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Same old BS from the Toronto Sun

October 24th, 2004, 10:59 AM
Really negative article about the demonstration.

Are they capable of unbiased reporting?

October 24th, 2004, 12:59 PM
here's an email i sent her, sorry for the sarcasm, but she deserved it:

Thank you for that onesided, personal diatribe you wrote in Sunday's paper in regards to the Pitbull rally. It's nice to see that you are capable of remaining objective, and don't allow your own misconceptions and preconceived notions to affect your judgement.

I suppose the concept that a canine's behaviour is the manifestion of it's training, and interaction with it's owner is anathema with 'pit bulls'. The CDC, the Torono Humane Society, the Candian Kennel Club, the Ontario Vet Assoc, and Dog Legislation in Canada, must all be wrong for opposing breed specific legislation it doesn't address the real issue: responsible ownership. That would explain why Mr. Bryant declined to meet with them.

I guess this means I should put a muzzle on my 6 yr old American Staffordshire Terrier, who has never shown aggression to dog or man, and I have spent hundreds of hours training and nuturing because at any moment she might snap. That would be selfish though, I need to be considerate for you and Mr. Bryant and just put her to sleep because you two seem to know somehthing the every professional orginzation that works with dogs does not.

Whats even better is I don't normally read the Sun, I came across the article posted on a site I frequent. Realization of why I don't read the Sun just came to me: ignorant articles such as this.

Kudos, and keep up the mediocre work.


Derek Parsons

October 24th, 2004, 01:40 PM
Good job, kigaro!

Notice how the Sun even went out of their way to misquote.
I don't remember anyone claiming that there were 25,000 pit-bulls in Toronto.
The number I heard was 2,500. I also don't remember anyone blaming the victims of dog attacks for being attacked.

It's also great to know that the Sun feels that pitbull owners that are assaulted don't deserve sympathy.

Guess that's why the Sun is considered a laughable paper.

Here is the letter that I'm sending:

In response to your article in Sunday's paper regarding the pitbull rally, I have to question what rally Michele Mandel attended. I was at the rally, and at no time did any of the speakers imply that the victims of dog attacks were responsible for being attacked. You also might want to check your research. I beleive the number of pitbulls in Toronto was stated to be 2,500 and not 25,000.

The purpose of the rally was to protest the breed ban and encourage legislation that would actually reduce dog bites. Education is part of that, and I hate to break it to you, but there are many irresponsible ownwers ( of many breeds ) out there.

It is a shame that reporters like yourself are encouraging a witch-hunt, rather
than looking for real solutions. The Winnipeg ban did nothing to reduce dog bites. It only reduced the number of bites from one breed, the total bites remained roughly the same. A ban only excuses negligence and abuse ( It isn't the owner's fault, those dogs are born evil).

Ontario is in a position to create legislation that could reduce bites from all breeds, instead they have chosen to slap a band-aid on cancer.


October 24th, 2004, 02:49 PM
Chances are she wasn't even there and was disappointed that there were no fights to the death on the south lawn .
I sent her an letter to tell her that her pulizer prize way of writing should get her to the chief editors postion in about 55 years as long as they base their promotions on seniority .

heeler's rock!
October 24th, 2004, 02:56 PM
Thanks for the feedback on the other thread kigaro. I edited a little, and here's what I sent. :)

Dear Ms. Mandel,

Your article in the Toronto Sun infuriates me, and I don't even live in Ontario! You are making the pit bull out to be an uncontrollable dog for anyone to handle. With patience and training, even a 180 pound mastiff is easy to handle!

The protesters are right, children do need to be more educated about ALL dogs in general. I don't own a pit bull or know anyone that does, but I own 1 border collie and 2 Australian Cattle dog crosses. I took my oldest Australian Cattle dog to the Pet Expo here in Calgary last year as I was manning a booth to promote my dog walking services with some friends. I was SHOCKED at how many kids ran up to my dog and just started petting her! They didn't ask me, and they didn't let her sniff first, just started petting! The irresponsible parents didn't even stop their kids or tell them off. Now, if a child did that to a stray, they would most likely be bit and the dog would be killed because their parent didn't take the time to teach their child manners around dogs. Most dogs have no respect for kids at all or see them as playmates because they are typically the size of a dog. Parents need to be more diligent in teaching their kids how to respect dogs, and not just let their kids run up screaming "DOGGIE!! LOOK AT THE DOGGIE!!!" and pet them. Some dogs will snap as they feel they are being threatened. Don't get me wrong however, I am not in any way saying that the victims of dog related attacks are to blame, the irresponsible owners of these dogs are, which is exactly what the protesters were also saying. As a "good journalist", you should have been able to get that from what they were saying.

Your article is completely one-sided and that side is yours! I speak with many people in Ontario who frequent the same pet lover's web site as I do, and they were there at the rally. Not once was it mentioned at the rally that there are 25,000 pit bulls in Toronto, it was 2,500. Also, never once was it mentioned that victims are to blame for the attacks. Quit misinforming the public to gain ratings!

Why do you feel the need to point out that Mr. Cathcart was having control issues with his dog? His dog is in a new environment surrounded by people. ANY dog would get excited and want to go see what's going on, and therefore pull on the leash. Please don't tell me that where you come from, no dogs pull on leash. The pit bulls were asked to be left at home because of what you said, and what everyone already knows, THEY ARE BRED TO FIGHT!!!! Why do you feel the need to point this out again?They are bred to fight other dogs, not humans and any pit bull for fighting that even showed the slightest aggression towards humans, was euthanized. Why would demonstrators want more negative publicity by bringing their dogs out to something with lots of people, noise, and potentially other dogs? Well, you managed to give them negative publicity anyways, so good for you. You must be very talented to make something out of nothing.

