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Letter in Hamilton Spec

October 29th, 2004, 01:15 PM
This is my letter, BTW :)

Dogs are a people problem

Regardless of the breed of dog you own, it is imperative that all dog
owners fight against breed-specific legislation. Far too many people
believe their dog won't be affected until their breed of choice is
being banned or otherwise restricted.

Everything that Attorney General Michael Bryant has said about pit
bulls has been proven to be false. For one thing, 150-pound pit bulls
to dnot exist. Purebred pit bulls do not exceed 100 pounds. There is
no such thing as an "inherently vicious breed." It has been accepted
by the Supreme Court of Alabama that there is no genetic evidence to
suggest that one breed is inherently dangerous. There goes the
"ticking time bomb" myth.

Bryant has only succeeding in shaming the people of Ontario and
creating hysteria. Furthermore, he has endangered the public even more
by ignoring the real problem, which is a people problem, not a dog

Meaghan Edwards

I would suggest writing to this paper, more of the letters they publish seem to be against the ban.

October 29th, 2004, 01:48 PM
Good job! Very well written and to the point. As long as we keep this fresh in the minds of viewers keeping the discussion open. :crazy:

October 31st, 2004, 01:28 AM
I live in part of the greater Hamilton area, & I can say that there is huge anti-dog faction here. Huge or just powerful, or just in sync. with the local $$ & power structure, I'm not sure. However, I think if BSL has a home in the Hamilton area, it likely where I live. All sports activities seem to have been put into some kind of adversarial situation with dogs & their owners. (I'm pretty tired of it. A public park is a public park. If dog owners leave it clean, & don't harrass other park users, why harrass the dog owners?)

I was talking to a woman who owns a breed that may come up on a BSL list, not right away, but maybe 12 dogs down from Pits & Staffys. It was next to impossible to inform her that it Doesn't Matter how well behaved her dog/ or my dog or anybody's dog is, they can be victimized by BSL.

She seems to feel that a lot of dog fighting goes on in downtown Hamilton. (I've seen more evidence of it in Toronto.) And on the basis, she feels Pit Bulls should be banned. -Sheesh, what about the fact that dog fighting is not 1 but several crimes. (Animal cruelty, &. illegal gaming to name 2.)

This has to be the ulimate case of Victim Blaming! Police don't seem to do much, Humane Society workers either don't do much, or can't be everywhere.
If the neighbours see something suspicious, they are not calling police. So the humans do next to nothing to prevent it, so by all means, blame the dogs??? :crazy: What kind of a solution is that?!

I've felt for a long time that this area is stuck in 1956, & going rapidly in reverse. You can only do so much, & quite frankly, not only can't you get blood from a stone, you can't always get contemporary ideas into heads that are stuck in Ozzie & Harriette mode. :rolleyes: