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Pit Bulls and genetics

October 28th, 2004, 08:23 PM

In addition to irresponsible ownership and haphazard breeding, take a look at the pedigrees of noted APBT in dog fighting circles. I have seen the same dog appear up to FOUR times in the same four-generation pedigree! I realize that line-breeding can fix desirable traits if done carefully, but this kind of quadrupling up on the same genes has got to be bad.

If this kind of inbreeding is typical of the APBT bred for fighting, there's quite a few dogs being bred with really screwed up genetics. I wonder if there's a correlation between this and some of the "inexplicable" attacks reported.


October 28th, 2004, 11:40 PM
maybe they just get more attention these days? Dog ownership is likely up too.

Some things I've wondered about are things like Line-in breeding. It happens in all breeds, with the same results. You obtain 1 desirable characteristic, & double your chances of more undesirable ones..each time. There are also the high volume corporate breeders, like EDITED BY ADMIN. who produce 1000's of dogs to meet breed demands. (funny how the BYB's take all the flack when we've got 'dog assembly lines'?) And Puppy Millers.

But, there are also some interesting things being found about Thyroid problems. In the beginning it was found that Akitas (& Standard Poodles) do not measure the way other dogs do for 'normal' thyroid function. What is normal for them is abnormal for other breeds. And abnormal thyriod function can create what looks like unprovoked aggression. Also, Akitas are very prone to thyroid abnormalities. It's recommended that they all have full panel (6 or more blood panels tested) after age 3, & yearly after age 5. So, who's to say the exact Same thing is not going on in Bully Breeds? Inherited problem with thyroid function covering the majority of the dogs in the breed/type? And who's to say that the normal levels for them is the same as other dogs?
(A cheap pill or 2 a day can return the dog to normal.)

'Wondered for a while about Food, food additives, preservatives, & possible Mad Cow or other brain wasting element in products. (If they found it, would they tell us?)

Both epilepsy, & Lyme, & other tick borne diseases can cause violent incidents, that appear tom be unprovoked aggression. (Lyme is currently almost unavoidable in some U.S, areas like N.Y. State. It's appearing more & more in S. Ontario & has made inroads into B.C. & Manitoba.)

This is one reason why I feel BSL is going to cause more damage than it prevents. If Health Deptments & the Prov. & Fed. Governments had any real interests in Dog Bite Prevention, they would go beyond rabies testing on dead dogs. They would really find out what's wrong. Starting with thyroid testing on live dogs, Lyme testing, & brain function tests. There is no reason to PTS the dog, if it's a physical problem, that can be solved with medication. None of these test are invasive or painful. (Blood tests, & scanning.)

This kind of study would probably get world wide attention & probably funding & assistance from Vet Orgs world wide. It would be the first serious study into dog bites & their prevention, from a medical rather than punitive perspective.

December 19th, 2004, 11:05 AM
Here's something to make your blood boil even more. The Fiberals have stacked the Committee. An anti-ban MPP was removed, and Bob Delaney - a hard-head, pro-ban, party-line boyo - is the Chair. There are 6 Fiberals, 2 PCs and 1 NDP.

Write your MPP and ask if stacking the committee is an example of the Liberals' "democratic renewal".

Write or call the Clerk of the Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly and get your name on as an applicant to present to the Committee. We need thousands of people who are anti-Bill 132 on the list.

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