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Reply from Toronto Humane Society

November 3rd, 2004, 10:12 PM
Just received this e-mail back from the Humane Society, thought you might be interested:

Hi Jamie,

Thank you very much for your email re: the proposed ban. We have been getting many calls and emails expressing the same confusion as you cite and until the legislation is known, it is difficult for us to respond to their questions.

We definitely will be doing our utmost to put pressure on to stop this bill. We are still getting people signing the petition and will shortly be documenting all the results and formulating a letter to our representative.

I will pass on your observation to our Director of Communications re: MIX 99.9. I am not entirely sure if we are or will still be linking to them from the site but I will check on that.

Again, thank you for you concern and please keep posted to our website as we update on this issue!

Judy Gans
Information Coordinator
Toronto Humane Society
416-392-2273 - Ask For Me