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Sudbury Pit Bull Rally

November 15th, 2004, 04:39 PM
This ran as the lead story in the local newspaper. Pity I didn't see anything about the rally until it was over, but it is still good news. And I'm happy to say that our city council rejected, out of hand, a motion proposed to support the provincial ban at their last meeting a week and a half ago. One of the councillors raised boxers and wrote back to tell me how she personally opposed the bill.

Full story with cute pit photo (

Dog owners rally for pit bulls

By Harold Carmichael/The Sudbury Star

Monday, November 15, 2004 - 11:00

Local News - Banning pit bulls in Ontario won’t address the issue of bad dog owners, says a Sudbury pit bull owner.

“There are a whole lot of other breeds,” said Tammy St. Louis, who organized a Pits in the Park rally at Bell Park Sunday afternoon. “And it’s not recognizing the fact it’s bad people (dog owners) who have a problem. The majority of attacks are by dogs who are owned by irresponsible people.”

More than 90 people and 70 dogs turned out for the event, which included a walk around Bell Park and a pit bull obedience demonstration.

St. Louis, who owns two pit bulls — Rudy, an American pit bull terrier and Reason, an American Staffordshire terrier — is opposed to the Ontario government’s plans to ban pit bulls in the province. Under the proposed legislation, existing pit bulls would be grandfathered.

One of those grandfathered dogs would be Rocky, a five-year-old American pit bull terrier who demanded to be held closely by his owner, Chad Nelles of Garson, at the rally.

“I believe it’s pretty much ridiculous,” said Nelles, who was constantly getting smothered with kisses by Rocky. “For me, they are the best pick in the world for a dog. He’s (Rocky) a big suck. He would have to wear a muzzle. He wouldn’t be able to give everybody kisses.”

St. Louis said a petition circulating across Ontario opposing the ban has already collected some 7,000 signatures including more than 600 in the Sudbury area. Copies of the petition can be signed at Pet Food Express in Garson, the Cambrian Animal Hospital and Pet Food Warehouse, both in New Sudbury.

Sunday’s rally included many owners of dog breeds other than pit bulls. In fact, the non-pit bulls seemed to outnumber the pit bulls.

“It’s not only pit bull people who have problems with the law,” noted St. Louis. “It’s about telling you what kind of dog you can and can’t have.”

Dog breeds represented at the rally included sharpei, bulldog, collie, great Dane, Jack Russell terrier and beagle.

There was even a ferret.

Melissa Jewell of Hanmer, who brought her Jack Russell terrier, Cali, to the rally, said it’s up to owners to get their dogs obedience training so they learn their limits and what they can and can’t do.

Cali, she noted, is in obedience classes and will soon be taking flyball and jumping training.

But while Cali looks every inch a Jack Russell terrier, noted Jewell, her bigger brother doesn’t.

“Because her brother is already 35 pounds and looks like a pit bull, people have been complaining about him,” she said. “He’s a Jack Russell terrier.”

Signs at the rally featured messages such as Your Breed Could Be Next, Breed Bans Don’t Stop Bad People From Owning Bad Dogs, and Will My Dog Be The Next Target?

November 15th, 2004, 04:44 PM
Love the picture. Another fine example of the Licking Time Bomb!