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October 29th, 2004, 08:32 PM
I read sme of the answers to questions last week from Bryant . One comment was about his face suffering from his days as a Boxer . It takes a tough guy attitude to be involved in a sport where blood is usually the norm at the end or during a fight . I know some people involved in martial arts a slightly more refined type of "bloodsport" in some cases . Nonetheless all these people seem to enjoy a good fight man to man , bull to man and even possibly dog to dog .
I have never seen dogs fight in a ring but I know some that have from my days running a cycle repair business . These people are the only ones that would not take their eyes off my pet pitbull that came to the shop with me everyday . My dog is very friendly and no other customers had any concerns whatsoever , he is not a shop dog as he sleeps at the foot of my bed . Only the guys that had been privie to witnessing this horrendous illegal act had no trust of my dog .
Just thinking out loud