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My Letter To The MPs

October 15th, 2004, 07:46 PM
alright you I said, don't forget to mail and call all the'll take time but we all know its worth it.. this is the letter I've made..and it will be mailed to all the MPs on the list that we posted before. please let me know what you guys think:

I am writing this letter in regards to the proposed pit bull ban that has been set forth by Michael Bryant. Faced with false and stereotypical views of pit bulls by the media, I too was once afraid of this wonderful breed of dog. However, through education and understanding, I have been blessed to learn the truth about pit bulls. They are a wonderful breed that is very misunderstood and abused by the general public. Although I agree that pit bulls are not the types of dogs that should be owned by just anyone, I strongly disagree with a ban, which discriminates a specific breed of dog, and a very special one at that.

The reason I believe a ban will not work, is due to the fact that the responsible dog owners and law abiding citizens that have never before faced a problem with their dogs, will only be forced to suffer because of the irresponsible dog owners that have brought forth this entire dilemma in the first place. The people that have abused, neglected, and exploited pit bulls in the past, causing them to become vicious and misbehaved, will only move onto a different breed of dog. There is no limit for these people, and there is no reason to think that they will obey the law, when they have already broken so many.
Furthermore, statistics on dog bites and attacks, along with the opinions of dog attack victims, are the only sources that Michael Bryant seems to considering, when coming to a final decision for this ban. Unfortunately, statistics regarding dog attacks are extremely misguiding. Most officials that are left to identify the dogs involved in these scenarios are not qualified to do so, and are simply not educated on the basis of dog breeds. Hence, more than 80% of the time, dogs which are identified as pit bulls are in fact a completely different breed altogether. I believe that Michael Bryant should stop ignoring the opinions of the veterinarians, humane societies and rescues, dog behaviorists and trainers, and owners that do not believe in the banning if pit bulls and have are experienced when it comes to these dogs.

I believe that the most effective solution to this problem lies in a comprehensive program of education, training, and legislation encouraging responsible ownership of all breeds. The ones that should be punished are the irresponsible dog owners that refuse to follow leash laws, and neglect, abuse, and exploit their pets. Pit bulls were once bred for fighting other dogs, not human beings. There is a very big difference between human aggression and dog aggression. A sound and well raised pit bull will never show human aggression in any situation. These dogs have a very high pain tolerance, and are therefore used for fighting other dogs for a profit or for entertainment. There are many neighborhoods that encounter dog fights in back alleys, backyards, or even basements of the criminals that own these dogs for the wrong reasons. It is these people that should be punished and never allowed to own these wonderful dogs. These are the people that are ruining it for pit bull lovers such as myself. I am very heartbroken with this proposed pit bull ban, and I pray that it does not go through. This is a very unfair and biased proposal by Michael Bryant, without any consideration for loving and responsible owners and their dogs.

I am in hopes that you will agree with my disapproval of this Ontario wide ban on pit bulls, and hope that you will vote ‘no’ to Michael Bryant’s proposal when the time comes. Please do not let innocent dogs be put to sleep because people simply do not know how to properly take care of these sweet dogs. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Violetta Madej

by the way, here's the MP contact sheet for anyone who needs it again:

October 15th, 2004, 10:21 PM
FYI--letters go to the MPP's not the MP's. The federal members of parliament can't help as this is provincial jurisdiction. They don't step on toes in these's umm--not political.