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Canadians Unite To Fight Breed Specific Legislation

October 21st, 2004, 11:06 AM
> Lee Ann O'Reilly
> PRES, Dog Legislation Council of Canada
> Phone:709 634 5442
> Canada now asks for your support.
> The DOG LEGISLATION COUNCIL OF CANADA ( DLCC ) is in the fight of our
> time.
> We are under fire with BSL in just about every province and territory.
> The Dog Legislation Council of Canada (DLCC)
> is a Canada-wide non-profit
> organization
> dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership, assisting communities in
> developing effective licensing and enforcement legislation, and educating
> the public regarding dog bite awareness. The DLCC does not support any
> form
> of legislation that targets a breed instead of the real threat, which is
> the
> negligent dog owner.
> The DLCC is seeking donations to fight BSL on a constitutional
> challenge.Please also consider joining the DLCC so that our number
> increase
> and creates a stronger voice. The DLCC is working alongside the CKC
> (Canadian Kennel Club) and many other national organizations aimed
> directly
> at ending the use of BSL once and forever. I strongly encourage you to
> review our website, freshen your minds on the various studies. What you
> will then see if the sickening deliberate intent of politicians to
> misquote
> with impunity.
> If passed,this bill will kill thousands of dogs. And that is only in the
> province of Ontario. It is already happening, 6 more provinces are now in
> the process with Bryant the tyrant to copy his legislation. BC, NFLD, NS,
> NB, MANITOBA have been in discussion with this politician.
> As of now the Ontario government has declared a pit bull ban. It is not
> law,and is not being enforced YET. Already we have seen an average of 25
> dogs per day in each and every clinic in Ontario's major cities,being
> euthanized. WHY/Because insurance companies are bailing. Because owners
> must spay even their show breed dogs, owners are dumping them and seeking
> another breed to destroy.
> Michael Bryant
> Attorney General
> Vancouver, British Columbia's decision is still pending. Mayor and Council
> as a group: Mayor Campbell:
> New Brunswick's Kelly Lamrock wants to ban and restrict over 6 different
> breeds. He wants rottweiler, akitas, Dobermans BANNED for pet ownership
> Leader of the New Brunswick Government (Premier Bernard
> Lord)
> Newfoundland is reviewing the Ontario proposal as well.
> GO NATIONAL WITH YOUR APPEAL TO JUSTICE: Please write to the Minister of
> Justice and Attorney General of Canada at
> or
> The Honorable Irwin Cotler
> Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
> 284 Wellington Street
> Ottawa, ON
> K1A 0H8
> write to the Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin, at :
> mailto:
> Office of the Prime Minister
> 80 Wellington Street
> Ottawa, ON
> K1A 0A2
> Fax : 613-941-6900
> We need respectful, positive letters that tell about the ambassadors of
> the
> breed. Some photos that show our breed in a positive light {pits with
> kids
> and other pets, therapy dogs, search and rescue etc...} would be helpful
> too. Remember the biggest enemy in the fight against breed specific
> legislation is ignorance, from the irresponsible owners who fail to train,
> socialize and confine their dogs properly, to the masses that believe the
> media hype without any actual experience of the breed. We need to educate
> by
> making our dogs the best they can be. Don't forget that actions speak
> louder
> than words and everyone is listening!
> P.S. Colorado Governor Bill Owens passed a bill prohibiting any
> jurisdiction
> from passing any breed specific legislation. That is the goal we all aim
> for!

October 21st, 2004, 11:13 AM
Thanks Trescanis! :thumbs up I have emailed those listed a couple of times already.

October 21st, 2004, 01:21 PM
She denys anything breed specific about her legislation. I e-mailed her back some media reports that clearly state what breeds she is after. :confused:

'Wonder what her reply will be?

October 21st, 2004, 04:32 PM
YAY...I filled out an application for the DLCC membership.. I feel special :)

October 21st, 2004, 05:27 PM
and said that CBC & media in N.B don't quote him as saying this. Interesting!