I think the media needs to educate themselves on pit bulls and dogs in general. You seem to have the misconception that all dogs should be born perfect. I'm sorry, but with ANY breed, you need to have patience, understanding, and a damn good trainer. Did you know that in 2002, golden retrievers bit and drew blood more than any other breed in Calgary? These stats aren't even published or released to the public, and I only know through a friend that works for the City. I'll bet if they were, Calgary would be banning goldens, not pit bulls. Maybe do your research on dogs in general and then see how pit bulls fit in. They are just like many other dogs in the world, but thanks to people like you, they have a bad rep. Wake up and stop writing such biased and opinionated stories. It's an embarrassment to the journalism community, and quite frankly it makes you appear ignorant.



October 24th, 2004, 06:52 PM <>

Here are some email addressess. The first is for the "I want to be on the front page, so I'll sensationalize all my story's" reporter Michele Mandel. Send her a letter and let her know what you think of tabloid reporting. Maybe ask her if her next article will be about 150lb Pitbull living with an alien colony (LOL).
Also, email the editor (2nd address) and tell him how much you dislike this reporter, and all the factual errors she made. Tell him the Sun is off your reader list, until she is either fired, or sent to the morgue (the archives section of the newspaper.... not the morgue as in coroner!! :p )
Third is the subscription section of the Sun, if you are a subscriber.... cancel, tell them you are going with the Star for a more unbiased paper. You don't appreciate reading a paper that is so scewed. Papers that would rather report sensationalized half-truths, then fact based actual events, papers that rank below tabloids, are not on your read list.

October 24th, 2004, 09:03 PM
I don't read the sun too much lately but I have in the past and there are animal sympathetic authors that work there . Michele Mandel is not one of them she is always writing the bleeding heart sob stories about some poor underachiever that got the raw deal from the system , never because of the actions of the person involved .It is always someone or something elses fault that her victim got the shaft.
Blame the editor for sending her to this rally as it would be known in advance thet she would write a biased view certainly not giving the benefit of doubt to the dog not even when there is NO DOUBT .

October 24th, 2004, 09:14 PM
on child/dog safety. (also had the anti-BSL icon/story on it.) bwaahaahaa! :D

Re: Michelle Mandel's concept of 'blaming the victim' when she was told that children need education when it comes to dogs & other pets. I don't know why this should come as a surprise. We teach kids how to bike & rollerskate safely, we teach them how to use the kitchen stove & power tools safely & later we send them to somebody who can teach them how to operate a motor vehicle safely. Is this blaming the victim, too?

If a child takes riding lessons, do you think the instructor will put up with a child abusing the horses? Do you think they will give the horses a good shot of Novacaine so the kids can beat the living daylights out of them?

Ont. Humane Society branches routinely don't adopt out pets to people with very small children. Can you think 'Why' Michelle? Hampsters don't like being flushed down the toilet comes to mind...

If one of your colleagues entered your office & shoved a pencil in your eye or a finger up your nose or other ..., :evil: what would You do, Michelle? (I'm thinking not tell him to 'Sit' & behave him/her/self.)

The problem with many of the people going off on tangents about dogs is mostly they have never owned one. "Dogs are Really Simple, down the food chain & ought to know their place." Well part of the problem, is dogs don't always see it that way. Through kindness, consistency & training it's Our job (the adults) to get kids & animals sorted out, & establish safe boundaries for them both. Trouble happens when we don't do our jobs as adults, parents & caregivers.

Dogs are not Mary Poppins. A smart dog is about as smart as a 2 or 3 year old child. So would you put another 3 year old in charge of your human 3 year old, or 2 year old?
Would you leave 2 toddlers in the room alone with toys & food to fight over, & walk away for a while? Why expect a dog to be any smarter in that situation than the average 3 year old?*******

October 25th, 2004, 09:01 AM
They do report unbiasedly sometimes, depending on the person writing. With the editorials they are free to write what THEY feel. That's the problem! These writers are just as misguided and uninformed as the rest.

People just don't understand, sure we do feel for the victims... there are victims of Lab attacks, GSD attacks, Lhasa Apso attacks.... those people are victims too!!!
What happened to the two 12 yr old boys that were attacked by the GSD 2 weeks ago, or the child that was attacked by a Chesapeak Retriever in the summer. Those stories are done and gone, but don't you think the victims involved would rather see something happed about those attacks!!! :mad:

October 25th, 2004, 11:27 AM
here's my letter:
I was disgusted by the article written by Michele Mandel "The fur flies with pit bull owners MISUNDERSTOOD OR MONSTERS, WONDERS MICHELE MANDEL" written October 24, 2004.
Never have I seen a more one sided and grossly skewed article in a paper. I was furious to read how Ms. Mandel turned every comment into a negative and blood thirsty remark.
This is unashamedly irresponsible reporting; blatantly misconstruing information into making it appear as though these dog owners are trying to place the blame on children and small dog owners. Any educated person would know not to believe these hurtful and uninformed comments.
“Children need to be educated,” this is a comment of an informed and knowledgeable person when it comes to animals. Children and many adults do require education on how to respect animals, not just pit bulls.
Shame on you Ms. Mandel; you’re reporting techniques are fit for the National Enquirer.