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Breed bans - BSL - Pit Bull bans

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  1. Pit Bull Co-op/My Dog votes 2!
  2. Judge Strikes Down Parts Of Pit Bull Law.
  3. pit bulls
  4. A new Pit Bull video.
  5. Pleasantly surprised by Peta's stance on dogfighting
  6. TONIGHT Aug 19 Worldwide Candlelight Vigil
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  8. Vick to plea bargain
  9. CFL doesn't want VICK
  10. A way to let the leaders of Ontario political parties hear you
  11. Not BSL but important for Ontario, Canada residents
  12. Think you're safe because you don't own a "pit bull"? Think again.
  13. Canada - ON - Important information for voting dog owners
  14. 4 more years of dog haters?
  15. How exactly does this work?
  16. Got this on Facebook today... had to share.
  17. Michael Bryant Gone as Attorney General
  18. Happy Halloween!
  19. Is my dog Illegal?
  20. AmStaff + other assorted pets
  21. Vick sentenced
  22. Poem for support - please pass it along
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  24. Merry Xmas Everyone!
  25. Rambo
  26. New Ont. Holiday-"Pit bull" Family Day
  27. Possible Pit Bull Ban In Montreal
  28. Restricted breed finally acknowleged as Certified Service Dog in Ontario
  29. Plymouth, MI - poll on banning "pit bulls"
  30. Munchie
  31. Video Killed Classification Gccc Dogged By Cctv.
  32. TorontoSun BSL POLL, VOTE NOW
  33. Sun Interview from 2006
  34. I have no words. there is a pic but I don't know how to post it.
  35. Help save Heira
  36. Is it right to legislate people into second-class citizenship based on property?
  37. CJAD and Pitbulls
  38. Wonderful essay....
  39. One for the good guys!
  40. ontario animal abuse legeslation
  41. Rogers channel ten tonight!
  42. This is priceless....
  43. Another attack?
  44. A "feel good" article
  45. another attack
  46. Mississauga kills by democratic vote
  47. Moving to Canada from Great Brittan
  48. My Crazy Idea - Lift the Ban and Add Regulations
  49. City of Mississauga allows Rambo's owner to visit!
  50. Want to learn Canine First Aid?
  51. Poll to Ban Pit Bulls in BC!
  52. Proposed Bsl In Nova Scotia
  53. Give me your links!
  54. Clarification, please
  55. A Vick dog - One Year Later
  56. Possible pet poisonings HIgh Park, Toronto, ON
  57. "Pittie Co-op" still at it!
  58. Reported pitbull shot by police, once again not a pitbull
  59. Pit Bull Issue In Edmonton
  60. Rambo who?
  61. Tyra will be given her wings.
  62. HELP another breed ban poll!!!! Toronto Sun
  63. Banned Breed Fighter Casts checklist Doubt.
  64. I can never forget this video.
  65. New Bill Has Fewer Teeth For Savage Dogs
  66. Justice served?
  67. Pit Bull Ban upheld in Ontario
  68. Rusty's owners to sue council 22 point dog identification flawed.
  69. Pit Bull Bans
  70. I just ran into Terry Green!!!
  71. underground transport
  72. BSL in Vancouver & how to get a dog to Canada
  73. Ban Poll PLEASE VOTE!
  74. Banned Aid Coalition
  75. Another Ban poll! Please work your magic
  76. Michael Vick spokesperson for PETA!!????
  77. Mulling some stuff over...
  78. Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal on pit bull ban
  79. Protest the "Pitbull" ban
  80. American Bull dog
  81. Gatineau, QC set to impose severe restrictions on bullies and look-alikes
  82. Wahooo.. We got great media!
  83. Bryant
  84. Dogfighting Undercover Documentary
  85. Ginger the pitbull--victimized twice
  86. Rally at Queens Park, Toronto Nov. 18th 2009
  87. Bill tabled to repeal Ontario’s pit bull ban
  88. Barbara Amiel on Dogs, Bill 132 and Bryant
  89. Ban on "Pit Bull" Ban
  90. The Usual Suspect Tango's Story.
  91. Another Lets kill the dogs to make the world a safer place
  92. This could bring a tear to a glass eye.
  93. Brampton, Ont. - Let's kill another couple of dogs
  94. My own research on Pit Bulls and BSL
  95. Thought I'd share
  96. A tribute to the victims of Black Friday
  97. Update on Bandit of the THS
  98. Update on Brittany and Rambo
  99. The City of Brampton really take DOLA a bit too far
  100. Beautiful Bullies Birthday Bash
  101. Toronto Sun Poll, please vote NO
  102. Rally to overturn BSL - August 29th 2010 - Coronation Park, Toronto, Ont.,
  103. Dog dna prove gold coast council wrong
  104. Totally sick with worry
  105. Save Ginger....Toronto again....sigh
  106. Pittie Co-op Still at it
  107. Pit Bull Blues video
  108. Overwhelming Support For Deed Not Breed In Dangerous Dogs Consultation
  109. Mayor Reb Ford....Toronto
  110. Last tango for council ..tango is home free
  111. Forget Vick - Cheer for "Mel" - one of his victims
  112. Man flees Ontario to save dog
  113. Pittie Profile
  114. I just can't believe this article
  115. Podcast #57 - Breed discrimination legislation
  116. This says it all
  117. Does BSL protect the dogs?
  118. If you think BSL doesn't affect you your wrong
  119. Bill 16 is Not Passed Yet, Still Time to Sign Petition
  120. Just the truth
  121. Advice needed about BSL concerns