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Breed bans - BSL - Pit Bull bans

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  1. This is a must read Love this guy
  2. Dog biten by Cambridge boy was not a pit reports pulse24
  3. Send email
  4. Pro-Bill 132 petition
  5. Don't forget the rallys on Sunday
  6. Should have made the Head-Line!
  7. Put on Focus Ontario right now:
  8. Poor Michael
  9. How were the Breed Ban protests?
  10. Reply from 99.9 Mix FM
  11. Checked Who signed the Pro BSL petition in my area.
  12. Pro BSL on line petition. So much is not right!
  13. London Ont. and BSL decision
  14. Here we go again...
  15. nice personal response
  16. Oprah too??
  17. What's up with the bill?
  18. A Pit Bull's Christmas
  19. No Leash Leads to $750.00 fine
  20. Came across this article.... from a dogfighter?
  21. Bryant on CNN Dec 7th (TO Star article here)
  22. Was M.B. the A.Hole on CNN after all or what?
  23. Petitions entered into legislature yesterday
  24. link to Ali Velshi
  25. Cnn Rough Transcript
  26. How unsafe a muzzle can be
  27. Why Fantino and Miller suport the ban
  28. Ontario update?
  29. *actual Cnn Transcript*
  30. Bill 132 just passed second reading ...
  31. BANNED AID-we need to donate or do fundraisers
  32. Pitbulls shot at in Hamilton
  33. Votes YES-send email complaints,Voted NO send Thank You Emails
  34. Bill 132 - Pre-Booking Appearances - Standing Committee on Legislative Assembly
  35. Liberal MPP has petition to ban on Website
  36. Dump
  37. Awesome Site
  38. Julia Monroe-private members bill ?
  39. 3rd reading in Brantford tonight!! Mon. Dec 13!! HELP!!
  40. Another New Bill!
  41. Positive article in the Sun
  42. Liberals to get the boot???
  43. Dates for public consultations with Standing Committee
  44. Great show on OLN this past weekend
  45. Parliament adjourns next week and will not resume until February 15th.
  46. Listing Of Members of The Standing Committee
  47. Legislated Hate: Flash movie from goodpooch
  48. Harrassed Again
  49. Hey, maybe Bryant found a new hobby:
  50. Now is the time to increase the pressure ...
  51. Gift for the Liberals
  52. Another on-line Anti ban petition:
  53. Powassan, ON passed BSL against 'pit bulls'
  55. Please Email Pro Ban Mpp Windsor West
  56. Disgusting!
  57. Bullets found in park, threat against pitbulls
  58. Evil T.O. STAR at it again, Merry Xmas
  59. Brutal article from today's Toronto Sun
  60. While we're at it...Maclean's has a story too!
  61. is taking it's kick at the can now:
  62. Toddler killed by dogs:
  63. Dog attack from Niagra falls:
  64. Bryant given a laurel in The Star
  65. Survey - Bill 132
  66. Ottawa capital comm. dogs & owners survey on BSL
  67. Pit bull essay (very long) very good
  68. Another dog attack in the SUN
  69. Banned dogs in Italy
  70. the forgotten souls
  71. Email from the office of Donna Cansfield
  72. Important Bills 132 Info & Link
  73. Bite in London,ON
  74. Pitbull video
  75. Notice on Pubilc hearings
  76. Covert operation rescues pit bulls
  77. new poll
  78. Send this to the Fiberals
  79. Hero Pitbull stories
  80. Global might do story on pit thrown from car and ....
  81. Public Heath Report On Pit Bulls Due Out Tomarow (toronto)
  82. Article From MPP Norm Miller, member of Standing Comittee
  83. behind the bite (show about "dangerous dogs" on again tonite!
  84. In the Star today
  85. pit bull insurance
  86. The Honourable Irwin Cotler
  87. Why Michael Bryant should be prosecuted...
  88. Don Cherry Gives Support
  89. Another bad Ontario Pit story ...
  90. BC rescuing Ontario pit bulls-- Sound off
  91. The Toronto Sun has an excellent article today ...
  92. BSL to start rolling again today!
  93. More about are friend Clayton!
  94. Please Help Me/Bill 132 Presentation!!!
  95. Mix 99.9 slamming anti-BSL
  96. Pulse 24 poll
  97. Tounge in cheek look at reality
  98. PB legislation article in paper
  99. Why dog's bite, a good read for all.
  100. Dogs who "attacked" boys in Ottawa may not have been pit bulls ...
  101. Please vote! Losing Badly
  102. Another BAD Pit??? I don't think so.
  103. This is Ridiculous
  104. Here's a new story
  105. Funny......
  106. Global just reported a dog attack that wasn't a pitbull:
  107. Day care owner forced to muzzle pit:
  108. Ottawa Citizen : Bull Mastiffs
  109. K- here's another jerk's opinion, published in simcoe
  110. What Do You Think??
  111. 'Getting previously ignored mail from MPPs on BSL??
