monday night.
  206. No public consultations planned
  207. Has this affected you or your dog
  208. How do you know which is the snake ?
  209. Dog fighting - what happens to pit bulls
  210. Moron owners are killing us ...
  211. Another Ontario MPP poll
  212. Yesterday, in the Legislature
  213. Email Michael Bryant
  214. Email Michael Bryant
  215. New Brunswick Bans bad owners Rejects BSL!!! HOORAY
  216. Its time to email Miller Miller puppy killer
  217. Dog park ex-fan
  218. Door to Door charity canvassers-It's that time of year again!
  219. interesting article
  220. Bryant not listening ,what else is new
  221. Who can own a pit bull if Bill 132 is passed?
  222. General info for Sunday protest walks
  223. Possible poisoning Balfore Park , Toronto
  224. New Brunswick-Bill Not passed YET! please email.
  225. you're gonna luv this
  226. Guess who started the petition for the ban??
  227. Help Spirit!
  228. Watch this Michael Bryant interview on recent attack
  229. Stumbled across this web-site
  230. Live Dog Chat?
  231. MPP Julia Monroe was on Focus Ontario
  232. Send this link to the tow the party line Liberal MPPs
  233. Anti-BSL column in the Toronto Sun Today
  234. MPP Norm Miller's comment on Ban
  235. Access to Justice - ban Poll
  236. O.K.-I want all the news on how the protests went today!
  237. Not PB related but..petition to bring a wolf home.
  238. Neat... Petfinder
  239. Letter I got from Tascona
  240. my letter to the editor submission
  241. We need to get on the media's case ...
  242. Some good info ...
  243. Why won't Mr. Bryant help me?
  244. Rott. Club of Can joins BSL legal fight!!!
  245. More stupidity from Bryant
  246. Letter from my MPP!
  247. Would this have made the paper????
  248. Hi guys! I will not be around as much & please
  249. A great example of the media's bias ...
  250. Did I miss something?