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It's Your baby now, Pittbulliest. (Demonstration.)

October 16th, 2004, 02:09 PM
O.K. pittbulliest-It's your Baby now


If you want to organize this, go ahead. I've just looked at what's involved, & heck ..Permit, insurance-a million buck + for 2 1/2 hours, seating, loud speakersystem, to mention a few things. I'm coming in from N.W. of Hamilton to do it (van needed!) And so far, only Spurby has offered any help at all! That included organizations & people who are in an official capacity, better off financially tham we are, & stand to lose a lot more than a dog. ($$$$$$$$$$)

I've got a Mom who will be 90 on Monday & not doing that great.., a kid in high school that has to be picked up from a school @ 3 p.m., an hour away, round trip! And a senior citizen husband who isn't well at all. (Can't lift heavy stuff, heart, back, & respiratory problems. And I'm not gonna kill him for this.)

You Go Pitbulliest! Cuz I've looked at what it's gonna cost me, & could potentially cost me if there's a Problem down there.. I'm done with it!!
(We are living on old age pension.)

October 16th, 2004, 05:54 PM
I will check out if we need all this to protest outside of Bryants office, if not, we'll do it there, all we need is a few(4,5) knowledgeable CALM people to hand off leaflets, and show that many people are against this ban. Perhaps ONE dog proven BOMBPROOF for a couple of hours. I cannot stress enough the fact that the people going MUST IGNORE ALL NEGATIVE COMMENTS AT ALL TIMES!! This is EXTREMLY IMPORTANT, we do not need any more negative pubilicity if a yelling match were to happen!! If you can do this, post here!

October 16th, 2004, 06:00 PM
what the heck, is that cost for a demonstration, jsut do it and tell them you had no idea, and that it is not an organised demonstration, you jsut all happened to be doing the same thign at the same time, and tell them to prove other wise. just do it, insurance, bah, to put it simply, screw them do what you want :eek: :D

October 16th, 2004, 09:51 PM
All heck is breaking loose down there, anyway cuz of new streetcar lane expansion. The merchants are all upset over parking problems with all the construction going on. (His Constituency office is east of Oakwood on St. Clair Ave. (S, side of St. Clair) near Arlington/Greenside Avenues.) Right in the middle of construction area. So you don't need a permit, ins. or anything else except Don't obstruct the sidewalk. But parking could be a major pain, due to construction etc. Closest public parking lot is near Oakwood & St. Clair -a bit of a walk. (Don't forget when you are in his constituency, you are on his turf among people who voted for him, & maybe sympathetic to BSL.)

The Att. Gen's office is on Bay St.,(near 700 Bay) outside of the Q.P. complex. Problems here are also parking. (closest parking lots are 2 in the Yorkville Ave/Bloor area, or City Hall underground lot.) Again quite a hike, esp. carrying sound equipment & whatever you feel you need.

Queen's Park security has gotten weirder about parking in the Q.P. area, after 911. You used to be able to park in Q.P. underground parking on weekends, but not any more. It's pretty difficult to get a spot in Q.P. underground parking during weekdays, (7 a.m.-5 p.m.) & on street parking is spotty but not impossible if you are willing to circle the block a few times.

October 16th, 2004, 10:01 PM
Whoa I don't get someone mad at me? All I wanted was information on the demo and stuff...

I had no idea it was that much trouble..I thought it would be perfectly suitable enough to go down there with a large group of people...pamphlets, and a good speech?

I'm a little lost on this whole thread... :confused:

October 16th, 2004, 11:01 PM
I have contacted a few people who are PB owners, or better yet Org's/groups who have a real stake in this. Nobody seems interested in doing much of anything..I kinda P.O.'d at them & kinda P.O.'d at myself for not being able to motivate them..I know one PB owner who is "mad as *ell", but no quite mad enough to lend a portable microphone unit -apparently.) sad Which is light, compact, & would be a Big help.

Then there is the What Day/What Time business. You can't accomodate everyone. (But if M.B. won't talk to the Ont. Vet. Asn, The Anti BSL groups, the OSPCA, & more, your chances of having him answer any of your ?? are pretty slim.) Demo on a week day, Legislature is sitting, but you loose people.
Demo on a weekend, Legislature absent, but you may get better press coverage. (Even M.P.P.'s watch the News.)

Demo at his Att. Gen's office on Bay St., no permit or ins, required, but less space to work with & Less Visable.. Demo at constituency office ever Less space to work with, (no ins. or permit requ'd), but more lkelyhood of hostility from constituents.

(It's possible that Orgs & groups are being cautious & hoping not to P. anybody off. They may not wish to say Anything in public right now, & I can perhaps understand that. But I think they are gonna have a lot more to worry about in the long run if they don't.)

(i'm more than slightly p.o.'d at myself for not being able to schllep things for blocks, the way I used to. Getting older may have it's priviledges, but i'm still looking for them) :rolleyes:

If i can help in any way, tell me & I'll do it, but I can't do the whole thing, esp. motivate people to do it. :o

October 17th, 2004, 12:56 AM
recent scientific exploration has proven that smoozin the politicians does not work, extreme action and loud protest have shown to be more effective in fiorcing politicians to listen, the whole in your face thing, and they will just wnat to get rid of you the stats were really high for loud protest and very low for smoozin and being nice and sweet..

when ever i am protesting, i make it clear that i will not go till i have resolution or a begining of resolution, and i tell you now it works every time, ppl jsut wnat rid of me so will do what i want. so go out and get em, dont worry about loud speakers, just scream, or get one of those speaker phones, you know the cone shaped ones, jsut yell and scream and do your loudest, no props, just angry lovin ppl.

October 17th, 2004, 05:47 PM
I just wish I knew what the heck to do..this is all so frustrating..and everything is happening so fast...

October 17th, 2004, 06:24 PM
His office at 720 Bay (Bay and Gerard) has parking on 4 of the 4 corners right there - no walking, literally 30 seconds away, and more parking one block away. It's also right in between Dundas subway or College subway and a 2 minute walk for those who do not drive. For the size of the location you would not need any sound equipment.

The Att. Gen's office is on Bay St.,(near 700 Bay) outside of the Q.P. complex. Problems here are also parking. (closest parking lots are 2 in the Yorkville Ave/Bloor area, or City Hall underground lot.) Again quite a hike, esp. carrying sound equipment & whatever you feel you need.