  112. Bob MacDonald at it again!!Urrrrr!
  113. Legislative Assembly/Deputations
  114. Speakers List for Today
  115. Bad, Bad, Now News? Paper
  116. Bill 132 Transcripts from 1st meeting
  117. This Ottawa Sun Columnist doesn't get it ...
  118. Good Report on VR News from the Barrie Meeting
  119. Bryant and his puppets
  120. More news on Socks, the daycare pittie ...
  121. pit bull putdown following attack: Ontario
  122. Inside tip from committe member to those yet to present:
  123. What is the procedure?
  124. National Post thinks we're all crazy
  125. Get Involved
  126. An editorial in todays Toronto Sun
  127. The Hansard for Barrie is up:
  128. John Tory opposes legislation
  129. protest bsl stuff from CKC
  130. Tory to run in by-election
  131. Speakers List For Todays Hearing
  132. Fantino is speaking on Thursday
  133. Protest Walk - Last chance before Legislature resumes
  134. Did anyone catch Goldhawk Live on Rogers tonight?
  135. Sorry, More bad news.
  136. Bryant comments after hearings
  137. Fanitino
  138. Bryants payoff to Fantino may come as early as Tuesday
  139. IMHO this has to do with MONEY only!
  140. New Mexico BSL
  141. Toronto SUN letter to the editor ...
  142. Ombudsman
  143. Another over-sensationalized pit bull attack ...
  144. Typical Liberal-slanted anti-pit bull editorial from Der Star ...
  145. Anti Liberal smileys
  146. Ottawa SUN Editorial:
  147. EVERYONE sign this petition
  148. Hansard for the Third Hearing:
  149. We Have Power In Numbers
  150. Pitbull Ban
  151. Summerside jumping on the BSL bandwagon
  152. list of MPP's & newspaper email addresses
  153. Hansard For Hearing 4:
  154. Bill 132 ammendment/ proposal to be done today:
  155. Dangerous dog legislation NOT Breed Ban
  156. Results from clause by clause today
  157. Surprising anti-BSL editorial in Der Star
  158. Lt Governor?
  159. Lt Governor (In Case Link Doesn't Work)
  160. My MPP is AWESOME!!!
  161. Wondering about camping with Pits
  162. Poll: Who is going to muzzle there pit?
  163. pit bull legislation decision tomorrow
  164. Update and what we can do
  165. from today's paper...BSL tidbit
  166. One MPP understands how it works.
  167. Home Owners Insurance and Breeds in US
  168. Anyone see Premier Poniccio in the sun ?
  169. Any Ideas?
  170. Julia Munro
  171. Actual Law
  172. I met with my MPP today...
  173. Mr. Bryant and his little party
  174. Turn Up The Heat On The Ontario Liberals!
  175. My Big Idea?
  176. Sort of relavant editorial
  177. Article on "man-stopper" breeds in BC paper
  178. Web Site
  179. Dog attacked by other dog owner mentions bill 132
  180. Dog attack in Ottawa:
  181. Adopted dog most likely trained to attack
  182. Toronto Board of Health Minutes
  183. Ottawa dogs now masstiff- pit mix.
  184. Hero pitbull story in Sun:
  185. Where's the real danger?
  186. Third Reading of Bill 132 is February 28th
  187. New CP24 Poll
  188. CITY PULSE 24 LIVE coverage of Bill 132! Now!
  189. latest from Citypulse24!!
  190. Without a warrant...get used to hearing that phrase
  192. Hansard has the debate posted
  193. Breed ban bad law, Toronto Sun, mar 1st
  194. ***class Action Lawsuits *****
  195. Does anyone find it weird, that . . .
  196. Pit Bull Ban is official in Ontario
  197. For anyone who thinks...
  198. Its Official
  199. PLEASE vote in this CTV News Poll!!!
  200. "OBIN" Ontario Bullies in Need
  201. Anyone want to get really angry?
  202. Already moved from PB's to Presa Canarios!!
  203. Bumble Fred at it again
  204. Advocates for the Underdog email
  205. Another Poll By the Globe and Mail
  206. PB attack in Ottawa yesterday
  207. Anyone need a laugh? Tool of the Day goes to........
  208. What type of Muzzle?
  209. Breed Harassment
  210. Tshirt sayings for Sammie
  211. "You have to get rid of that dog."
  212. ?? Beware of Dog ??
  213. OSPCA Media Release re Ban
  214. What will they do???
  215. Not all Liberal's had a good press day today
  216. St John Ambulance will not back banned breeds
  217. Challenging Bill 132
  218. In the news...rats already out of closet
  219. THS emailed back
  220. Is Don Cherrys "Blue"banned?
  221. has a great debate going on...
  222. Statistics and their Inaccuracy
  223. Pit bull cartoon in the SUN:
  224. the latest from todays rag
  225. Earl McRae's followup column ...
  226. CBC radio story states change to Bill132
  227. Pit bull put down as law passed
  228. Article in the Star:
  229. Another Hero pitbull story in Ottawa SUN:
  230. We missed good ol' Bob MacDonald's comments on Friday:
  231. Canary dog article
  232. A fair and good BSL article in the London paper
  233. The Luv-A-Bull store!
  234. PBT's in imminent danger!
  235. stupid question
  236. In the news...
  237. Another "attack"; Why are there so many stupid owners?
  238. Hit them where it hurts
  239. Eddie Greenspan agrees
  240. Are Ontarians morons?
  241. The new thorn in Mcguinty's side ?
  242. Good news for Toronto?
  243. New Petition Guys Let's get to work!
  244. Urgent help required - please!
  245. a good metallic muzzle for a pit bull
  246. Another example of Bill 132 hysteria
  247. Pit bull legal battle vowed - Bylaw challenged
  248. Another dog attack
  249. Date announced
  250. Effective Date Is August 29, 2005; Followed By 60-Day Transition Period